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[Story] any thing for a beer

hello every one this is a story a bout what happened to me a few nights a go when I was going to the near by store to get some pepsi and some bbq chips as I came out of the store and started to walk home I heard a voive say hey wait sir as I turned a round I saw a girl with dark red haor comeing after me I ask if I could help her she said yes Iam connie I just turned 20 today its my birthday and I was hopeing you could do me a favor I don't have a id and I want some beer so me and my s****r who is 18 can party I told her I don't feel right doing that because you are under and I \don't n... Continue»
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[Story] my cousin anna

well this happend to me a few years a go but i think i post it on here for you all to see a few years a go my cousin anna was liveing with us well i would joke a both her showing me her tits saying mom anna just flashed me but it was a joke i use to do that because she would allways dress in low cut shorts and late at night i could hear her useing her toys on her self from my room that made me horny and wanting her so i would listen to her and play with it till i cumed all over my bed well anna use to joke back saying i had to he showed me his dick frist i think she did this because it t... Continue»
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[Story] even homeless girls need dick

what up every one so late last night after i get off here i go to the store the gas gastaion to get some chips and pop it cold as can be well as i came out i saw this girl siting by a old pay phone there her name is grace as i walked by her she ask if i had a few bucks so she could go in and get a coffe siad she homeless been that way for two days and was wanting something to eat and drink i told her my name and she did same then i told her i dont give people money idk and i felt bad for her and there was a daysinn near by i know the owner tim maybe he let her stay for the night in a room t... Continue»
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[Story] i creamed pied my passed out hafe s****r one nig

hello all iam daniel and this is how i cream pied my s****r this happend a few nights a go and i was thinking that it would be a good story to be put on here now then i have 3 hafe s****rs tanika stephaine and twila the oldest iam second then tanika then stephaine well i use to sl**p with tan and step when i was a k** but not twila she did not live with us noing has happend in years we were just k**s when i did them we did not know what sex was or that it was worng all we knew was we seen others do and and tryed it it felt good to us so we keep doing it it felt good thats all we knew a bo... Continue»
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[Story] my cousin drunjk as can be and a little horny to b

well this happend a week a go my cousin i will just call her kim wont use her real name ask me to babysit she ask me to watch her son you know for a few hours while she was out at a bar with some girl friends i got payed 20 bucks and payed with pussy as well but i did not know this would happen when she came home a round 215am i was glad i had spent the night just watching tv and doing meetme and face book on my cell phone and watching videos here on xhamster the mobile ones you understand well she said is he a sl**p i said yes kim he is i could tell she was wasted by the way she talked... Continue»
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man i wish i could fuck her

okay so there is this girl name jade she is real pretty and i like her a lot she gets down on her self a lot because she is on the chubby side thinks no man wants her but i do iam not sure how to make my move on her i can see me and her doing it all night long i want to fuck her hard and fast makeing her cum and cum i want to fuck her brains out and put lots of my hot stickey cum in her tight chubby pussy how should i go a bout makeing a move on her any 1 know how ? please i need help with this 1 ty
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[Story] her mom dont know she is a slut

there is this girl name well lets just call her amy incase she ever finds out a bout me puting this up here she is a friend of mine and she lives a street over from me a bit on the chubby side thats ok iam big aswell and like all girls well last night after i got off of here to lay down for bed a round 2am this morring i just could not sl**p so i said i think i will talk a walk to gas stayion to get some pepsi to drink and maybe a few slim jims well amy was siting on her steps as i went down her street to come back home i did not see her as i walked down it to get my stuff but did comein... Continue»
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[Story] omg waht a good friend i have

a few nights a go a round 2am i was going to the gas staon to get some chips and pop as a late night snack when i see a friend of mine i call her jen wont say real name any way she was buying some cigs to smoke i can tell she been crying face was red i ask her if she had been and she said yes i ask y and she told me a bout a fight she had with bf she cheated and she dumped his ass i said aww iam sorry she said can u walk me home be cause these guys a hit on me as i was walking here so i said ya and did she only lives 1 street over from me we walked to her place we talked for a few minutes siti... Continue»
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my friends ex

well this happend back in march of this year my friend larry was dateing a girl name kathy but no more she and he r no more becayse she moved to newyork her dad was dieing and he did not want to move she told him she move back after he is gone but she was not sure on what day it would be so for no he single but she comeing bake in a few weeks from what iam told so i know they will pick up right off where they left any way we 3 was hanging out drinking and playing 21std that short for 21 pick up with strip truth or dare well we played it be for and kathy loves to show her body off and larry ... Continue»
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how luckey can a man get

okay this happend 2 me last summber i was walking home from the store up from my home stoped at the park there to rest well this pretty girl kind of on the chubby side was siting there crying i ask what worng she said her bf just dumped her because he wanted to date her skinny cosin who i will call amy and the girl i call her sarah i wont use her name because i dont want her ever knowing i put it here i was not going to tell this story but i got to thinking and said what the hell others put there storys up here so i will to any way i told her not to cry she told me she gave her self to hi... Continue»
Posted by ddanny 2 years ago