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[Story] Ellen The Embezzler 2

-- Ellen the Embezzler 2 --

[To date: My somewhat promiscuous stepdaughter Ellen was never noted for her innocence or virtues, but I'd never thought her a thief either. That is, until her boss Harold caught her embezzling office funds from his real estate business.

Basically a nice guy, and since he and I had been friends for years, he made Ellen an offer she couldn't refuse. He wouldn't bring criminal charges against her, she could even keep her job .. if she agreed to give him sexual favors on demand, in effect to become his sex toy. Humiliated at being caught, terrified of criminal... Continue»
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[Story] Ellen The Embezzler 1

-- Ellen the Embezzler 1 --

It was late in the day as I visited the real estate office where my stepdaughter Ellen worked. The owner, Howard, was an old friend; we went way way back, all the way to our school days. He'd been kind enough to hire Ellen as his bookkeeper after she'd not done well in several other job areas. She complained about the work and the lengthy hours, but so far as I was concerned, it was a decent job, Howard was looking out for her, and he reassured me she was doing all right at the work despite her complaints.

I saw her car still parked in back, along with Howa... Continue»
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[Story] Anna And The Secret Files 1

-- Anna And The Secret Files 1 --

My stepson Allan called me and asked for a priority favor. He needed me to go down to a business where he'd just done a service call. He'd left a folder on their system that was personal, that got copied over by mistake. He wanted me to pretend to be double-checking the server setup, but then just quietly delete that folder. And he emphasized the personal nature of the folder, to just delete it and make sure no one else saw it.

"You can't go down there and delete it yourself?" I asked. It seemed a little cumbersome to ask me to do this, although I d... Continue»
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[Story] Learning From Emilie 2

-- Learning From Emilie - The Second Time --

I stopped by my father's home on my way to a job interview. I'd just begun a very messy divorce and had decided to relocate completely to another city. I'd called to tell my father and my stepmother Emilie about the whole messy situation, and they were both concerned at how it had upset me, and they both insisted that I stay over with them during my trip. Emilie was particularly upset and sympathetic: she knew how much I'd wanted the marriage and how hard I had been trying to make it work, and she knew how disappointed I was that it failed .. ... Continue»
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[Story] Learning From Emilie

-- Learning From Emilie --

Early one Saturday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink in our government quarters brushing my teeth. My father had awakened me earlier than usual, getting ready to go on an overnight guard duty assignment. Once he'd left, I decided to go ahead and get up early, get cleaned up, maybe go out for a nice motorcycle ride.

There was a movement at the open door and I turned my head, toothbrush still in my mouth, to see my stepmother Emilie walk into the bathroom. That was unusual enough, because she was usually quite careful to respect my privacy. But it w... Continue»
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[Story] Anna Intro to Bondage

-- Anna: Intro to Bondage --

I was having morning coffee with my daughter-in-law Anna. We'd only recently started this, with me taking time from work to drop by her home and share a cup with her. She seemed to enjoy the time with me, a pleasant change from husband and c***dren. With the k**s at school and Allan off on his work routines, we had the house to ourselves. At first we were a little awkward, but after several visits we'd become comfortable with each other and always found something to chat about.

I'd noticed she was more casual with me: the last visit and this one, she hadn't... Continue»
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[Story] Anna: Show And Don't Tell

-------- Anna Show And Don't Tell --------

During a morning coffee visit with my daughter-in-law Anna, she seemed a little sad. She finally admitted she was unhappy with her current life, the way she felt about herself. Her husband wasn't paying much attention to her, she was feeling old and unattractive.

I told her this isn't uncommon (avoiding the catch phrase "for women your age"), and I had a suggestion on how to change that. Interested, she listened as I explained.

"I've learned from other women her age and even older that the best way to feel attractive is to know a man wants... Continue»
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Suggestions and Requests

If any of my devoted readers have suggestions for stories (especially adventures for the delicious Anna), please feel free to let me know.

Also if you have personal stories you'd like written, something that would fill your own curiosity or desires or wildest imaginations .. let me know about that too. I might have some personal questions, to help me fill in the characters and events or adventures that you're imagining but I must describe.
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[Story] Billiards and the Hooker

-------- Billiards and the Hooker --------

I was sitting at the bar in a rock and roll club not far from the traffic circle just outside Fort Benning. I'd been there for a little while, sipping a beer. The band wasn't too bad, but the crowd was small, not much going on.

A skinny little guy, younger than me, long hair, worn clothes, your generic weasel type, had come in and sat down at the bar a couple chairs down. When the bartender came to serve him, he ordered a draft beer and dragged out some change from his pocket and was counting nickels and dimes. I shrugged, what the hell, and... Continue»
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[Story] Helping a Buddy

-------- Helping a Buddy --------

I returned from Vietnam in '70, back at Benning, was busy with readjusting to a Stateside unit, catching up with my military education and professional schools since I'd been gone so long overseas.

