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How many of you guys would cum under dancing feet?

Just like this:

What do you think of this idea? Write in comments
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[Story] The Oral Exam

"Come, Jane, it's your turn," the instructor commanded.

This was it. The last exam at the Slut School. If Jane passes this exam she would get a Diploma as an a-class slut.

"This way," her female instructor led her into a long hallway.

What Jane saw in the hallway was not an ordinary sight. About 20 restrained men of all ages where lined at the left wall, standing cloth-less on elevated platforms, so their crotch was on head level to whoever walked the hallway.

The ground looked dirty, covered in what appeared to be r... Continue»
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Lesson for ladies - how to make a guy come loads

In my sexual conquests I've noticed that hard simulation is not always the best way to make a guy come. Sure, you can jerk him off quickly and with a firm grip and have him cum, you can get him to fuck you in the ass or pussy, but sometimes there are better ways to make the guy cum even harder.

The key here is teasing. You should move the guy closer to his cum threshold very slow, so when he is edging, the slightest movement or friction makes him cum tons. This might take hours, but the result is worth it, since he will have built up tons of cum.

The best way is to find his person... Continue»
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Femdom blowjob porn script

Here's an idea for a naughty porn video if anyone is up for it:

She is wearing casual clothing, not revealing breasts or anything else. You are completely naked. You are not allowed to touch yourself or her, you are at her mercy. She is wearing a juicy thick red lipstick.

She pushes you against the wall and gets on her knees. Your cock gets excited. But she isn't sucking it, she is not even touching it yet. She uses her nails to sc**** over your naked body, starting from chest going all the way to abdomen without touching your cock. She massages your thighs, runs her fingers ar... Continue»
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The perfect blowjob...

I am currently thinking about the perfect blowjob scenario, covered to the smallest detail. I will post it when it's ready, girls will be able to try this on their guys and they will be worshiping them forever :)
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I've always found the idea of a gloryhole very arousing. It's fun because the man has basically no power at all and has to trust the other party.

I love gloryhole videos and to see guys cumming, but I have never tried one in my life. Are they actually real?

The idea of milking one man after another through a gloryhole gets me turned on because I know they wouldn't see me and will only get aroused from what I do with their dicks. So if they come quick, that means I'm damn skillful.
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Hey, guys, post your most satisfying oral experien

I want to know how can I improve my technique. Please post oral sex experience that you had enjoyed most in your lives, the one where you came the most and where you felt the most pleasure.

Post in the comments what did the girl do exactly in detail and how did you feel when cumming.

I need to try some new tricks :*
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[Story] How I took his virginity

I wanted to share a fun story about one of my ex-boyfriends. He was around 19, I was 22. He was a cute guy, shy though. I was going out with him for a while.

To my surprise at one date he revealed to me that he is still a virgin. I couldn't believe this since he was attractive and I thought he had had a plenty of girlfriends before me.

We had been kissing before but wanted to take it to the next level. I had been with quite a few guys and had already discovered my oral fixation fetish. I had my skills toned up so to say, and wanted his first time to be the one he will remember forever.
... Continue»
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