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[Story] Valentine's day vengeance

My wife and I had been married for six years. Earlier in our marriage and before we got married, our love life was amazing. We would have sex 2, 3, 4, or on special occasions we would go all day. A couple of times we actually skipped work just because the morning sex was so amazing.

That ofcourse began to change as her sexual urges began to drop. We tried everything and it didn't matter what it was she was just never in the mood. I used to eat her out from time to time and would drive her nuts but even that did not entice her to gain back the passion we once had.

With Valentine's day o... Continue»
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[Story] Remember when (cousin story)

During a party last week, I had a chance to catch up with one of my younger cousins. We used to be so close but with everyone going their own separate ways, we all kind of grew apart. She was the closest in age with me and we were pretty close since we liked messing with our much younger cousins.

We talked about the games we used to play and how much fun it was back in those days. With everyone hanging out in the living room, I asked my cousin if she wanted to go to my room (in the basement) and have a drink with me. I went first and turn the tv on and got a couple of beers from the fridge.... Continue»
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[Story] Big b*o helping me out

My b*****r and I have been very close, although we are over 15 years apart he's always been there for me. Unlike most of my friends, my b*****r and I never had the whole sibling rivalry or fought my b*****r. Frankly I always looked up to him. He seems to do well with girls and drove a nice car when he was in high school. He was someone I wish I could be when I get older.

A few months ago I decided to go camping with him and while sitting by the fire we started talking about girls and our experiences. I listened to his mostly as he described his most recent experience with this lady he met ... Continue»
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[Story] The accident

Growing up I was your typical nerd. I always had straight A's in school and wore those dorky glasses. I was always home in time and my best friends consist of my online gamer friends.

Physically though I was in fairly good shape surprisingly. I must have had good genes I guess. For the most part I have a fairly broad shoulders, decent face and my dick not trying to brag is bigger than most of my peers. I know because I have seen some during gym time.

Anyways, dances were always the worst for me. My dad I guess was a stud in high school so in a way I was kind of a disappointment. I am t... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend with cousin Kara

Last summer, both my parents and my cousin Kara's parents decided to go on a camping trip for the weekend. Since my aunt and uncle did not trust Kara to stay on her own, they asked me to watch over her for the weekend. For my troubles they gave me $100 for the weekend.

Kara and I got along very well. Since I was older than her by 3 years she has always looked up to me. Ever since we were younger she was always like a lost puppy following me where ever I went. Although she is a little bit older she still likes to tag along from time to time.

Our weekend started out Saturday morning as I ... Continue»
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[Story] Friend's wedding night

Kristin and I had been best friends since high school, although most of our friends believe we were going to get together one day and get married. It just never happened. Whenever Kristin was single I was with someone and when I was with someone Kristin was single.

For the most part we never really thought about it and actually to be honest we joked around maybe once or twice about how we seem to always alternate. Kristin was a really cool friend to have. As a guy we never really know what women or at the time girls are thinking about. Having her around was like my special decoder whenever... Continue»
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[Story] Setting up my boss

Let me start by saying that my boss is a huge asshole. He treats people who he perceives lower than him like crap and for the most part people let him get away with it.

One day, his wife stopped by our store to see him. She was a true definition of a milf. She came in wearing a yellow dress that hugged her beautiful curves. Her breast were plump but not saggy, her ass were also thick but firm. She looks like she takes care of herself really well.

Well on my way to the break room, I over heard my boss and his wife talking. I decided to try to listen in and pretended I was tying my shoe ... Continue»
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[Story] Should I tell them?

I left my home town 3 years ago for what I thought was my dream job. It was great at first but when we were bought out and the new management came in, it seems like our team was slowly getting weaned out. Our perks like flexible work schedules and bonuses were taken away and just not a fun environment to be in.

I decided to go back to my hometown. I took a job at this company similar to what I had. The money was less but I would take almost anything at this moment. When I got back, I decided to link up with my old friends specially Marie and Tom.

Both were recently married and for the m... Continue»
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[Story] Thanks Xhamster

A few weeks ago, after completing one of my stories, a fan messaged me about how much she enjoys reading them. I didn't think anything of it. We continued to chat and we began flirting here and there. Having a f****y of her own she was too terrified to put any of her pics up online and she tried her best to keep our chats hidden.

We would often talk about our sexual life and discuss our fantasies. Carly (her secret name) loves anything taboo or just outside the norm. Her husband for the most part is an uptight guy who fucks her on a schedule in the same missionary position. She tried switc... Continue»
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[Story] My boss's daughter

A few weeks ago, my boss announced that his daughter will be working for the company. For the most part everyone was excited, specially the folks who had been there for awhile and have seen her grow up. Being fairly new to the company, I had no idea who she was but I assumed she's probably stuck up and had everything handed to her.

The following Monday, while walking by my boss's office I noticed this blonde sitting in his office.He called me in to introduce me to her and asked if I can show her around. The whole time I pretty much spaced out. She is a cutie and can't imagine that she was r... Continue»
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[Story] My first timewith Mrs Jensen

Growing up in the neighborhood we all had a thing for Mrs. Jansen. Besides the fact that she was unbelievably sweet, she was also drop dead gorgeous. I would often find myself staring at her sunbathe in the afternoon and would often fantasize about her before I go to bed.

