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[Story] Our Little Fuck Club

Well, since Helen introduced our friend Peter and his and my creation of a fuck club, I may as well tell you some of the details. All within a story of course...

This story contains male bisexual content...

I dropped in to visit my oldest friend Peter Gray one summer evening five years ago. Peter, his wife Jen and a distinguished looking couple, our elders by ten years or so, were sharing drinks on the deck. I was quickly introduced to Ted and Willa Franklin who were an amiable and attractive couple. Willa was a statuesque woman with a strong handshake and a ready smile. ... Continue»
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Helen Open for Business

Hi honey. You know that I am writing to you. I really want you to see me like. Spread wide and open for your examination. I love to assume this sluts pose for you. It is my favourite. I want you to look at my gaping cunt, just stand there and take it all in. I want Thomas to see you getting excited over my wanton cunt.
Now I want you to strip and I want to see you naked and examine how your cock and balls hang and watch your fuck stick jump for me. Now you can use your hands on my cunt, my tits, my asshole. Then, you can fuck my cunt, my ass and finally my mouth.

Thomas will be jerking of... Continue»
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Helen's cunt

I got home last night and one of xhamster's horny members convinced Helen to send him some pics for a tribute. His trib is posted in our favourite pics. Well, Helen was horny as a kitten when I got home and was talking about this guy and his cock and the tribute. She loved having a pic of herself on the net. She finger fucked herself repeatedly and told me how it excited her to have an unknown gaggle of strangers looking at her. She has always been a flaming exhibitionist who adores spreading and displaying her cunt for any and all voyeurs on the prowl. She is a school teacher and can never di... Continue»
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[Story] The Training of Jennifer 3

A continuation... Please read first two installments.

Consciousness arose like a tiny bubble from the depths of her being. Jennifer’s first sensation was that she was naked, snuggled on his lap. Secondly, she perceived that he too was naked and she felt his cock trapped between her outer thigh and his belly. She smiled to feel it moist and pressed against her. Thirdly, she was aware of the foreign object still inserted in her ass. She clenched and released her anal muscles evaluating the object, judging its girth and length. She loved it as a symbol: a symbol of his dominance and pos... Continue»
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[Story] A Note From Helen

A Note from Helen...

Bisexuality, group sex, cuckoldry

Usually, Thomas writes for the both of us but I feel horny enough about our last little adventure that I am going to type out some of my thoughts and send them in for the xhamster community to enjoy, or ignore, it’s up to them. I do hope it excites some of you. I will ramble and digress as usual. Please see it as a diary entry or some such thing.

Were you to follow our list of favourite vid choices you would easily trace our latest fetish. We are all over the map and find that a change in turn on’s keeps us fresh and inter... Continue»
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[Story] Welcome to Wife Watchers 2

Welcome to Wife Watchers 2
by Thomas Waller

Thomas spent a confusing Saturday afternoon. He and Helen went walking along Norbert’s Creek. They worked in the yard, clearing up debris from Thursday’s storm, and they had lunch at the Golden Griddle: a typical Saturday with typical Saturday activities. Except that Michael was coming to the house that evening to fuck his Helen. Thomas watched Helen bending to pick up a bundle of grass and leaves and was struck by the beautiful curve of his wife’s ass. He eyed her lifting a box of oatmeal to the top cupboard and was struck by the firm, beautifu... Continue»
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[Story] Welcome to Wife Watchers 1

By Thomas Waller

I want to finish Making Slut of the f****y but Helen had a fantasy she wanted me to write about...

"You have no idea how common your fantasy is Tom." Michael leaned forward in his chair as he spoke. "I share it. Hell, we all share it. It's why we are: Jerry, Brad, David, Derek, you, me... we all want it, crave it." The other four men nodded their consent and the one woman at the table, Sylvia, Michael's wife, smiled bashfully at Thomas.

"I know, I know," Tom shifted in his seat. "But I'm just not sure. Fantasy and reality ... Continue»
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[Story] Making Sluts of the f****y

Making sluts of the f****y
By Thomas Waller
Warning... bisexual references. in this episode.

Part 4

The gang of onlookers must have numbered fifteen at least. Five or six of the horniest ones had stood up and moved towards us for a closer look. The rest had quickly followed suit and they crowded within a yard of our bench.

Some had left their pants in a little heap on the grass, and stood bare-ass naked from the waist down; their cocks pointed lewdly and hungrily at Tina’s and Mandy’s splayed cunts. Or, some watched my sluts hands work away, Tina fisting her daddy’s cock ... Continue»
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[Story] Making Sluts of he f****y Part 2

Hellen wanted more of this story. Horny little cunt...

Thomas makes sluts of his wife and daughter...

