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[Story] A Death Brings New Life (MF, cons, rom, inlaws)

It was losing his mother that started the trouble for Joseph. They'd had a normal relationship, at least compared to other mothers and sons he had seen. She was affectionate, and he'd loved her, but he hadn't really had fantasies about her. At least, he convinced himself that he hadn't. But after she died, he grieved for her more than he expected to. Marla, his wife, displayed her usual selfish attitude, acting as if his pain was a personal attack. They're already strained relationship became even more strained.

A month after the funeral came Thanksgiving. They went to Marla's parent... Continue»
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[Story] A New Day (MFF, trans, LP, cons)

Normally, Patrick couldn't remember his dreams. There were vague after-images of things, people, places, but nothing really coherent. Instead, he recalled emotions. Fear, anxiety, happiness. Sometimes, rare times, he realized he was dreaming while the dream was unfolding, allowing him to take control of things. Those dreams were the shortest, as if his mind didn't want him directly connected to his subconscious. So as he woke that morning, he wondered exactly what it was that was happening. Was he dreaming? If so, he could do something about the strange sensation he was experiencing. ... Continue»
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[Story] The Old Way (MF, bond, inc, rom, sci-fi)

The Old Way

By SpectreOfHell

“It is time,” J'ter said to the boy. They were standing on the high balcony overlooking the empty city, the dead city. The city once filled with vibrant life where aristocrats ruled an empire spanning a thousand worlds. That was long ago. There was still life up there among the stars, but it was closed to them forever. These men, women, and the one c***d, they were all that was left of the ruling class. Superior to those genetic slaves who bred like a****ls and filled worlds with their stinking kind, and yet here they were, a nearly dead race while th... Continue»
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[Story] The Bribe (MF, semi-cons, rom)

The Bribe

By SpectreOfHell

"Do you really have to write me a ticket?" Barbara asked the policeman who had pulled her over. She was standing at the rear of her car in the parking lot of the abandoned store where she'd pulled over. The patrol car was parked behind her, the lights flashing on top. The officer, a brown-haired man in his late thirties, a little thick in the middle but still cute enough to turn Barbara's head, stood nearby regarding her.

"You were going pretty fast," he said, but the tone of his voice convinced Barbara that she could talk her way out of it wit... Continue»
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[Story] The Meeting (MF, cons, rom)

The Meeting

By SpectreOfHell

The soft knock at the door came sooner than expected. Jake rose quickly from his chair, fighting an urge to peek through the curtains. There was no need. He knew who it would be. There could be no one else. He rushed to the door, his excitement flooding his body with an adrenaline high. He f***ed himself to slow, to take his time. He paused in front of the door to smooth his clothes, to brush his hair from his forehead with his fingers, then reached for the knob.

The door swung open, and he felt his pulse race as he saw her standing there. "H... Continue»
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New Stories!

Due to certain restrictions of content and surreptitious editing of particular words within postings, I’ve decided to refrain from posting any new stories here to xhamster. Instead, I’ve started a blog site where I’ll be posting all of my old tales as well as some of the new ones I’ve managed to finish lately. The link to the new site is in my profile, so check that out.

As usual, here is my disclaimer for all stories: What I write is fiction. Pure and simple. Fiction, by definition, means it ain’t true. Not a lie, not a fib, not an historic revision; it’s a tale, told by guy with ... Continue»
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[Story] The Businessman - Part 2

The Businessman - Part 2

By SpectreOfHell

Kyle Richardson sat at his desk getting nothing done. It had been like that for a week now, ever since he'd hired Sandy to be his part-time secretary. It had been a bad decision on many levels. The eighteen year old girl was a terrible typist, was still learning the filing system, could only work three hours a day after school, and he wanted to fuck her in the worst way. She glanced up from her desk, sensing his eyes upon her again, and gave him a friendly, almost encouraging smile. If she had felt traumatized by what he had done to her duri... Continue»
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[Story] The Businessman

The Businessman

by SpectreOfHell

Even the most moral man can sometimes face a situation in which all that he believes about himself can be cast aside, allowing him to engage in the type of behavior he thought restricted to more profane people. That was the lesson Kyle Richardson learned on the day he interviewed for a replacement secretary. He wanted to believe there existed no situation that would have made him do what he did, and looking back on it he could find many factors that contributed to his lapse in moral judgment. His business was failing, he had just caught his wife ha... Continue»
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Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

by SpectreofHell

Christine woke well before dawn and couldn't get back to sl**p. It was Christmas morning, after all, she had a right to be excited. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling for awhile, letting her thoughts wander, and they always wandered back to the night with Billy.

When he'd asked her out, she'd been thrilled, though she'd tried hard not to show it. She wasn't exactly part of the most popular crowd, so even though she was a very pretty girl she felt she didn't have a right to expect one of the star football players to ask her on a... Continue»
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[Story] Found (MF, cons, inc, rom)


by SpectreOfHell

Antonia excused herself from the reception hall after the Maid of Honor had made her toast. She just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't that she was not happy for her little s****r, not at all. She loved Alicia to death and was overjoyed to see her s****r so happy. She was just jealous, that's all. Sad because she was about to turn thirty and she had never been able to keep a boyfriend longer than a year. It had been nine months since her last breakup. Not her longest dry spell, but now that her s****r was married off Antonia was the only one of her sibling... Continue»
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[Story] Making the Grade (Mf, F, ped, cons, rom)

Making the Grade

by SpectreOfHell

Tim motioned to the chair next to his desk and watched as his visitor sat in it. She was incredibly hot, and he was having a difficult time focusing. It didn't help that the school was empty by then except for the two of them, but this was the only time she'd been able to meet. She had actually suggested his home, but he hadn't thought that was appropriate. Now he was thinking he'd much rather have been someplace more private with her.

