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[Story] Annie has a newer Boss

Annie was pleased to find that the man she had recommended for position of accountant for her firm had actually got the job, she had worked with Mark at her previous firm and although he was 20 years younger than her they had always had a good relationship and flirted together and had the odd 'snog' at Christmas time.
As she showered to get ready for work on Mark's first day in charge she thought about him and gently stroked between her legs in the shower her fingers found her clit and she went weak at the knees as she brought on her own climax. She went back in to the bedroom and found that ... Continue»
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Chrissy - My First Contact Advert

Continuing from my previous post where i bought a copy of Rendezvous Contact magazine in Wolverhampton:-

We took the book home and browsed the adverts. The book was full of adverts with black & white photos and divided into sections. Males, Females, Couples etc. It appeared from the Female section that they were prostitutes/ e****ts. Over a few days we compiled an advert as a couple, following the magazine guidelines and included a photo.

This is one of my early adverts

[image]http://ep.xhamster.com/000/036/151/82... Continue»
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Where to start? I don't know. Well, my mother was a legal secretary, one of many attractive women working in a large law firm. Most of the women were on the lookout for a husband and dressed to the nines, in full battle competition, going breast to breast with their coworkers. A lot of lawyers were aware of the situation, of course, and used it to their advantage to get laid regularly while being careful not to pay a price. What most of those lawyers didn't realize, being blinded by lust and their own arrogance, was that many of these less educated women were a whole lot smarter and more preda... Continue»
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[Story] A Spanking from John

An encounter and Education with my Fathers closest Friend
Riding my bicycle home from college as I do every day is one of my favorite activities, it gives me time to think and the sensual rocking back and forth of my pussy on the leather seat satisfies my wanton desires. This particular day I was feeling particularly horny, my panties had worked their way up into my pussy and I was soaking my bicycle seat. As I rode down the street to my house I noticed a car in the driveway that belonged to a good friend of my Fathers and someone that I had a strong crush on. John Banks was an older ... Continue»
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[Story] Mom's still my first

my name is Trish (not real obviously) and I have been reading lots of
stories on various pages of late. Most of them are really exciting and some
are quite different. If half of them are true, some of you are leading
extraordinary lives - I guess that mine is a little out of the norm as well.
What I have wanted to write about for quite some time now, and am finally
legally old enough to do so (at least from a socially set "norm"
perspective) is a true story about the lead up to and the first time that I
ever made love.

That's pretty normal you might say. Well it is, but who it was, i... Continue»
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[Story] You, the Voyeur Series, Story 2, Mum's the Wo

About nine weeks ago, we went to a pub with a couple who are our friends and fuckbuddies. We were talking quietly, but not too quietly, about sex and what we liked to do to naughty girls when they were in our beds.
I noticed a young girl close by who was sitting with another couple of girls, listening to us, obviously ingnoring her friends. I told Ali, and she said she knew what that look that was on her face meant. Women know these things.
Ali went to the toilet, passing the girl and gave her a smile and a nod of the head. The girl got up and went and followed after her into the toilets.
T... Continue»
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[Story] On Holiday with My Mother in Law

My wife has persuaded me to take her 73-year-old mother on holiday with us in our caravan. I had to show some opposition to the wife idea and that I was not too keen in holidaying with my mother in law, but I am looking forward to it really, as we have been lovers for sometime on the quite.
I have just picked my mother in law up at her house when she tells me that I am in for a big surprise if we are lucky enough to be alone sometime. We head back home to pick the caravan up that my wife is sorting out and packing on the drive.
The wife is frantic when we get back, she has just had a phone c... Continue»
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Kim's Vacation - A Very Sexy Story

Kim’s Wonderfully Erotic Vacation

Kim stepped off the bus in the small rural, central Illinois town. She was as happy as could be, as she turned she saw her Aunt Mae standing waving to her. She ran and threw her arms around her favorite Aunt and was enveloped in a warm hug and smelled the nice perfume her Aunt wore. Her Aunt’s soft full breasts felt so good against her body. Her perfume reminded Kim of fresh flowers.

