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[Story] our first experience with bbc

We had never even thought about interacial sex till we attended a swinger party and met a black guy and his white girlfriend. But my wife was talking to him and we ended up in a room with them and when he took his clothes off and his girlfriend started sucking his cock my wife saw his cock and just looked at me and i said go ahead she asked to help suck his cock his girl pulled it out of her mouth and my wife crawled on her knees and wrapped her lips around ten inches of thick black cock she could not fit her hand around it. I watched as they sucked
together he looked at me and said my wife... Continue»
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Bare Assed Public Spanking

>Bare assed public spanking
>i have written before of Masters "drive by" mini sessions....where He swings by my house and we drive to a quiet place...park and He uses and enjoys all that belongs to Him... after He has spread my legs and taken control of my cunt...making me cum so many times...(im soaking the little towel i have brought to spare His car seat... )...sometimes He brings out a gator clamp....clamping my tits or like the other day..clamping my pussy lips shut.....such sweet torture!!....while He plays with my clit...sliding His finger up and down my slippery slit...mmmmm so aw... Continue»
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2nd time with new guy - blog

Last time we got together we had fun drinking at the restaurant. We sat at the bar. He lightly rubbed my back at the the bar abd took my hand and put it on his crotch. His cock was so hard. It git me wet to know how much I was turning him on. He had a giant boner at the bar abd no one but the 2 of us knew.

When we got to the hotel toom I told him I wanted it really hard. I wanted to feel his cock as deep inside me as possible. He bent me over me over and put it in. Softly at first but then he pushed his dick inside me. I moaned and told him harder. He fucked me so hard. I could tell he was... Continue»
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First Time With New Guy

Since this was my first time, I was extremely nervous. We had talked for a few weeks and I was becoming more and more comfortable but I sill had the jitters over actually meeting him in person. I saw his pics and I liked that he was bigger than my husband. I felt like a highschool girl.

The day we were supposed to meet was a crazy day. I felt like maybe I should cancel. I thought to myself "what's the point in cancelling, Ill probably have a really good time". Looking back, Im very happy I didnt cancel. All I was thinking about was how attracted to him I was from the pics I saw of him. He h... Continue»
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[Story] My first time cucking the hubby The wife's

My hubby came out and told me a fantacy of his about 6 months ago. He wants me to be with other men. He likes it when Im slutty. My first thought was 2fold. 1= "Yay!!" And 2 = "wait....whats he trying to pull?" It took me a long time to come around to the idea that he actually wanted this to happen and it wasnt some excuse for him to sl**p with other women. Thats when I told him I thought putting pictures of me on a website would be a good way to start. He immediately found this site and started to take pictures. I noticed the attention I was getting and how much it turned me on. Ive always be... Continue»
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Cleanup Duty

Cleanup Duty

Crystal is 5′7, 145lbs., long brown hair green eyes, and a 38D. She has known for a while of my interracial fantasy. She lets me tell her stories about her and black dick while I jerk off. She acts interrested during the stories, and sometimes even joins in and helps me, but when I ask her to do it for real, she says no. Anyhow, last weekend, we stayed at a local hotel, just to get out of the house. I went next door and got some drinks, (we hardly ever drink). After a few drinks we went down to the pool. She looked so good in her 2 pc. the pool was empty for a little whi... Continue»
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[Story] My Cheating Wife Saved Our Marriage

This is a true story. I hope it will encourage someone's marriage and sex life.

Joyce and I were both raised in conservative, moral homes and we shared the same views on just about everything. We were a perfect match and wasted no time deepening our relationship. We were both virgins when we met, I was 20 and she was barely 18. We dated for about 10 months before our wedding and intended to wait till we were married to have sex. That didn't happen. Within a few weeks of our January engagement we were doing some serious making out in my truck, almost every night. We'd usually start ou... Continue»
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profile 3-12-14

There comes a point in chastity that you realize pleasing Her is Your purpose. I am in the forth month and hit a spot of confusion. Reality sets in... the want to cum once more is strong, I get confused cause I now say Yes to things I never would have. In a very molding area in my mind. I have been into humiliation because I may still get shy but now I get hard in my cage when called _______. Domestic Service is a given now. Oral servitude.. eating her to orgasm gives a submissive hi... Continue»
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Addiction to Black Dick and Humiliation p1

Read my profile if You want to catch up to this moment.

