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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 8

(Two weeks have passed) Miralda slapped Karena’s face. Hard. She always slapped hard.
“You’re looking sulky... and I don’t like sulky slaves ...”
“N-No... no ..- Mistress... I’m not s-sulking!” Miralda slapped the face again... left and right. “Don’t talk back to me, slave,” she snapped. “If I say you’re sulking, you ARE!” Karena got two more stinging slaps for good measure. Her normally pale cheeks had turned bright red, her ears were ringing. She had got used to being slapped by Miralda... but that scarcely made it any more enjoyable!
“Have you been fucked today?”
“Y... Yes... Mistre... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 7

The next afternoon, Xena was taken to Cera’s quarters in the usual totally undignified fashion. She was quaking inwardly with dread and nausea was rising, for she knew well enough why she was there. She knelt before the tall, blonde-haired Cera who, at last, stood up and walked around her.
“You seem to have displeased Lady Flavia,” she said. She was referring to the fact that Xena’s body carried the fading, multiple weals from the whalebone rod which still covered her. Buttocks, back, thighs, belly and breasts.
“Yes, My Lady,” said Xena in a hoarse whisper.
“Foolish of you.” Cera walked ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6

Xena was kept in her cell for forty eight hours, always chained and receiving repeated healing treatment. She was amazed and mortified at how quickly the cruel weals disappeared, preparing her flesh ready for yet more punishment. On the next day, Xena was loaned to Flavia for the day... for her entertainment. Venetia was only too happy to do this for the pretty young Courtier who had suffered so cruelly when Xena had been on the throne. In the usual fashion, on all fours, with chains attached to her nose and nipple rings, Xena was led to Flavia’s quarters. She had been told where she was going... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 5

It took Xena over an hour to complete the two semi-circles. Some Ladies permitted only a brief kiss on the toe; others made Xena kiss and lick for several minutes. By the time she had finished, Xena’s neck, back and tongue were aching abominably. That was, however, pain preferable to that of the switch falling, which it did several more times on her little tour of submission.
“Kneel before the Princess,” ordered the Overseer. Xena crawled into position and knelt erect. She remembered how often she had been put into suspension before she could make herself kneel in this fashion. Princess Vene... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 4

Princess Venetia occupied her throne, surrounded by a dozen or so members of her Court. They were seated on couches set in semicircles on either side of the throne, and included the Ladies Flavia, Cera, Nerine, Miralda, Mena, Nyrene and Tavia. All of them, apart from Tavia, had once been slaves of Princess Alexena - now Venetia’s newly acquired slave and known simply as Xena. In subservient attendance were numerous male and female slaves, ready on the instant to serve these Ladies. The female slaves were stark naked and depilated; the males wore leathern restrainers only. Sparkling white wine ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 3

“Have you seen her?” enquired Venetia of Flavia.
“Yes, she was brought back about five pm., Highness.”
“Quite useless, I’m afraid. Deeply u*********s. Pity. I would like to have had some immediate reactions from her.” Venetia smiled.
“All in good time, my dear. I expect she’s in a state of shock. Who wouldn’t be?”
“The best thing is to have her cleaned up - inside and out - then keep her under sedation for forty eight hours. I’ve dealt with this sort of thing before.”
“I’ll arrange it, Highness,” said Flavia.
“Darling, there’s no need to call me Highness when ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 2

Xena was having a nightmare. She awoke, screaming. But reality turned out to be worse than the nightmare. She went on screaming. Finally, mental and physical exhaustion overcame her. She sank down into a hideously troubled half-sl**p. With fierce desperation she fought to erase any thoughts of the future from her mind. It was by no means completely possible. At some point she jerked up on her plank-bed, hearing the bolts on her cell being drawn back. Were they coming for her? Her mind screamed in terror.
Two uniformed Overseers entered the room. Xena cringed back, eyes wide, sobbing.
“Lie ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 1

Chapter One

Xena’s heart was so full of hate and bitterness. She thought it must surely burst. Her hate was directed at Princess Venetia who had humbled her and had her displayed naked to her former citizens in a cage. Xena’s bitterness was directed against her former citizens. They had once held her in awe. Worshipped her, almost. Now that she had fallen and was powerless, they had instantly turned against her. As she made two long circuits of the city, they mocked her, they derided her, they even spat upon her. There were foul jibes and raucous laughter at her piteous condition. The rawne... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 7

Miralda and Tavia were having a little fun. After the savage flogging of their two new slaves, Karena and Zena, the two teenagers would do anything that was demanded of them. They grovelled in terror, begged and pleaded to be spared more torment. But, all the same, more torment was constantly forthcoming. Miralda was exorcising all the terrible horrors she had endured for months and months; young Tavia was simply indulging in her natural sadistic instincts. It was mid-afternoon and both Miralda and Tavia were still a little d***k on account of the quantity of wine they had consumed at lunch ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 6

Main Narrative

It was late afternoon before Princess Venetia returned to her Throne Room. By then Xena had been suspended for eight hours. Twice an Overseer, appointed for the purpose, had noted she had fainted. Xena had been lowered, revived and raised again. She was near to fainting again when Venetia entered. It did not seam possible to Xena that the muscles in her arms, legs and back could stand the terrible strain even moments longer. She realised she was defeated (for the moment anyway) and that she would have to submit (temporarily) to this monstrous woman who (somehow) had managed t... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 5