Up at the post hospital for something trivial, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a buddy, Mac, that I'd served with in Vietnam. I'd finished my tour and returned to the States before him, and had heard he'd been badly injured. But there he was, not looking too bad, still on active service but disabled, getting treatment for his injuries while the Army decid... Continue»
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[Story] European Closeness

-------- European Closeness --------

I met an older but very attractive woman, Tascha, at a local shopping center. Her middle European accent, exotic looks, and damned good figure and legs caught my attention, and I did my very best big strong young soldier act on her, helping to reach an item on a top shelf for her. I pulled the old gag about being an ignorant bachelor, not knowing what to select for supper. Smiling, she joined me in shopping and helped me fill my cart, making suggestions for easy to fix, tasty, good meals. We found ourselves getting along very well, and she invited me... Continue»
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[Story] Anna 5 Rescued

-------- Anna 5 : Rescued --------

My lovely daughter-in-law Anna was still leading a very complicated life. Her husband's workers were still visiting her almost daily, repeatedly r****g her and collecting their cum from her abused cunt for her husband's perverse use.

The school principal from her son's school continued his demands, using the pornographic images of her that he'd confis**ted from her son to f***e her submission.

He arranged several more meetings with Anna at her home, forcing her to have sex with him each time. He continued bringing a digital camera with him, to tak... Continue»
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[Story] Anna Canine Problems

-------- Anna: Canine Problems --------

My attractive daughter-in-law Anna came to me, very upset, very embarrassed as well. But she desperately needed my help.

Her husband had been k**ding her about how hot it would be to see her having sex with a dog, and how much some women liked it. She was somewhat disgusted by the idea, even after her husband showed her a video of a woman having sex with a dog. She could see the woman in the video appeared to be really enjoying the sex, and the actual sex act didn't seem to be that much different from sex with a man. Anna admitted that yes, the... Continue»
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[Story] Anna 1 Anna and the Firemen

---- Anna 1: Anna and the Firemen ----

Trying to ignore the pain in my back, I gently squeezed Anna's firm buttocks. Such a sweet ass she had, a great handful to hold on to, to pull her against my penetrating cock as she rode me to an orgasm.

She'd collapsed on my body now, her heavy breathing still puffing against my neck as she cuddled in post-orgasmic satisfaction. I squeezed her buttocks again. Let her get her breath back, and then maybe I could roll her over, throw her legs over my shoulders, and fuck her hard and fast for my own climax!

I heard a faint noise and open my eyes.... Continue»
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[Story] Anna 3 Anna and the Principal

-------- Anna 3: Anna and the Principal --------

Anna's young son was looking for a cartoon video when he found the stack of photo printouts on the TV cabinet. Curious, he leafed through them. He was amazed to see his mother's face in many of them! But she was always naked! And there were men, one was a huge fat black man! In many of the pictures the men had their things, their wee-wee's sticking out! Except they weren't like his wee-wee: these were big, long, stiff, not short and floppy like his. He looked closely at some the images: yes, it's like he thought: they were sticking the... Continue»
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[Story] Ellen: The Partying Stepdaughter

Ellen: The d***ken Stepdaughter

I got a call from Mark: his mother Ellen had gone to a party, got d***k, and was now too d***k to drive home. He wanted me to go with him to bring her home, and so one of us could drive her car home so he didn't have to leave it there.

It wasn't not that late, so I agreed. I told the wife what the problem was, and of course she was disgusted with her daughter's behavior.

I drove over to the house where Mark and his mother lived together, picked him up, and then I followed his directions to where Mark knew the party was going on. We found his mother p... Continue»
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[Story] Susie Wong

A little background: Eddie, a friend of mine, and I take alternate shifts at a security office. The office is usually quiet, we just have to be there, be responsible, watch the monitors, that sort of thing. At night no one ever visits.

Well, no one except Eddie's wife Susie. She's half-Chinese, very attractive, very outgoing, and with a mouth and attitude like a Marine on shore leave! She'd had quite an upbringing in this Navy town and was quite the handful for her Chinese father, a first-generation immigrant, and her American redneck mother! (Those two are another whole story, but ne... Continue»
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[Story] Beach Vacation I

---------------- The Close f****y: Beach Vacation I -------------


Stepfather: Fritz
Stepdaughter: Ellen
Grandson: Mark

Fritz had taken his young stepdaughter Ellen and her teenage son Mark to the beach for a holiday. On the drive to the beach, Fritz had suggested that they take a single motel room to save on expenses. Enjoying the wonderful weather, excited about her first vacation in months, Ellen agreed without hesitation. She hugely appreciated her stepfather taking her and her son on this vacation, and was more than glad to do whatever he suggested. She'd traveled wit... Continue»
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[Story] Beach Vacation II

---------------- The Close f****y: Beach Vacation II -------------


Stepfather / Grandfather: Fritz
Son: Mark
Stepdaughter / Mother: Ellen
b*****r: Allan
b*****r's wife: Anna

Part 2

Ellen's b*****r Allan had finally made it to the beach with his wife and their k**s for the weekend. Luckily the motel room right next door to the one the other three f****y members were staying was still vacant. It was a tight squeeze for the whole f****y, but Allan decided it was better to be close .. and the price couldn't be beat, especially right at the week... Continue»
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[Story] Anna's Problem

My daughter in law, Anna, called and asked if I could please come to visit her at home on my day off. She made it clear her husband would be gone and the k**s at school, so we could be alone. And yes, it was important: she had some personal things she hoped she could talk about with me.

Very curious and interested, I knocked on her door bright and early. Anna opened the door, and I was pleased and somewhat surprised to see she was dressed (barely) in the attractive (and very short) house robe she routinely wore when I'd stayed with the f****y for a while. It was short, tied only with a ... Continue»
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