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Lois Griffin Foot Addict

Now, when it comes right down to it, I'm no writer, but I like to think I know some good stuff when I see it. There's this blogger who creates amazingly-realistic comics dealing with Lois Griffin from f****y Guy. I think you should check it out; great stuff. He spends a lot of time dedicated to this stuff and I know he would appreciate the views/comments/whatever.

Look for this guy: loisgriffinaddict.blogspot.com
Posted by drj1331 2 years ago

[Story] Sophie's Feet

I've known her since she was 13 and from day one I always wanted to see the soles of her feet, but I'd never ever come close really. Anyway her parents were away on holiday/vaction and she invited me around for a few days as she was bored and I swiftly accepted. I was looking forward to hang out as friends, but obviously I couldnt stop thinking about her feet. I knew I would finally get to see them for the first time ever. I will skip the boringness... It was late we were both pretty tired and she had fallen asl**p it was around 2am and had been out for a while, I was still awake and very horn... Continue»
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