Please read part i****tuous tale

f****y Sluts 2

After our little masturbation circle puffed, panted and settled down a tad we all sat naked in the living room smiling and laughing together. Mandy got us all a drink: hell if Tina’s old enough for her amazing finger fuck exhibition, then she’s old enough to drink with us.

“So, Tina, how many cocks have you had up that horny little snatch of yours?” Mandy asked Tina. Mandy was now sitting on the armchair directly across t... Continue»
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[Story] The Training Of Jennifer 2

This is a story I wrote for Helen long ago. I never finished it but I will keep adding parts and try to complete it this time, if there is enough interest. The story still gets Helen off, any power games turn us both on.

The Training of Jennifer 2

Graham, sat before the screen and observed his star pupil with both a teacher’s pride and a voyeur’s lust. He watched as she responded to the polite rapping on the apartment door. He knew she was still wet and aroused by the finger fucking he was giving her as the intercom announced John’s arrival. He knew also by the state of arousal wh... Continue»
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[Story] The Training of Jennifer

This story involves slut training.... male domination and a female sub. Helen and I both enjoy the fantasy and the situation.


Graham moved to answer the door even before the faint knocking . He swung the penthouse door fully open, turned his back on the guest and continued speaking on the telephone. He paced as he spoke. "Yes she is here. No, I'm not sure. I have yet to even look at her. Just remain in the lobby this might be all over very quickly ..... Well, me too ..... I'll let you know as soon as I can. Certainly, David. Yes, in that case I'll send her back d... Continue»
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[Story] Smorgasbord

This story contains wife swapping and bisexuality... A swinger's tale

by Thomas Waller

"I'd like to see Tim suck another man's cock." Marnie announced this as she downed her sixth glass of red wine. Then, she sat back in her easy chair and stared at the rest of us defiantly. She licked her lips and added. "I would then give the pair of them the most unrestricted screaming fuck they had ever experienced." She was done and peered smugly at Helen and myself.

"Oh, for God's sake Marnie." Tim roared. "Not that again. It's bad enough that I have to hear of your obsession const... Continue»
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My Thomas

I love that he is sharing some of our "mind-fuck" stories: that's what I call them. I get all gushy and hot imagining others masturbating and fucking to our personal perversions.
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[Story] Making sluts of the f****y

A little i****t tale for Helen to drool over.

f****y Sluts
by Thomas Waller

I have made "sluts" out of both my wife and daughter. They resemble each other now that Tina is 18. The same age her mother was when we tied the knot. Mandy loved cock from the moment I met her. She was too young to have had much experience but took to my prick like a pup to her momma's teats. We were f***ed into marriage three months after our first date. It wasnt a military wedding but the guns were there...if you catch my drift. We were like k**s in a candy store and used each other's bodies in every way sha... Continue»
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[Story] The Tease

This is the start of a story involving two of Helen's fantasy fucks. David a young fella she teaches with and Drew one of our neighbours. She would dearly love to fuck them both at the same time. I'd love to see her fulfill that fantasy. This is just to tickle her wanton cunt.


Contains cuckoldry, bisexuality and psychological femdom aspects.

By Thomas Waller

"What a prick!" David grumbled more to himself than in any attempt to communicate with his wife. His head and neck were craned as he backed the Lexus slowly out of his bosses' circular drive," A f... Continue»
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Helen and I

I write these stories for my wife and I. I work out of the house and Helen goes off to teach every morning. I'm always at my cock wanking away and fantasizing. Can't leave my dick alone. Helen loves how hot I get and often, when she gets home we will share our lewd musings.

A while ago she started me writing out some of my daydreams. She'll read them at night and we fuck like minks if the story hits one of her fantasies. We are both bisexual and love power games. We can both go from submissive playthings or cruel dominators. So, our turn-ons are varied and complex.

We like to think that... Continue»
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[Story] My Lori Story

This story contains father daughter i****t. Don't read if that bothers you. I'll be adding to this story later.

Don was glad that the meeting in Denver had been canceled and that he could just go home, take a hot shower and climb into bed. He had a pounding head ache and needed some down time badly. Lori had left for university two weeks ago and he was alone in the penthouse. Funny that he had not anticipated the loneliness that his daughter's departure would cause. He would shoot her an email before he crawled into bed.

His wife Frances had left the pair of them three years ago.... Continue»
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[Story] Helen's Surprise

This story is based on cuckoldry and has bisexual aspects. If either of these offend you please do not read then flame.

I came home from work two hours before my usual time. It was an anxious drive. Helen and I had been having problems, marital problems. For the past month we had been discussing a trial separation. Our arguments were neither original nor even interesting. She complained about a loss of identity. She had given up her career, her interests, her life all in the name of the k**s and me. She looked in the mirror and did not know the person who stared vacan... Continue»
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