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Black Stockings

Just received 4 pair of Bershire Fantasy Black Queen2 stockings in the mail. Can't wait to try them on. Love wearing a garter belt or OBG with stockings. Makes me feel so sexy (and horny).
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Out DRiving Dressed

Many years ago (pre-retirement), I went to our vacation home alone to winterize it. I saw in the paper there was a GLBT club about 30 miles from where I was. I ventured out to the club fully dressed that night. I was wearing a LBD with long sleeves. Underneath I wore a black bra (with breast enhancers), black panties, black 6 strap garterbelt, black stockings, and black high heels. I wore a wig and make up. From a distance I suppose I passed, but my voice was a dead giveaway. When I arrived at the club I ordered a beer and sat at a table near the bar. I think I was hoping I would get picked ... Continue»
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[Story] Missed My Chance, But Never Again.

This is a true story. I was on a 3 day business trip and
settled into my motel room that evening after my
business meeting. It had been several months since I had
the opportunity to dress up. I showered, shaved and put on
my make-up and wig. I went to my dresser drawer and pulled
out my 6 strap black garterbelt and stockings. I sat down on the
bed and slowly put them on. My hands trembled as I attached my
garters to my stockings. Next I carefully and sensually pulled on my black nylon panties. Next I put on my black bra and leaned forward to insert my breast enhancers. Next came... Continue»
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[Story] CD Driving While Dressed

I was making a 400 mile trip going south. I was driving
alone and wanted to dress up in my favorite outfit for my
day trip. After leaving home, so my wife would not know of
my traveling attire, I went to a nearby shopping center to
change into my outfit. I parked my truck in the parking
lot in an area that was not too busy with traffic. I
hurriedly removed my male clothes and reached into my
travel case to get my wig and black bra which I put on. I
then inserted my breast enhancers and looked down at my
chest to admire my large breasts. Next I slipped on my
black 6 strap g... Continue»
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