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[Story] Mum at the public toilets

It was that time of the year when had to visit mums old school friends.. As they lived far away i would go with her for the journey to make sure she was ok.

We set out early saturday morning, the sun was shinning i was in my flip flops shorts and t shirt, was feeling fresh and ready for the long boring journey.
Mum came down wearing a plain red t shirt and a skirt. Was a good look, nice tight top showing off her big busty boobs and tanned legs.

Let the journey begin she said!! We was going to take it in turns to drive change every hour. She was behind the wheel first and i just couldnt ... Continue»
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[Story] tricking mum into gloryhole.

It was a saturday afternoon and me and mum was heading for a shopping centre about an hour out of town. This was just going to be a simple couple of hours shopping and home.!!

But.. As she was driving i was on my phone in the passage seat just broswing on the internet looking a porn pics as i was finding it horny she didnt no and she was only next to me. Browsing my phone i came across a uk gloryhole website with locations on where there are gloryhole toilets. I didnt think nothing of it untill i notice where we was going there was one about 3 minutes away from where we was going shopping!!... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitter and the Wife at the Gloryhole

Fiction, there are previous parts to this, read them if you can be bothered.

Well, it’d been a couple of weeks since we’d last seen Danielle. Kim’s sex drive had taken a huge boost, suddenly we were at it like rabbits whenever we got a chance. Setting up the babysitter to dominate my wife had been a great idea. We’d not heard from Dani, and we hadn’t needed a babysitter, so when my phone rang with her number it came as a bit of a surprise.
“Hey stud,” she greeted me. “Long time no fuck. What’re you guys up to tonight? Think my pet might be up for something a little more risqué?”
“What do... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitter Dominates my Wife Again.

Fiction, etc, etc. The is a first part to this if you're bothered enough to read it.

I lay in bed the morning after, the daylight filtering through the curtains giving enough illumination for me to see my wife’s peaceful, sl**ping face. You’d never think to look at her now that she’d been slapped by the babysitter last night, made to suck cock and eat pussy, to suck my spunk from the babysitter’s freshly fucked cunt. A few days ago this would’ve been unthinkable, but it’d happened and she’d thanked me for arranging it.
I’d dropped the babysitter, Danielle, off home afterwards and come ... Continue»
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[Story] Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

Fiction...blah blah blah… Usual disclaimers, you know the stuff by now…

Well, me and my wife Kim were on the way home from a night out with friends, the usual shit, restaurant, couple of drinks, me driving. As ever, she’s bending my ear about some nonsense that must only be important to women because I’m really not getting any of it, I’ve got bigger things on my mind…
You see, I’ve been shagging the babysitter for months now. She’s called Danielle, she’s 18, only short but with a frame to die for. Nice cans, tight arse, long dark hair, bit rough around the edges but that first time I drove... Continue»
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[Story] My Silly L ittle S ister

My s ister is such a silly l ittle thing. She thought she could blackmail me into doing her math homework with the threat of showing our parents a video,that she took on her cell phone,of me jacking off to a nude picture of our Mother and then cuming into a pair of her used,black lace panties! I laughed because Crissy doesn't know that Mom and Dad gave them to me,just for that purpose!


Last Sunday morning,I decided I finally had to go to my folks and tell them all about the dirty little fantasies I have been having about them. I didn't care how embarrassed I may be or how much troub... Continue»
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[Story] The cage, the strapon and the big loads!

The next morning after my wife got home, I was still in chastity and my ass was sore from the boot she'd shoved up it the previous night.

She seemed to want to go back to our usual routine, so woke me up by rolling me onto my back and smothering my with her ass and pussy. At last, I thought, things are back to normal. I licked her ass and pussy till she'd cum enough times to be satisfied, then she took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. She told me to lean over the toilet and I leaned forward, but she told me to turn over so I was face up with my head over the toilet bowl. She the... Continue»
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[Story] Cross dressing with my sister

I turned up at my s.....s flat, ready for a Friday night out. We got the drink flowing and started to get dressed up for the night. Pru said that she was going to wear knee high leather boots, a short skirt that will show off her ass and a top to die for. I said " what the heck do I wear that will make me stand out".pru stood there in her robe and said " let's dress you as a girl, that'll make you stand out!
I jumped at the chance to get dressed as a woman,.
She looked into her draw and came out with a pair of stocking's, a g-string and a sexy looking bra.. I took my clothes off, standing... Continue»
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[Story] Daughter Dearest

Recently, my sexuality has been awakened by a most unlikely circumstance. It took me a long time to come to grips with it, but now I'm completely grateful, and I couldn't be happier that it happened the way it did.

I haven't had a sex life since my daughter's father walked out on us about 16 years ago. My daughter was almost 3 at the time and I really didn't have anyone to turn to, so I just did what I had to do. Unfortunately, that left little, or no time for me. I don't even think I thought about sex much during that time. Looking back, I don't know how I did it, but I guess there were j... Continue»
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