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caught by mom

Hey everyone this is Randy here now. Last night I was caught by my mom as I jerked off. I was sitting in my room watching porn and was feeling pretty damn good too. I must have been 'cause i never heard the knock on my door or the door open. I was watching a MILF get fucked pretty good. She was a moaner and I guess that is what brought my mom upstairs when she heard the noise. I was mild stroke when she coughed to get my attention. I turned around with my cock in my hand. Precum was oozing outta the tip of my cock. I was surprised as fuck to turn around and see my mom with her skirt up around ... Continue»
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[Story] How I Lost My Virginity

My folks divorced when I was just f******n. It was a weird kind of situation as my Dad would spend weekends at the house while maintaining an apartment in town. We lived out in the country and I didn't make it to town very often. I worked across the road at the golf course. I spent most of my Summer working and playing golf. Every day I was at the golf course. I didn't mind it but sometimes I got bored in the evenings.

It was a Beautiful Spring day in late May. I had worked that day in the pro shop and finished locking up and headed home. I saw Dad's car in the drive way. I figured... Continue»
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[Story] A mum teaches 1

A mum teaches 1
My mum, is the typically English matronly lady, she`s 40ish, medium height, perhaps a pound or two overweight, shapely but smackable bum, tits large but not huge and beginning to head south, surprisingly shapely legs, brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that lights up a dull day.
She is every lad of 15`s wet dream, and she`s now mine, not my dream, But my conquest, my sexual partner and it came about some couple of months ago.
Better than that my old dad knows so we don’t have to be secretive and he approves as long as he still gets his weekly ration in the same old ... Continue»
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[Story] A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

A Mother's Helping Hand - Part I
a reality-based fiction by DizzyD

Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, even though he was in high school now. But this time there was nothing routine about the reason for their visit, and the teen was very nervous.

“Are you okay honey,” Charlotte Bradley asked a... Continue»
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The following story is a piece of fiction and is to be
treated as such. I don't have any problems with you sharing
this story or any other story that I'll be writing, in fact
I'd love it if you do.

This is my first attempt at writing down one of my fantasies.
If there are some shortcomings, then keep that in mind. Also,
English is not my mother tongue, so if you find a few
grammatical mistakes, do excuse me. As much as I try not to
make them, I invariably end up with a few mistakes, which
even my word processor cannot spot. And don't even think
about making money using my s... Continue»
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[Story] Adam's Two Sisters

Being just a month short of turning fifteen, the hormonal rage that
flowed through Adam's lean body wasn't any kind of anomaly. All of the
typical reactions to that crush of hormones were well in play, the unending
sense of horniness and the seemingly endless erections, the nearly constant
masturbation that only served as a very temporary relief to the burning
desire to fuck somebody, anybody, and right now, and then again.

Adding to Adam's terrible angst was the fact that he was f***ed to live
a lifestyle of near isolation, save for his immediate f****y. His Father
worked as a... Continue»
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[Story] I Caught Mother Masturbating

by Moondrift

I came home early that day because of a canceled tutorial. Going straight to my room I dumped a couple of books and some notes I'd taken during a lecture on the desk and then wondered what to do.

I could have got down to some studying, and had almost reluctantly made up my mind to do just that, when my attention was caught by a strange sound. At first I wasn't sure if it was inside or outside the house; it was a sort of whimpering sobbing sound.

I listened for a while. It might have been some c***d out in the street crying because it had hurt itself, but someh... Continue»
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[Story] Ostseeurlaub mit meinem Sohn 01

Ostseeurlaub mit meinem Sohn 01

Jetzt war es endlich soweit, wir waren am Meer. Nach dreistündiger Fahrt in meinem kleinen VW, Nur Frank und ich. Heike wollte ja lieber mit Jürgen wegfahren. Na, Ihr Vater wird ihr auch mehr bieten können als bloss Ostsee. Es ärgert mich. Aber wir werden es auch schön haben. Ich habe uns schon für den Segelkurs angemeldet und das Wetter sieht so aus dass man auch baden kann. Wir haben ein schönes Appartment in der Ferienanlage die wir schon kennen. Hier ist man ungestört und hat seine Ruhe.