The moment my wife lead a black mans cock inside her pussy and seeing her husband jacking off was the first desire for humiliation. A seed a sadism planted into Stacys mind as a black man planted his seed deep in her pussy.

I noticed a change in her that night. As their next sexual meeting was planned but this time without asking about my thoughts. She would cum just thinking about how pathetic I looked to her. I came custom to eating her pussy a moments notice. Forcing my head into crotch whenever she needed head. Her squirting on... Continue»
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[Story] My Husband!!!!!


Me and my husban were getting ready for bed when he noticed I was hotter than usual as my pussy was dripping and my asshole was throbbing and clenching on its own. I told him how hard my boss was at work today from me wearing that slutty low cut dress that I know he just loves. And how hot I get thinking about teasing my boss while at work. My husband loves for me to tell him all the naughty details of me driving my boss up the wall. Oh my husband loves for me to get attention from other guys and helps me to dress really sluty this makes him so ... Continue»
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[Story] Taught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

Taught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

15 years ago my ex wife Linda taught me to love cum. I was an innocent 20 year old and she was an experienced 32-year-old whore. I knew when we started dating that she was seeing another guy (Dave) and it bothered me but added to the excitement. One night I arrived home about 10pm for sex.

I let myself in and met her in the bedroom where she was already naked. She loved to have her pussy ate and asked me to lie back so she could grind her pussy on my face. She said "I have a surprise for you" and just as I was about to ask what, she ground her cunt again... Continue»
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[Story] Reluctant Wife

My wife Ellen had been adamant that we would never have a threesome. I had always fantasized about her having sex with another man , I wanted a black guy, She was not having anything to do with it and that was that. years had passed and she had never given in and she was now 62 and I figured it would never happen now. She still has a great figure working out at least three times per week. Our sex life had been pretty low for the last few years and with my medical problems requiring a lot of medication my cock wasn't performing as well as it should. We still have sexual times together but my co... Continue»
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[Story] Cuckold Psychology – Exploring the Layers I

Playing in the cuckold space is one of my favorite sexual fantasies. Whether I am the cuckold or the man assisting in the cuckolding of another, the layers of this fantasy fascinate me. I am not alone. Within the world of sexual fetishes, cuckolding has become relatively popular.

What is a cuckold? The Shakespearian definition of cuckold has slipped away into the bins of history. Today we understand cuckold as term referring to a sexual fetish in which the man is stimulated by their emotionally committed partner choosing to have sex with another man or men. This blog is a dive into th... Continue»
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[Story] Amber's Cuckold (Part I) - Afterglow2

The woman I loved was lying on her back exhausted with her black stud lying by her left side. Her legs were spread and her left leg was d****d over his right thigh. Her pussy was bright red and appeared almost beat up…I had never seen it like this before. Just moments before, this black man (a man neither of us had met in person before tonight), had filled Amber’s pussy with a large, creamy load of sperm. As he pulled out of her, I caught a glimpse of something I will never forget. For just a moment, I could see his large, white pool of sperm inside her gaped pussy. It was like a cup that... Continue»
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[Story] Cuckolded Whilst I "Slept"

It was Christmas break at the University we attend and I live in a frat house with a roommate. My roommate, myself, and my gf are all seniors. We party together regularly and have a good time with each other. I have never noticed any attraction between the two of them. So during break we have nothing to do all day since class is out of session. We decide to day drink at a friends house. We all get really d***k with about 15 other people at the party. My gf and I decided to head back as the evening is winding down. We get to my room alone and have sex. I get her off and she makes me cum, just l... Continue»
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[Story] eating cum filled pussy

We first met Mike on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Mike was a handsome young man in his early thirties.

