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[Story] A Mexican weekend getaway, turns into a gangbang w

In August fifteen years ago, Maya (my wife), 38 and I took a three day weekend to Baja in our camper and at night parked at different secluded areas. Our three day holiday was extremely relaxing with plenty of sunny hot weather. After the first day Maya was very relaxed, spending days sunning herself on secluded beach in very skimpy bikinis. Maya has a medium length brown hair which falls nicely her back and a decent figure, with larger hips and full 34D breasts which still have milk in them, (even after our youngest is now 4 yrs old, the reason is i am hooked on sucking her tits and drinkin... Continue»
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[Story] Me, My Friend and His Mother

Bill gets seduced by his best friend's mother.

My Name is Neal. My earliest sexual experience happened despite the fact that my f****y was in a super-strict fundementalist church back in the Sixties. Sex was never mentioned -- except that it was wrong, sinful, wicked, and not to be discussed at all. Ever. But, within a few months after I turned 16, I was wanking several times a day, and desperate for any information about sex.

My best friend Bill Baker went to a different church and his f****y life seemed a lot more relaxed, with fewer strict rules. I asked him one day where I might fi... Continue»
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[Story] Getting into the Bi-Life Style – Part 1 of S

My name is Brenda, and Part 1 is about me. This is Monica123’s account, and she is actually writing this story based on what Bill and I tell her and what she remembers, but it's from my perspective, not hers or Bill's. I couldn’t tell her this story until months later. You’ll see why after she posts Part 2.

I - Brenda - live in a rented efficiency upstairs from Monica. She and I are good friends, watched a little TV together, and mostly speak as we came and went. We are both black and single…and I came to find out pretty horny ladies. You may or may... Continue»
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