“My goodness Kim, you have grown since I last saw you, you are really getting to be a lovely young lady.” Her Aunt said holding her at arm length. Kim’s young fi... Continue»
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[Story] The Married couple in the Pub.

The other week I was out having a meal in a local Pub near where I live, the food was good and as I enjoyed my meal with a pint, I noticed this Woman opposite to me crossing and uncrossing her legs. I could not help from looking as I'm a Leg man and she had a very sexy pair of legs as she looked over at me, then I was sure I caught a glimps of her stocking tops, the bare flesh visable as I watched her crossing them again.
She was sat with this man who had his back to me they where also having a meal and a drink, this Lady just didn't take her eyes of me as she chatted with her companion. A... Continue»
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[Story] I love Nan staying

It was a bl**dy hot day and I had skipped the afternoon session at school. It was only arts and crafts and not really my thing so Home I went. I knew it would be deserted because Mum and Dad had won a holiday and they were taking it as a second honeymoon so I was expecting a little b*****r or s****r in nine months time. I was only six months after their first honeymoon so it had either been a bl**dy passionate honeymoon or dear mummy had been free with her favours before the wedding. I know which my bet is on. I love laying in bed listening to them performing. They think I’m sl**ping and I... Continue»
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[Story] Black PVC Knight

Black PVC Knight

It’s a normal day, the hum drum life of a single mother. Another day at work, money, pay the bills, then home to k**s and cook, clean, homework then off to bed with all of us. Will this monochromatic life ever get anymore interesting. Sure I poke around on some fetish sites, use the usual kinky videos to masturbate too. Love bondage, Fem Dom, slave mentality really suites me as I’m mostly submissive female who wants to be used abused, but I also want to be worshipped for everything that makes me who I am and female. I put myself out there on the net, on the BDSM websit... Continue»
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I open the lips of my pussy with one hand and gently stroke around my clit with one finger – I think about people making me do things.

We're opposite each other, naked. I run my hand down your leg as I kiss you, then slowly move my hand to your cock and trace a finger up and down it. Then I grip it lightly, and start to stroke it as I kiss you.. I grip tighter, and start to rub it quicker and harder. When you're nice and hard I push... Continue»
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Fantasty of a 40 year old soon to be fully fledged

There are many geogous party a****ls up for it people at this magnifiant house (you know the sort where they have a driver to park your car when you arrive) big drive and Jacuzzi's in every corner) and for once im not the shy little women that never grew up hanging around waiting for attention - im a flirtacious, lusty, beautiful fully sexy extremely confident girl on your arm, who everyone wants to give attention to, including most of the women.

We arrive at the party, pockets full of d**gs, both looking extremely geogous and feeling as hot as an overipe Jalopino chill! Full of confience ... Continue»
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[Story] Staying with Aunt Mae

Kim stepped off the bus in the small rural, central Illinois town. She was smiling from ear to ear. She turned and saw her Aunt Mae standing waving to her. She ran and threw her arms around her favorite Aunt. She was enveloped in a warm hug and smelled the nice perfume her Aunt wore. Her perfume always reminded Kim of fresh flowers. Her Aunt's soft full breasts felt so wonderful against her body.

"My goodness, Kim, you have grown since I last saw you. You are really getting to be a lovely young lady," her Aunt said, holding her at arm's length. Kim's young figure was developing nicely. Her ... Continue»
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Dressing for Pleasure . . .

Well, it's time to get ready for my date. The outfit that you have sent me is lying on the bed. I just have to raise the nerve to put it on. A large glass of white wine, may help, I tell myself as I pour it with a slightly trembling hand. I sip it slowly as I look over the various parts of my costume for the night. With a small sigh of anticipation I put down the glass and step out of my dressing gown. "In for a penny . . " I mutter as I pick up the slippery black silk thong. I slide it up my legs, the material feeling soft and slightly cold against my skin. It pulls snugly up between my leg... Continue»
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