Mike looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fucks your wife tonight, I think she does”? After three years this cuckolding was becoming a reality. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Anne nervously to see what she wanted to do. Anne kind of laughed and said sure. Mike looked at me then and said, “Go get a room then Frank and we will wait here”.

In the room they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the c... Continue»
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The Black Bull, The Hotwife and Cuckold Part II

It had been a tough few months. We had both lost most of our 401k, we were now two months behind in our mortgage and my BMW had been repossessed last week. To top it off I got laid off when my company downsized. Money was tight and we were a bit worried about losing it all. James was almost a constant house guest too and definitely a drain on our finances. He didn’t work and occasionally he would have some money from some source. I didn’t want to know and didn’t want to ask. All I know is he rarely paid for much and it wasn’t enough to help anyway. I am the wimpy little dicked hubby; the cucko... Continue»
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[Story] Used Girlfriend

My girlfriend was hot, worked out a lot, and had a hard muscular body.
She and I used to watch porn together.
So I had figured out that she liked interracial porn.
Once we were out at a club, and I went to the restroom.
When I came back, this big very muscular black guy was chatting her up.
I could tell that she was getting horny, just from the way she was breathing and her eyes were dilating.

When she saw me she kind of turned away from that guy and I whispered that she seemed kind of horny. She said "You know it". And I said "for what?" She kind of got shy and grinned and I said "tel... Continue»
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[Story] Guided by a sexy girl on a first MMF bi experience

I have always been comfortable around other guys. Secure in my sexuality, only into girls and confident with my body and size I have never been embarrassed in the locker room or changing around guys. I keep myself in good shape so I have a decent six pack, toned arms and a 7” cock with just the right amount of girth. Plus I keep my pubes shaved close so it looks even bigger. So with all that said moving into the guys dorms freshman year of college was an easy transition for me. My roommate Adam and I hit it off right away. He was attractive, outgoing and girl crazy so we had everything in comm... Continue»
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[Story] Encouraging My Wife...

My wife and I have been married for 16 years, we are very much in love and have a great sex life. Over the last few years I have told her that I want her to be my slut wife. I have even found guys for her to fuck, encouraged her to be nasty at bachelorette parties with male strippers and shared pictures of her with strangers. She has not gone through with it yet but I know she will, she gets very horny and cums so hard when we talk about it.

Last night I was so horny after my s****r in law came by. See, she was out on the town with a mutual friend who has always been very promiscuous. They ... Continue»
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Our progression

So, I love my Hitachi wand with its nubby attachment. I also like the g-spot attachment and love to have cuck lick my clit while it is vibrating my g-spot. I keep telling him that one of these play dates, he is going to start, licking my clit while I'm being fucked reverse cowgirl or under me while I'm being fucked doggie...but that's another story.

I decided that I wanted cuck to be closer to me while I was with my date, so I told him that he was to be ready to stimulate my clit while I was being fucked by Danny. Right away he thought that I was going to have him lick my clit and got a big... Continue»
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First time without cuck...

cuck spent the entire week inside of his new cage and I teased him all week about my "private" date with Danny. We had talked about it for a long time and we decided that if we found a guy that I felt safe with, that I would be with him outside of cuck's presence. Danny has fucked me a few times in front of cuck and we have had dinner with him and even shopped at the mall together. I feel totally safe with Danny, so I decided that this was a great guy to take another step in our cuckold relationship.

Like I said, I teased cuck all week about Friday night. Every time we said good morning or... Continue»
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Best Surprise of my life!

It's been awhile since my last post. We've been so busy with work and f****y. We've had a few fun encounters over the months, but NONE like last night! Last week, Danny...who has really become a true friend and lover, asked if we could have a night without cuck. Chris and I discussed it and he was all for it and since we trust Danny so much and have done it before, we told Danny yes. Danny said he had a special surprise for me...I was to be blindfolded and one of his friends who I had never seen before was going to share me and I would never know who it was!

