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My 3rd Encounter with my cousins cock

it was a saturday night and i was feeling a little bored, not having much cash wasn't helping and i was stuck for ideas of how to entertain myself, what to do... then it hit me, i hadn't seen my cousin in a while, id give him a ring and see what he was up too, luckily he was in and we started chatting about this and that, when suddenly he suggested that he come round, after all he was on his own too as his partner was away for the weekend, about an hour later, the buzzer went, it was him.. i'd had a few beers by now and was quite happy to chat about almost anything, i offered him a drink and t... Continue»
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My 2nd experience of cock

It had been a while since our naughty encounter, and everything seemed to be just as before..except it wasn't, i'd seen my cousins cock.. more than that, id wanked him off, he'd cum on my hand and id swallowed it after being shocked into taking the cum of my hand after he'd shot his thick creamy spunk over it, and know i wanted it again..but how would i ask?
Well it turns out i wouldnt have too, it would just happen...

It was a lovely warm day and my cousin and myself had gone of as we had many times before to the local park, as we we're messing about, he said he had to go for a piss, and ... Continue»
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[Story] My first experience of cock

it was late and everyone else in the house had gone to bed, downstairs myself and my cousin where sat watching late night telly and flicking the channels, "its boring" i said, "i could show you something if you promise not to tell" said my cousin, who was slightly older than me, what is it i replied, this he said and he removed the pillow he'd been holding on his lap, his cock was erect and standing proudly poking out of his pyjama bottoms. Do you wanna touch it? No way i said, although i was fascinated and starting to feel a strange sensation in my own bottoms, your getting turned on aren't y... Continue»
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