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my tribute thanks to craigslist

This is my tribute to a video I saw on here. If you have looked at my profile you would see that I am a bit of an exobitionest and voyeur. Well the video was about being nude in public at night under a light where people can see her. I did it a little bit different, I posted on craigslist that I was looking for voyeurs and said I would be nude in in window.
Well about two hours after I posted it i got a email saying
"We are at Ottawa and Cannon where you at"
So I responded by saying where I was. I then opened my blinds about two feet so who ever saw me saw from just below my chest to my ... Continue»
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Ashley and Stacey

My story strats by letting you know I live with my girlfriend Ashley in a two bedroom apartment. Her s****r Stacey moved in with us about three monthes ago dew to her resent break up.The summer was almost over and we wanted to do something, so we decided to hit the wave pool on saturday. Well saturday came and it was a little breezy, but sunny so we decided to go anyways. When we got there the two girls said they had to go change, but I had my shorts so I said ok I'll wait here. They come walking out of the change room and let me tell you, my girl Ashley and her s****r Stacey are both pritty... Continue»
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[Story] The Unexpected Surprise

I love watching and being watched ti turns me on. My s****r is iolder then me and has a nice body. i have spied on her before so i really know how sexy she is. She was about to jump into the shower and when the bathroom door is closed there is about a two inch gap between the bottom of the and floor.I couldn't help my self I grabed my camera and stjck it under the bathroom door to see her showering .....so hot. When she was done she got dressed then went out. I went out for some drinks aswell and got home around 9:30 pm.I Guessed she was because i could hear he tv was on.My parents whent to b... Continue»
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[Story] My stsier and her friend

My story starts no Tuesday february 28 when I got home from a friends house. We were having some drinks and alittle smoke shooting the shit. I'm 25 male and horny like most men when drinking.I got home around 9:00 pm, my parents were out at bingo and and I wasent sure where my s****r was. The lady that lives right behind my house was very hot and about 35 so I went in my backyard to see if I could get a peek in her bedroon window. I waited about 20 min but I had no luck no lights came on in her house.
Then all of a sudden my s****rs light came on right behine me so I ducked behind our po... Continue»
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I have a tiny fence in my front yard that comes up to just below my waist and I stand nude behind it and jerk off in public. This one time before I went out I striped down to only a pair of boxers, walked out and looked to see if there was anyone cimming down the street. I saw no one witch was a disapointment but I drpoed my shorts anyway and started to stroke it. I thought I wouild take some public pic to post, so I set up my cam. I live just down the street from a high school witch gives me lots of flashing options. Well anyway im in my front ward stroking and taking pics looking for anyone... Continue»
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[Story] I love flashing

I started flashing about 10 years ago and I have done alot. I've flashed in cars, windows,and in public.I have pictures,and videos of both.I'll tell you alittle about when I woulddo the towel drop.First I would set up a cam in my window then watch for girls 2 come around the corner. There was a shopping center on the corner of the block across the street from my house.There was a high shcool two blocks from my house and students would go past my house to get two school.There was also a Tim Hortons coffee shop across from the shopping center so its busy in the morning and lunchtime. Well girl... Continue»
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