As I always do the week before s... Continue»
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cuck hubby knows his place!

For those of you that have been reading, you know that this all started with my husband encouraging me to fuck another guy while he watched. WELL...every time that I have a play date, I introduce cuck to something new. I found an old blindfold that I used to wear while fucking cuck. When we got to the hotel to meet my date, which was with a new guy, I handed him the blindfold and a pair of of panties and told him to get naked except for the panties and blindfold and go sit in the chair in the corner. I got him a nice pair of pink boy short style panties and when he came out of the washroom, I ... Continue»
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I love to humiliate cuck as much as he loves to be

It all started with my husband talking me into fucking another guy while he watched and took pictures and video for us to enjoy later. The first time was a great experience for me and after my lover left, Chris and I fucked like there was no tomorrow! I was shocked that Chris wanted to fuck me before I cleaned up, he said he wanted to feel Danny's cum inside of me while we fucked. Then after Chris unloaded in me, he started to go down on me as he usually does after we fuck, but I pulled him back up and said "you don't want to lick another guys cum out of me". He was emphatic that he wanted to ... Continue»
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[Story] Daniella's Date with Jeremy - A husband asked

Daniella's date with Jeremy:

I would come by your place to pick Daniella up at 7pm. She would have been getting ready and getting dressed in the outfit that makes her feel the most comfortable and sexy. I would be a gentleman and come to the door with flowers. With a light kiss on the cheek, I would greet her and let you know that Daniella and I would be out for the night and that I will have her back after breakfast the next morning. After she blew her loving husband a kiss goodbye she would walk with me to my car...I'd open the door for her, we'd both get in and then we'd be off...

I... Continue»
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[Story] Mmmmm eating cum out wifes pussyø

Im just a dirty guy who likes dirty things and one of my favorite things to do is eating my wifes pussy after its been fucked by other guys and filled with hot cum. Here is just one night in the life of a cum hungry husband. I always like for my wife to tell me about old sex partners she had and what they would do. She was always telling about one of her ex bisexual boyfriend named Ron. About how he had a big 8inch cock that was nice and fat with a set of huge balls that would cum loads and loads of cum and make her pussy overflow. One day on facebook Ron contacted her and we ended up meeting ... Continue»
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I love her domme side

Let me start by saying this is my first story so go easy on me. This happened about 6 months ago now. I was seeing this girl and we had a very healthy and open sexual relationship i had told her about how i loved being dominated and having a strapon used on me. After telling her this she never said much about it just kinda fell to the side. About a month had passed since i told her about it and the sex had continued as normal then one night she brought it up again told me she had thought about it and wanted to try it. I was excited as hell so i sent her to the local toy sop with my credit card... Continue»
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[Story] Cuckolding Husband with his Friends Poker Nights

Pleasing my Husband’s Friends

For over a year now several friends and I have been having a rotating poker game every Thursday night. There are seven of us so the game only happens at my house once every two months or so. Gina, being the only female present, was always the center of attention whenever she passed through the room. She always dresses to please (or tease) on those night and as she serves as hostess she flirts up a storm. When the guys go home Gina and I race to bed and I just can’t keep my hands off of her. Three weeks ago it was my night to host the game again and when the guy... Continue»
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[Story] Unexpected enjoyable night

My wife is in her 30s, she’s a very sexy lady, loves to dress up in sexy provocative clothing.
This all started with a webcam and has gone on from there, we used a webcam website to have some fun.

Over the course of a few months we have been playing on webcam, we have quite a few regulars that would tune in when we where up for playing.

This one guy Rob is always a regular and a complete fan of my wife, with out fail when my wife was on our bed legs open sexy panties on with the webcam pointed between her legs, Rob was there watching among the many viewing.

Over time we have go... Continue»
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