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Little Miss Sissy Whore

by A. Boychick, July, 1995

A man "on the make" has his tables turned, permanently, by a
dominating female. There are potent elements of f***ed feminization
(including cross-dressing, exhibitionism and humiliation), strong
discipline, harsh bondage, severe punishments, coerced male-to-male
contacts, non-consensual watersport activities, and the f***ed
wearing of a special chastity belt.


Chapter 1 -- The Pick-up -- His fascination with her handcuffs
leads to his introduction into a regime of strict bondage and
disc... Continue»
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[Story] my transformation

is fiction

It is strange where one’s desires can lead one. Take me as an example. Always entirely enamored of, infatuated with and completely submissive to all things feminine, a true devotee of Female Supremacy, my lifelong fantasy has always, since before I can remember, been to find a position as the submissive sissy maid and sex slave of a commandingly beautiful, dominant Goddess, spending virtually all of my time that was not devoted to domestic duties with my sissy face, mouth, and tongue smothered by and buried in the delicate, sweet, pungent pussy and ass of my Owner/Mistress and/... Continue»
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I am a sissy. It is my core being, my ulterior motivation and my ultimate satisfaction. Being a man is role play and crossdressing. Being a sissy is fullness, freedom and happiness. Being a sissy is more than just putting on a few girl things. It is a truth, and a life, deep inside of me begging to come out and breath. I idolize and envy women and it is my greatest desire to be and serve in the sanctuaries and rituals of femininity. Like the slave girls that bathed the Queens of Egypt or the Ladies in Waiting that dressed the Queens of France, this is my desire, my confession. The boudoir, ... Continue»
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