"So, Ms. Wright," he said, setting into his own seat. His eyes swept over her quickly, taking in her heels and... Continue»
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[Story] New Girl in My Life (Mf-teen, tg, cons, rom)

New Girl in My Life

by Spectreofhell

I had been married for ten years when my wife brought Brenda home. Julie was working for c***d welfare services at the time and there were no available foster homes or group homes for Brenda to go to. I protested, naturally, and knowing what happened later I was right to do so.

Brenda was fifteen and beautiful in an untraditional way. She had blonde hair but the dark skin of a latina, a stocky build but delicate, angelic face. She also had quite a rack on her for her age, C cups at least I would have guessed. Bigger than my wife's anyway.

... Continue»
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[Story] The Stepmother (Fm, mast, cons, first)

The Stepmother

by SpectreOfHell

Jason woke up on the sofa at his father's house, and the first thing he realized was that he was desperately horny. He had been dreaming about sex again, and his f******n year old cock was painfully erect. Idly, he listened for sounds in the house as he reached beneath the blanket covering him to stroke his bulge. The house was quiet, though Jason could tell it was already late in the morning. If he had been home, his mother would have dragged him out of bed already, whether it was Sunday or not. But not Dad. He and his new wife, Iris, had been out... Continue»
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A Note on Story Content

I've noticed some comments on my stories from people who disapprove of the content. Learn what story codes mean! The little "f" means the story involves an u******e girl. And please, this whole accusation of "c***d porn" is asinine. Fictional stories involving u******e characters are protected by the First Amendment, a fact that has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Picking on someone for having a preference for stories of that type is akin to haranguing someone for preferring John Grisham over Stephen King. There are many fantasies that are far more disturbing t... Continue»
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[Story] The Cure (Mf-teen, F-voy, inc, cons, rom)

The Cure

by SpectreOfHell

Nina sat down on the sofa in her parent's living room and crossed her legs. Across from her sat her father in his favorite tattered easy-chair. His eyes were riveted to her nylon-clad legs. Smiling, Nina hiked the hem of her short dress up an inch. Her father's eyes met hers for an instant, and he smiled broadly before returning his gaze to her legs. She felt a shivery thrill run through her. She hiked the dress up another inch, exposing alabaster skin above the tops of her sheer black stockings.

"Jesus, Nina," said her mother fro... Continue»
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[Story] Shelly and Matt (Mf-teen, inc, cons, rom)

Shelly and Matt

By SpectreOfHell

It was, in Shelly’s opinion, the most boring party she’d ever gone to. There was no one there even close to her age, just adults and little k**s running around making noise. The food was bland and the music was driving her nuts. And it wasn’t like anyone really wanted her around in the first place. The relatives had made all the expected comments about how much she’d grown, about her becoming a “little woman,” and now they ignored her. No one even noticed when she went outside and found a quiet place in the gar... Continue»
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The Tale of a Tale

Let me start off by making something perfectly clear. I love porn. I don't know if it's an addiction or not, and I don't care, I just love porn. If I was addicted to cigarettes and I really loved smoking I wouldn't call it a problem. So I love looking at naked women, at couples fucking, at almost anything in fact. I love reading fiction and true accounts, and I love talking to people about porn and sex.

But it seems to me that the bulk of porn being made today has no real purpose. The art of telling a story seems to have almost dried up. These days a couple of guy... Continue»
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[Story] Finding Out (Mf, F-solo, voy, cons)

Finding Out

By SpectreOfHell

It was just past midnight when Elizabeth slipped out of bed. Her husband, Phillip, snored deeply, and she knew from experience that he wouldn't miss her. She stood for a moment gazing down at him, wondering how he could look so innocent in his sl**p after what he had done with their daughter. It had taken all her willpower not to give herself away, to act as though everything was still normal. She left him laying there and went to Claire's room.

Claire had kicked off most of her covers and lay with her young body mostly exposed. She was be... Continue»
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[Story] Affair of the Heart (Mf, semi-cons, rom)

Affair of the Heart

By SpectreOfHell

Ben simply wasn't used to being around k**s. He and Judith had been dating for three weeks and had been having sex for two of those, but this was the first night he'd actually slept over. Judith had been reluctant for him to stay at her place, unsure how her daughter would react to it. Trudy was twelve years old and had doted on her father when he was around. It had broken her heart when the man had left without warning, deciding that he'd rather be with a nineteen year old girl than his wife and daughter.

But to everyeone'... Continue»
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Hidden Desires and Fantasies

This isn't fiction, it's opinion, so if you don't care what I think then don't read further.

I just wanted to comment on something I've noticed over the years. While publicly everyone decries the very idea of someone having lustful thoughts about girls below the age of 18, it has been my experience that many, many people are extremely turned on by the fantasy of such young girls. Things like Barely Legal, or schoolgirls, or fucking the babysitter, or i****t, or anything where a young woman has tiny breasts and shaved pussy so that she could pass for someone much y... Continue»
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