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Adventures with Devin Pt.2

Everything in this story is based off of true events.

Continued from Pt.1

This is the first time I got a real good look at his cock. He was just starting to grow some pubes and his balls were pretty big. His dick was a little bigger than mine and had a little more girth to it. I took it in my hand and began to suck. It tasted amazing. He was moaning pretty loud so I could tell I was doing a good job. He started to rub my back which made me get even more into it. I wanted it all. I began to swallow all his cock down my throat. And then he came. It tasted like salt but it was good. Since ... Continue»
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[Story] Adventures with Devin. Pt.1

(Everything in Adventures with Devin are based off true events.)

When I was thirteen my best friend, Devin, introduced to me the world of porn. I had only jerked off a couple times before he showed me some porn one night when I spent the night. He flicked on some porn and asked me if I had ever jerked off. I said yes, so he stood up took off all his clothes and started beating off to some porn. At first I didn't know what to do, but soon found my self naked and jerking off with him.

For about a year we did this. Not once did I spend the night and we did not jerk off.

But on his f***... Continue»
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