Wir räumen die Sachen aus dem Auto und richten uns ein. Im Schl... Continue»
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[Story] Her Stunning Son Lamont

Around eight ‘o clock we both began to wind down. I lay in my bed curled up with a good urban fiction novel to read while Lamont watched TV relaxing on the pull-out couch. Time passed quickly as the book I read drew me into its fictional world and before I knew it was ten-thirty. I saved my place in the book and put it away because as night had completely fallen, my kitty’s nightly urge called out to me. I got out of bed and cracked my door open a bit.

I looked out to find Lamont peacefully dreaming. I didn’t want him to hear his mother pleasuring herself. I returned to bed grabbing my vibr... Continue»
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[Story] In All Her Glory

We had taken about four steps when we felt a few drops
of rain by the time we had walked a hundred yards to
the bridge we were soaked to the skin, I remember the
rain was coming down really strongly.

I made the decision for us to back home instead and we
ran the hundred back home we could get any more wet
than we actually were but the rain hurt as it hit it
was that heavy.

As we got through our front door the cold air continued
to hit us, the central heating wasn't due to come on
for another few days, mum said that we should have a
bath to warm up but that we would have... Continue»
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[Story] Off to the Beach FmfF

My name is David, I'm currently in high school. I am 6'0" 135 lbs and consider myself to be 'handsome'. Our father left us just recently and we all live on a US military base in Germany, so it's not that long of a drive.
Today, I'm leaving on a week long vacation with my s****r, mom, and aunt. We are going on a road trip to a beach in France. Hopefully a nudists one.

Here is some background on my s****r, mom, and aunt.

My s****r, Amber, just turned s**teen years old and is a Junior at an all girls high school. She is your typical preppy popular girl.

My mom, Jessica, is a very ... Continue»
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[Story] A Reluctance Story (repost)

The front door opened, he turned around to see his mum walk in. She was carrying bags of groceries.

"Hey, mum," he called out.

"Let me help you with those."

"Thanks, son," Karen said. She stretched her back.

"These bags were killing me."

Jack took some of the bags while Karen took the rest. He followed her into the kitchen. As he walked, his eyes traced her figure. She was rather tall and slim, with an ample bosom and a really small, cute ass. He liked staring at her, especially since that day when he accidentally saw her drying herself in her room. Her bedroom door had been l... Continue»
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[Story] At Home Sexual Education

I had just showered and…
I was getting ready for bed when my son knocked on my bedroom
door. I knew it was him because he's the only other person in
the house. I quickly pulled on a robe and tied the belt.
"Yes, sweetheart, what is it?"
He came in and sat beside me on the bed. He was wearing a
robe also.
"Mom, you know how you said I can always ask you anything,
that I don't need to be embarassed and you'll always answer
me honestly?"
"Yes of course, sweetheart. What's the question?"
"Well, it's about sex."
"I figured that by the embarassment comment. What do you
want to know?"
"... Continue»
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[Story] An Extravagant Experience [REVISED]

Growing up, I think I always knew I had a special connection with my mother. Perhaps it was that I was the first born c***d. Maybe it was the fact that as an infant, I was gravely ill and might have died if not for Mom's determination that I pull through. And maybe it is simple fate. I believe that sometimes we're born with powerful bonds to other people, some that we only meet later in life and some we've known literally all our lives.

The year of the Great Blizzard, Mom was forty-two years old, and stood five foot, five inches in her stocking feet. She had and still has a gorgeous, sli... Continue»
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[Story] The Beneficial E*ucation

"'Night Mom," I said, hoping she wouldn't notice the
way I was covering the huge bulge in my crotch. She
said goodnight and headed off down the hallway to her

About a half-an-hour later, I decided to hit the sack
myself. I showered quickly, and headed down the hall.
Mom's light was still on, so I crept up to her door. I
don't know what I expected to see, but the thought of
my mom lying there in that filmy blue nightie of hers
had my pulse racing. As I got closer, I could see that
the light was coming from her bedside lamp. Mom was
asl**p, the unfinished book sh... Continue»
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[Story] s****r's Panties

Growing up in a house with my mom, dad, and an older s****r, Linda, I was always treated like I was special. Mom let me have my way most of the time and Linda was always there for me to talk to. I was eighteen and just out of high school. My one fond memory was that I would jack-off using my s****r's panties as a thought invoking means to make me very hard and emptying my cock juice into. I was always pulling out, "big boy," whenever I got the chance.

