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I'm:Jason, 39
From:United States
Personal Information
Kids:No, but may be want some
Education:Some grad school
Star sign:Aries
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Grey
About Me
If anything about me disturbs you try another guy, I don't stalk or get "in-your-face" and it feels like a time waster to deal with other's suspicions and paranoia. Don't bother me if you have no favorite porn flicks. I like fun edgy women that are here for the porn and if you've never even tried weed you probably are not sexually edgy either.

I'm a pretty straight forward guy not much is hidden, I'm just not an easy man. When faced with obsessive paranoia, drama I just walk away. I refuse to spend a lot of time living "drama" that gets in the way of living. Women who are angry with past baggage etc., please just pass me by, it saves so much time.

It's not about age it's about enthusiasm even so women don't get into their own sexuality until later. I especially enjoy dates where sex isn't the only theme, isn't forced into the time available and happens because it cannot be otherwise.

I like open relationships and have occasionally met people from Hamster in real life. The only time I c2c is just before an agreed upon meeting in real life. Like amateur porn best (real people with real bodies) but the nature of Hamster has changed so much in the past couple of years that my preferences are meaningless.

True Story:
In the San Diego Zoo they had a Lion area. It had several male and female lions. The females mated but they preferred only one of the males to the exclusion of the others. As time passed females came and went but the pride still would only mate with the old guy. (Now understand a male lion lays his load like 50 to 60 times a day, every day while a lioness is in heat.) The preferred male got older and older, finally becoming so unsteady he could no longer perform sex adequately, he kept sliding off to the side. The females solved the problem by having 2 females (one on each side) prop him up so that he could mount a third, without slipping off. Yes, he would still lay his load some 50 to 60 times a day. (I think this is how the concept "Heart of a Lion" developed.) This went on for many seasons, with many females, producing many cubs and was observed by the keepers many many times.

The old lion has since died and just like females everywhere the lioness' pragmatically are now doing the other males many of whom are his cubs.

Things I like:

Women with some substance, without selling their panties, or flicks, or personal sites.

Lusty, bright and clever women with a streak of freak in them looking for something different.

Nipples and clits, ....both hard, swollen and attached to real people.

Role Playing and laughter

Sleeping till noon on a rainy Sunday morning

Talkers, screamers and unembarrassed moaners.

Weekend sex with someone who I want to spend all the next day just hanging out.

I enjoy.... making breakfast for my sleep over guests... then coffee and an on-line paper...

I like women who enjoy being women, and know having an orgasm is on them (either by selection of partner or personal behavior) and they work at it.

Women moving away from vanilla who fantasize about black men and appreciate being taken with some authority till exhausted.

Women with enthusiasm who are comfortable in their sexuality and willing to explore it.

That about covers me, .. Oh .... I like women that smell good. Partial to Chanel #5 ...
Well educated, and make an excellent living. Work from a home I designed myself. Live alone, generally date freely. A guy that actually likes women. Love to take photos of real women being themselves. Photos that try to capture the edges of their personality.

Lets face it, most people come here to play at that which they will never have the courage to be in their real life. Living is making the play real.

I try to be completely honest with everyone, refusing to waste my time with deception. Besides it makes chat so much easier, only a single set of books.
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6 days ago
MMMMM so sexy….. makes me purrrrrr
7 days ago
Thanks for the comment and you have sexy pics and videos! xxxx
29 days ago
Sexy greetings from the tri-border region Basel

.` • .¸. • '
¸. • '. •'¨) ¸. • * ¨)
(¸. • '(¸. •'. • '¸¸. •

MatureSusi - genuine Swiss Mature
Why do not join me on webcam or enjoy one of my ultra sexy videos !!
... And do not forget - add me to your favorites!
2 months ago
How are you my most handsome friend?
4 months ago
I didn't mean to intrude. I didn't know the person at all other than their writing on your blog. I commented because good people are very hard to find and should always be acknowledged.
4 months ago
Thank you for your show of appreciation for Hk on my blog. It meant a lot to me. And will him as well.

SassyBri ~
4 months ago
4 months ago
Thanks for the nice comment!
4 months ago
❤ thx for tha invite hun ❤
5 months ago
Thank you for the nice comment... xoxo
7 months ago
If you like it take it. It's probably all over the net by now. My belief is if it's posted it's been used, stolen, and probably sold somewhere.
7 months ago
lol, well thank again. Glad you liked. :-) I'm trying hard not to steal the hot rod picture, lol.
7 months ago
my pleasure, I love the avatar, the videos are nice too.
7 months ago
Thank you for the nice invite :-)
7 months ago
❤ thx for tha add hun ❤
8 months ago
Actually 3 you missed thew constellation. This whole interaction thing is too difficult for us country boys. lol
9 months ago
I'm not suprised half the females on here are fakes. I stopped trying to dig deeper a long time ago. Connections on the net are just that
9 months ago
I see we like a lot of the same things! ;-)
9 months ago
10 months ago
Of course. Special look to a latina, and they bring enthusiasm.
10 months ago
Yes I know :) do u like?
11 months ago
Just popping in to say Hi, and that I was thinking of you...

SassyBri ~
1 year ago
1 year ago
Aretha is always the best there is. Thanks for the link
1 year ago
Thanks Jason...Check this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNfVuyoqQOc&list=PL8519A6F466FB4885
1 year ago
Well said... I am properly placed in check. LOL. Have a wonderful day.
1 year ago
Nice profile! The San Diego Zoo story was fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
Hi Jason, greetings from Germany and thanx for your nice comment to my Profil. Kisses Coala
1 year ago

Are you asking me to go to Hawaii with you? I'm pretty sure I don't get sea sick.

Just kidding, I don't think my man would let me go for any amount of time... Nice thought though.

SassyBri ~
1 year ago
Wow...I like your likes and I like what you have to say...pretty real...;)

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