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a night at the bathes

it was a friday night and i was horny as hell and in need of cock so I headed to my favorite bath house in Toronto . Friday night after the bars close it is packed with a 100 or so men looking for a hot mouth and asshole . I got their and stripped down to a towel and I was well prepared as I had a good enema earlier .

I guess I should describe the area I was in . you walk through a curtain and there is a short hall with 4 glory hole booths when you get passed them to your left is a set of stairs leading up to a horse shoe shaped platform with a railing that is at a level that anyone still a... Continue»
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[Story] the jack off booth

The ride home from his place was a turn on , all the way home on the Go train his cum was running out of my asshole and soaking the panties I had on , I couldn't wait for tomorrow . The next day on the way to work I hit one of the porn shops on Church street in the gay area of the city which I worked in . It was in the bottom of the building and had private viewing booths in the back where you put in a quarter and choose what to watch. I had been there many times and guys would hang outside the booths looking for a invitation to come in , all you had to do was leave the door ajar.I never had o... Continue»
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[Story] first fuck

Billy and I had agreed to meet the next night after I got off work. The anticipation of what was to cum had me so turned on all day that my panties were wet with precum my whole shift. I had made sure before I left for work that I had an enema because I was determined to get fucked that night. When I got to his place he was wearing nothing but a bath robe he sat down on the couch and I sat next to him as we watch a bit of porn he opened his bath robe and began to stroke his cock and I watched in fascination. I undressed fast and wasted no time I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his... Continue»
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my first cock

I was working for a convince store downtown.He had been coming in since I started the job flirting with me and even though I was married I flirted back till one day he asked me to his place after work. I was so excited I got there he was watching some porn so we talk then kissed a bit. it felt really sexy to be kissing another man I didn't want to stop we stood up and started to rub each others cc ks through our pants I wanted his cock so bad. he undid my pants and took a hold of my 6 inch cut cock and began to stroke it, it felt different having a man do it and I knew I wanted to try. I slid ... Continue»
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[Story] as time went on

as time went on our sex life became more kinky . She loved when we both wore pantyhose , my precum leaking through and her pussy juice leaking through as me rubbed together . Our legs intertwined a feeling she loved .We would do this till we couldn't stand it and rip the crotch open on both pairs . I would be atop of her and would drive my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy ' pushing her legs back so I could suck her toes through her pantyhose ' loving the taste and the smell of her sweaty hose. I would drive in faster , her maoning for me to fuck her harder as she rubbed her clit or held th... Continue»
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[Story] in the begining

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. I was very sexual at a very young age earlier than most. A few of my friends were older so I could always borrow dirty magazines off them and I for some reason loved pantyhose .I stole a pair of my mom’s knee highs and wore them under my socks , they felt great and I felt a mixture of sexual but also of shame . As curious boys will do we began to find ourselves in some sticky situations. I remember a friend of mine who I stayed over at his place a lot one night pressed against me as we lay on our sides and started to dry hump me from behind, we... Continue»
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[Story] cross dressed cocks

I was looking forward to the fun I could have in my own place. I spent some time on the male chat line looking for someone to play with. he to liked to dress but like me was not at all passable . when he showed up at my place he hade on black thigh highs open toe heels and a corset ,he was taller then me and of average build . it was the bulge in his panties i was interested in. I was dressed in pink thigh highs red strappy heels pink panties and a light purple chemise with a pink bra under it.

we sat on the couch watching some porn he took out his semi erect cock and told me he wanted to s... Continue»
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