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Hi- I'm looking for talk (about anything, really, but especially sexuality and desire; what we like and why); also looking for play. I'm bi, looking for women here mostly, but it depends on my mood...and I have many moods. My tastes vary quite a bit, and i am discovering things about myself here that were previously veiled or hidden. My friends know what i truly like...

I am writing some stories, too, so please take a look. I'll write more about myself as I go along. This is an unfolding. I am writing more often now and in shorter sequences; it's just more in line with what is happening for me these days. So, I will update my blog and add stories as I get inspired. I have taken to writing in shorter blasts, which suits my schedule, so please check in. There is so much I want to tell... I want to express my evolving truths, and I hope there is something there for my readers.

Please feel free to pm me; let's talk a bit and see if we hit it off.


Oh My Lover
(PJ Harvey)

Oh my lover
Don't you know it's alright
You can love her
You can love me at the same time

Much to discover
I know you don't have the time but
Oh my lover
Don't you know it's alright

Oh my sweet thing
Oh my honey thighs
Give me your troubles
I'll keep them with mine

Take at your leisure
Take whatever you can find but
Oh my sweet thing
Don't you know it's alright

It's alright
It's alright
There's no time
So it's alright

What's that color?
Forming around your eyes
Waltz my lover
Tell me that it's all right

Just another
Before you go
Go away
Oh my lover
Why don't you just say my name

And it's alright
Say it's alright
There's no time



Tears fall in slivers, you broke my shades
The light's too bright, let me bury my heart

Filter emotions of green, cowardice gives blue
A restricted view, let me open my heart

I have a fleeting love, scorching when it lands
Needing precious hands

You eat my energy, give me more rope
Nail in the wall, let me hang my heart



i wish : i want to stay here
i wish : this be enough
i wish : i only love you
i wish : simplicity

look at the speed out there
it magnetizes me to it
and i have no fear
i'm only into this to


i wish i'd only look
and didn't have to touch
i wish i'd only smell this
and didn't have to taste

how can I ignore?
this is sex without touching
i'm going to explore
i'm only into this to


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3 months ago
Stop by my page sometime, say hello...
4 months ago
Nice pictures, thanks.
10 months ago
12 months ago
Oh - stop
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself...
1 year ago
Excellent new story, Rae! Hope to read more from you soon!
1 year ago
Your whole profile is well done and tasteful.
1 year ago
but there is also love.....
1 year ago
i wanted to tell you that I love the realistic, slow eroticism of all of your pics and stories. you have an amazing and beautiful sensuality.
1 year ago
It was good to hear from you again Rae! Hope you post more of your tantalizing story soon. :)
1 year ago
Hi. You sound like fun !
1 year ago
Your welcome! Wish I could see more of you in pantyhose! :)
1 year ago
Love your profile pic in pantyhose
1 year ago
Gotta love a Kim Deal reference! Great profile
1 year ago
I could place a quote here and share a tiny bit of myself as a person, however I would sooner leave the choice of whether or not you wish to know a thoughtful and passionate person and nice guy (yes, we do exist, in the shadows of our bumbling and crude counterpart you see most, lol), which if you wish to do, will share all myself in due time. Would love to see you stop by-even to shoot the breeze, since good company is good company :-)
1 year ago
@axel6969....NO SHE don't not know me but i think you mean this....

~~Three matches one by one lit at night - the first to see your whole face - The second to see your eyes - The last to see your mouth - and the whole darkness to remember all this - you shaking in my arms.~~
1 year ago
A poem I like very much.
"Paris at night" by Jaques Prévert.

Trois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuit
La première pour voir ton visage tout entier
La seconde pour voir tes yeux
La dernière pour voir ta bouche
Et l'obscurité tout entière pour me rappeler tout cela
En te serrant dans mes bras.

Maybe you know someone to translate it.
1 year ago
Hi Rae, you will love my favorite videos as much as I love your blogs!
2 years ago
Provocative and alluring... deliciously succulent... needs go unfulfilled... writhing and twisting to be freed yet allowed passage anywhere, anytime... desires yurning... ;D
2 years ago
Hey Rae. I'm not able to send messages back to you, but I totally get the Lewis Carroll thing--I was a Creative Writing major! :) So I'm familiar with not knowing how something is going to end and just riding it out to see where it goes. So good luck in that rabbit hole and enjoy the adventure! ;)
2 years ago
Thanks for the message and letting me know about the updated story. :) I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it!
2 years ago
Thank you for your kind message!

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