I was having one of my, "panties fresh from the hamper," sessions, holding them up to my nose, breathing deeply, and stroking quickly, when m... Continue»
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[Story] One Lonely Night

I recently heard my mother taking a shower just before I went to bed. I was sitting in the lounge when she came to say good night, wearing only her nightdress.

As she kissed me I started to fondle one of her breasts. For a few moments she seemed to yield to my touch, but then she abruptly brushed my hand away.

"But we can't...we mustn' isn't that I don't want to let me help you..."

I was seated in an armchair and she had been bending over me, and then she knelt and undid the zip of my jeans.

Taking out my penis she said, "This is all I can do for you," and she s... Continue»
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"Son, always Finish What You Started," my father once taught me. "It may seem awkward at first, maybe even boring and you may not see where it's leading. But with some stick-to-it've-ness, you'll get your prize at the end with a big payoff."


When did I realize that I was in love with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen? I've always 'loved' my mother, yet I don't remember when I fell in love with my mom. I do remember that the first time I came from masturbating happened while I was fantasizing about her. That may be when she became locked into my dreams. Still years later, nothin... Continue»
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[Story] In Poverty Lies Happiness of son and mom

My name is kiran. I belong to the interior part of tamil nadu. My dad died at when i was 3 years and my s*s was 1 year. We had sugarcane farms and we became poor because of drought and my mom was looking after them. I was sent to Coimbatore for my education to my uncle’s house. After completing my Xth class i decided to look after the fields and give rest to my mom.

I came back to my village and there my house is on the outskirts of the village and our farms are covered by fence on all sides, so entry by others is not possible. As i saw my mom and s*s coming towards me i was just looking a... Continue»
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[Story] My Urges Toward My Mother

After I reaches puberty I would zone out during the day fantasizing about looking my virginity– I would get so hard and horny thinking about shoving my cock into the only woman in my life, my MOTHER. Every time I would begin to make some move at all she would unknowingly and instantly HALTER my efforts. Meaning she dismissed all my advances to her.

I was going insane thinking about what to do. But then one day when I could take it no longer I went to her – she was lying in bed reading a book and I entered naked with a hard on – she saw me and was speechless – I knew she was shocked at my b... Continue»
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[Story] Helping My Son Cum In My Knickers

I’d arrived back from work knowing I had the laundry to do and that would be my first job before tackling tea for my son and me. I went straight up stairs and came to Terry’s room first saying hello as I passed, he was a typical 16-year-old sitting in front of his telly on his x box. Now in my bedroom, I grabbed a handful of clothes in the basket and I felt something damp on my hand. When I pulled the handful out, I was shocked to see it was my knickers that looked wet. Closer investigation revealed a large damp patch around the gusset but when I opened them up a puddle of warm creamy seaman w... Continue»
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[Story] THE RIDE

'm not particularly sure when the change in my mother happened, I only know that when it did, I benefitted greatly. As far as I knew my mom was a very wholesome and plain woman, obviously I had worked out that as I was 19 and she was 36 she must have had me at a relatively young age, but any sign of a wild youth had never been shown to me. At her age she still looked really good, gyming three times a week and regular yoga classes had helped her keep a slim but curvy body that a lot of my friends had drooled over.

