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[Story] excerpt 6

i couldn't help but moan, my hands gripping the sink feeling the cold steel underneath my palms as i leaned into a body that was so much more than mine, definitely masculine. strong hands moved their way over my hips and underneath my shirt just to tease by touching my belly. and then fingers just brushed up against the underside of my left breast only to slowly move their way down. I gasp loudly, breath becoming more panicked with excitement as i feel a warm mouth on my neck, gently biting and sucking. i felt myself tighten, and juices flow down my legs as i leaned back against that body... Continue»
Posted by feistyfish 5 years ago

[Story] Remembrance

fingers clenched tight at the clear plastic casing of the pen till knuckles were white with effort. the effort not to scream from remembered pleasure. flesh gone soft and sore throbbed with molten lava of heat that swelled soft tissue into one central sensitive button. moisture pooled between shaking thighs clenched together under an old desk, hoping no one noticed the restrained self-control. they rubbed togeter making all areas around her core slick with juices of her want. each movement was a jar of sensation that thrusted into her wetness. walls grasped at the hardness that with each penet... Continue»
Posted by feistyfish 5 years ago

[Story] Your Day

So far it had been a long day for you - work sucked, your body was so sore it hurt just to move. All you really wanted to do was take a shower and sl**p, but little did you know how true that was or how you were going to get it.
Small hands ran up and down your back, slipping under your shirt in the process to press flesh against flesh. Somewhat surprising you, but letting you know that your lover knew what your day had been. Stroking your back, and then moving to your waist to gently pinch the muscle rubbing here and there, making you squirm with desire. I run my tongue along the back of you... Continue»
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[Story] excerpt 7

it was just one of those days where the sun is hot, but the day is cool, a breeze was just coming off the water cooling hot flesh from a romp in the sand. beads of salty water clung to voluptuous curves that were still quivering from the aftermath of heated sex with a new beau of the week. so far this one was different from the rest, more of a skilled lover, more into her pleasure than his. he could last a long time, and just thinking about his lean muscular body over hers in a forever battle of stamina made parts of her body tingle and become moist. fingertips sensitive with small electrodes ... Continue»
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