Princess Venetia was seated on her throne wearing a short length gown of gold and golden sandals. She had learned that gold was the favourite colour of the ex-ruler of Barbaria so that made it rather amusing. It was the following morning and Xena would have spent an uncomfortable night in a cold stone cell. In chains.
“Bring the slave, Xena, to me,” she ordered two of the four female Overseers who were attending her. They, as usual were garbed in their customary black tunics and boots. “She will crawl into my presence.”
“Yes, Highness ...” Two of the Overseers left and, shortly afterwards,... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 4

Personal Narrative Lady Miralda

I didn’t eat very much at the banquet. I was too excited, bubbling away inside all the time. Many of those just released must have felt as I did. It was like a miracle. One moment, a cringing submissive, obedient to the whip; the next moment, freedom. FREEDOM!
And along with it, perhaps best of all, the downfall of the allpowerful Princess Alexena, once Mistress of the known world. How incredibly wonderful it had been to see her naked in suspension... then brought down and f***ed to kneel before her conqueror. It must have cost that woman dear but, I reali... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 3

Iron manacles were attached to the newly-named Xena’s wrists and ankles. Then, by means of pulleys and chains, she was hauled aloft towards the ceiling. There she hung, swaying to and fro, taking the strain of the weight on her arm and leg muscles. Her superb breasts hung pendulously, the dark bush of her mound could be seen, there was a look of maniacal fury, tinged with despair, on her aristocratic features. Princess Venetia did not even deign to look up at her victim. She rose from her throne and moved to the doors. Two of Xena’s former male slaves rushed to open them, bowing low. She swept... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

Tavia was sucking Princess Venetia’s clitoris avidly... and was rewarded by the ecstatic wriggles her lips produced. It was lovely to be able to please her divine Mistress.
“Oh darling... d-darling... yes ...oh yes... sighed Venetia happily. The two women were in the luxurious cabin below the poop deck. Both were naked on a large bed, Venetia with her thighs drawn up and parted, Tavia’s auburn head between them. There was one slave in attendance, a young male who wore the customary tight leather restrainer. He stood silently in one corner, head averted from the bed. All the same, his eyes fl... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 1

Main Narrative

Princess Venetia settled herself comfortably on the velvet-covered couch which had been set on the poop deck at the after end of her Flagship. She was supported by a pile of silken cushions and, as she customarily did, wore a flimsy white gown edged with purple. Her magnificent figure was clearly outlined through the thin material but Princess Venetia cared nothing for that. As the supreme arbiter of the State of Sythia, she could behave as she wished. In any event, Sythia was female-orientated. All the high positions in the Court were held by women. Men were of lower grade a... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 2 Epilogue

Forty naked women were being paraded through the streets of Donopolis, capital of Sythia. Once they had been the all-powerful, overseers aboard the Barbarian vessels. Now they were under the lash themselves, herded along by whip-wielding Sythian guards. In their ears rang the laughter, the jeers, the contumely of the citizens who had gathered to see their downfall and their shame.
Many of the women were weeping but some still kept their head high as they stumbled over the uneven cobblestones. Among the latter was Lady Livia ... even though her ample buttocks were striped with a dozen or more ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 7


Captain Varian was understandably pleased by the news which was sent back from the reconnaissance fleet. It seemed obvious that the power of Sythia had been greatly overrated. They were dealing with a small two-island State whose citizens lacked the sterling qualities of Barbaria. For their smaller island had been most easily conquered. Resistance had been minimal and already all suitable young men and women would be in the slave-pens.
Perhaps the best news of all was that, when the news of the conquest reached the larger island, on which the capital was situated, the Court ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 6


The voyage was longer than on most expeditions and I felt some trepidation as we moved further and further into the Eastern Sea. This was unknown territory for all of us. But, of course, the expedition was very necessary in view of the rumours we had heard about Sythia. No one should be permitted to challenge the might of Barbaria!
I was on one of the transports in the reconnaissance fleet. As usual on an outward voyage, it was empty but for a handful of crew and we overseers... six men, six women. On the return journ... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 5

Main Narrative

Two weeks later, the Barbarian fleet - or rather, the bulk of it - was on the high seas, heading East towards where this land of Sythia was supposed to lie. It was divided into two parts. A reconnaissance f***e and the main fleet under the command of Captain Varian. He, following the pleasures of his leave in Nexos, felt fighting fit. Flavia was certainly a memory to take away. When he got back - victorious - he planned to ask Princess Alexena if he could add her to his personal slave entourage. It would be a fitting reward for his services and she was unlikely to refuse.
Th... Continue»
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[Story] Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 4


I am always more nervous when Miss Zena comes to the apartments of my Mistress, Miss Karena. They are both young but Miss Zena is, in fact, six months Older. She is, therefore, that much more experienced. She is also more vicious and seems to be constantly egging my Mistress on to excess cruelties.
It was so from the very start.
I remembered the first day of my arrival. The day when I was given to this girl as her personal male slave. Can you imagine what it is like to be the possession ... Continue»
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