With Mr Jansen working many hours I would always offer to help Mrs Jansen with some things around the house like carry heavy boxes, rake the yard, and move her furniture around.

During my junior year, I was eager to go to the semi-formal dance at school. I had asked one of the girls from my class to go with me and to m... Continue»
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[Story] Guess who?

Earlier this month I moved to a new town and found a nice condo 5 minutes from work. The place was pretty nice. It had a gym and a nice indoor pool which I planned on utilizing as much as I can. On my second day I decided to go for a swim.It was early enough where all the k**s in the units are still in school and the pool for the most part was all to myself.

After a few minutes I heard a few girls walking towards the pool area. I decided to just take a couple more laps before I head back in. When I got out of the pool I noticed the three girls that just walked in. The girl on the left was ... Continue»
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[Story] Best friend's mom

Dom and I had been best of friends since we moved into the neighborhood. We usually hung out at their house because they had the bigger tv, home cooked meals, and more importantly for a horny teenager his mom was hot.

Mrs. K always kept herself in good shape. She goes to yoga daily and also is very much into those dancing exercise videos. I would often take a peak in their weight room to catch a peak at her bouncing tits and tight ass. She often wears those yoga pants and at the end of each workout you can see her camel toe very clearly.

One night Mrs K decided to go out with a bunch o... Continue»
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[Story] Ski trip

A few months ago I rented a cabin to do a little skiing and also spend sometime with my fiance and her daughter. Since my fiance had to work early in the day, she asked me to pick up her daughter Isabella and get a head start on the trip. Isabella or Bell is a great k**, not only she is an A student but she also helps her mother around the house. She was always pleasant to me, despite being really close to her dad.

Although she is not my bl**d daughter, I love her like she was my own. I picked her up at school after her cheerleader practices and also drive her and her friends to the mall o... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend with my New Aunt

My aunt and uncle are one of those people that most people envy. They have the money, the house, the cars, and pretty much go where ever they want. My uncle was a very smart guy and very business savvy. I always dream of being just like him when I was a k**.

He drives a new car every two years and married a beautiful trophy wife two years ago. He is in his late fifties and my aunt Angie is in her late twenties. They met at an event hosted by my uncle and was introduced by mutual friends.

Aunt Angie is not your typical trophy wife that you see in tv. Her boobs are real, she wears very l... Continue»
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[Story] My b*o in law's fiance

It was over a year ago when I first met my b*****r in laws fiance. My wife and I were invited on a double date and go to this pretty upscale steakhouse in the city. My b*****r in law has been dating this girl for over a month and he's introducing her to the f****y slowly.

We got there first and frankly I was not looking forward to meeting her. My b*****r in law usually dates girls that are boring, quiet, super shy type. When he opened the door, I am not going to lie I nearly was caught with my mouth open practically drooling over this girl.

She wore this black dress that showed off her... Continue»
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[Story] Mother in law - seduction and games part III

The once innocent games we played had gotten a little crazier than before. The slow teasing and seductions are gone and our games now are more about fulfilling each others wildest fantasies.

The first thing my in law wanted was to have sex in a public place where we could get caught. So I decided to meet her at a movie theater where we watched an action film so that we can make some noise without being too obvious.

The day started like normal, I went to work and spoke to my boss and told him I was not feeling well and need to go home. As long as my work is done he usually lets me do wh... Continue»
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[Story] The Boss and my intern

After getting my MBA and also the fact that I always deliver in my job I was promoted at the age of 24. As a Manager I always made sure I treated my team well and made sure I took care of them.

Besides thanking them on a daily basis, I always made sure I go out of my way to learn how their f****y life is going and always emphasize the importance of f****y life.

Because of this my team pretty much will work themselves to death to make sure we meet any goals my boss sets for us. People would work late nights, weekends, and some would even cancel their scheduled vacations.

During my ... Continue»
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[Story] Oh Fuck! Wtf just happened?

Watching the Hangover, I always dreamed of having a once in a lifetime adventure that I will regret or even laugh at later in life. Although this is not exactly what I had in mind, it will definitely was above and beyond what I could ever imagine.

It was the my birthday weekend and my cousins and friends all planned a night out of town. One of my cousin who worked as a club promoter got us a table and a VIP section. The club was packed so having our little section was more than welcomed.

As part of being the birthday guy, my friends and f****y created a rule that anytime I am given a d... Continue»
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[Story] Mother in law - seduction and games part II

After our last encounter, I spent the next few days trying to figure out if she remembered what happened that magical night. I am starting to realize that she

A.) Does not remember
B.) She is trying to forget or pretending that nothing happened
C.) She really does not know what happened

Regardless, it was still an amazing night and could not believe it actually happened.

The next weekend was just another weekend, we planned dinner with my in laws at this fancy little steakhouse downtown. We were celebrating my early birthday since my father in law was going to be out of town the n... Continue»
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