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Relisation for

As i was scrolling through the catagories on Xhamster i came across a relization why does the gay video's and transexual videos have their own sectoin but the lesbian videos have to be in with the straight catagory should'nt the lesbians be in their ow section or are they considered strait videos last time i checked a lesbian was two female having intercourse together no men involved yet they have to be in the strait section of the site whats up with that Xhamster are you saying lesbian porn is straight i think that the lesbian should have thier own section like strait gay and trasexuals hacv... Continue»
Posted by christopher-nebeker 1 year ago

[Story] my master is my master

Jason was a tall muscular man with bulging muscles as he was waiting for a beautiful and tall woman he met online he decided to remove his shirt slowly and he pulled out some lotion from his bag and started massaging it on his peck’s until a tall blond with the bluest eyes walked up to him, “are you Jason?” the hot blond woman said in a British accent. Jason answered with a nod and the blond woman took his hand and guided him to her car as Jason got into the vehicle the woman asked Jason what he liked to do in the bedroom. Jason responded with a strong but soft voice and said that he liked to... Continue»
Posted by christopher-nebeker 2 years ago

[Story] That Night

That night as she was walking through the streets of Idaho falls she heard a faint moan coming from an alley so she walked into the alley there she found a young man to be in his early 20's she knelt next to him and asked if he was okay, the man responded to her in a faint voice that he was weak from walking and asked if she had any thing to drink the lady looked at the man and told him to follow her to her hotel room were she would take care of him until he was strong enough to tell her what happend to him. now the man wasn't the most charming man in the world he had crooked teeth and a mole ... Continue»
Posted by christopher-nebeker 2 years ago