As she didn't work, she never really had much to do and would find different w... Continue»
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[Story] Lost at Sea With Mother on a Ship


Let me introduce my f****y. My husband's name is Tim, he is 40 years old. He has a full head of grey hair which makes him look very distinguished. My lovely daughters name is Lydia. She is trying to learn about marine biology. Lyds as she is more commonly known, is according to my husband, the spitting image of myself at that age. I must admit she is disarmingly cute and has a toned, athletic body due to the fact she spends half her time in the water. Whether it is scuba diving, free diving or just plain paddling in the ocean. Lyds is a true w... Continue»
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[Story] Mother and Son- Lost in Space

Adam circled the f****y ship around the moons of Orion. He had just gotten his operators license and couldn't wait to have a craft of his own to impress the chicks with.

The f****y ship wasn't exactly an interstellar hotrod. The upper portion of the spacecraft contained a control room and hyper-sl**p chamber, while the bulk of the craft consisted of a living area to provide comfort during long intergalactic trips.

As Adam sped across the moons surface the voice of the onboard computer drew his attention.

"Adam...has an incoming call from...."

"Mom." A mature female voice said.
... Continue»
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[Story] Growing Up- Fªmî£y Bonds

Written with inspiration from an unpopular post by:sexaddict66

This story is fictional and is based in an older simpler time:

Our parents were very foregoing, OPEN, and gentle people who were very supportive of us in many unique and different ways. But overall happiness came to saddening halt when our Father, our Mother's Husband died after he caught a horrific fever during a cold and brutal winter 3 years past.
Later after we coped and moved on:

One early weekend morning I was outside doing some chores in the shed. I was just finishing straightening up... Continue»
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[Story] The Barber 1


I heard the anguish in Alexis' voice as she yelled from her bedroom. Not one for drama, I knew immediately something must be wrong.

“What is it, Lex?” I yelled back.

“Come here, please,” she cried. “This is horrible.”

Worried now, I made my way down the hall toward her bedroom. Knocking on the door, I heard her say, “Come in.”

I pushed the door open and stepped gingerly into the room. Alexis stood in the center of the room, wearing the new, light-blue bikini I'd let her talk me into buying her at the mall earlier in the day. At 13, she... Continue»
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[Story] A Boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday Night

Sam managed to get dressed and down the stairs before his mother came through the hall door, as he was running down the stairs, he heard Jo starting the shower. He met his mom at the front door, she was carrying a couple of bags and 2 large pizza boxes. “where is Jo, I got pizza for dinner because your dad is working till late, something about the project they are doing having to be finished before the morning” She called upstairs, just as Sam heard the bathroom door opening, “Jo, I got pizza for dinner, come down before it gets cold”.
Sam and his mom laid the food out in front of the televis... Continue»
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[Story] First time w/ Daughter

I was in the living room one afternoon, watching a football game, when in comes my little young daughter named Donna. I was sitting in the recliner when she came in, but she grabbed a blanket, saying she was cold, and just climbed on top of me. This was something she had done many times before, so I never gave it a second thought.

This afternoon, something seemed a little different, though. She couldn't seem to get comfortable. Her constant shifting while on top of me got my dick harder and harder, until it was nearly painful. Since I was already with a raging hard-on, I decided to see... Continue»
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[Story] with my two sonz

The incident took place in new house. After 4 months of the watchmen’s incident we changed our house and after 1 year in new house my husband died in an accident. That’s where I lost a smile on my face for almost 3 years. I use to be moody all the time cry and stay calm all the time. I was not in me. At that time with some influences I got the job of my husband. And we were able to feed ourselves. Anu was with me all the time for about 2 years. But then she got pregnant and went to her mothers house. Then I was coming over the tragedy of my life slowly and was able to handle house and office. ... Continue»
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[Story] Young Johnny's Mother

The mother is an attractive and above averaged-sized breasted woman with a perfect mix of sexiness and beauty. She had silky brown hair than hung down to her shoulders, a face that was both seductive, warm, and caring. Complimented with a gentle smile and perfect blue eyes. Her body was slim and toned, and at five-foot-twelve she towered over me who, at four feet was nothing. Her breasts were an obvious focal point of her body, those big melons an impressive 36D in size. They were not too large, but we're big nonetheless, and very firm, shapely and topped with dark-red nipples. ... Continue»
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