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How to instantly get on my bad side. Meet: qqqqvvv

So with the misfortune of people being able to look me up via location I run into some people who think that friendship is easily granted. Case in point, the ever so eloquent user: "qqqqvvvv". I'm guessing he let his doberman type out that username.

Go on, "meet" him:

Either way, I'm sent about 40 messages every time I log on. When I first signed up for the site I made the mistake of adding everyone who sent me a friend request not knowing there was a limit or understanding how later down the road it would affect me. With this knowledge, I am now ... Continue»
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You Can't Always Be #1 -or- True Reasons Why

An Essay
(This writing is meant for entertainment purposes only for the sake of dark humor. Taking this seriously will only further prove the point of the subject matter discussed throughout this piece so please unclench your sphincter and enjoy.)

Finding out the news that a certain lesbian duo left the xhamster camsite they once claimed as their own gave me a good laugh for a bit and knowing that the universe has eventual follow through with those who need to learn how to grow up and play fair. You can’t always be number one and when they saw how they measured up fall... Continue»
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Not accepting TIPS/TOKENS and Why, Also, how to He

I am not accepting tokens/tips right now because xhamster has not paid me since June/July. Until I am paid I will not be accepting tokens/tips because I am not confident I will even get them.

With that said, I will be accepting alternative methods of payment until they pay me. It took them 8 days to respond to me about how they would solve this problem and I still haven't had the issue resolved.

I will be on cam hanging out but if you want to contribute I did just get my own apartment and am starting a new job. I am asking for gift cards to help me with needs for my apartment. This is no... Continue»
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Where Lola Went-Getting Camshows and live Shows

I am no longer doing shows on xhamster due to the lack of interest in kink/BDSM that I offer as well as the long hours of no tipping. Because of this I will be on other sites offering pay per minute shows as well as block sessions.

This is my main camsite and if you want to sign up for it...go here:
They offer some discounts and what not and I am usually the main Fetish performer online Tuesdays-Sundays from 9pm EST until about 1-2am.

This is where you buy block sessions with me. I am just getting this set up s... Continue»
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Lola's Sexy Curiousity Shoppe...Videos, Pics,

As you know my site is in the making and a lot has been done to organize the awesome content taken and put together a solo girl fetish site that's COMPLETELY different than others you've seen. I'm running the entire site and offering art erotica as well as voyeur cams and weekly group cam shows for members.

Until then, many have asked where my videos and other material is on the web.
And most of you know that my shows are NOT free. As a ProModel on the xHamster I only do group tip shows or private shows unless I feel frisky and sometimes I hop on and masturbate randomly.

... Continue»
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Mistress needs slave

Are you a well disciplined slave?
Do you live in the Atlanta metro area?
Are you pretty enough to be on cam without embarrassing me?

Leave a message and you just might make the cut, pretty thing.
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Why your cam craps out...for dummies.

As a previous help desk consultant I got to view the upper class in a completely different light often thinking, "And how do these people make six figures?" while having to patiently deal with flustered professionals on the phone who couldn't figure out that their pitch black screen is due to the fact it isn't plugged in.

Anyways, I'm sure you get the point that even in 2012, there's still a large majority of people who have no idea how a computer works. Some admit to being computer illiterate however most will not take accountability for their ignorance point blank. My case in point...

... Continue»
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Waiting to become a ProCam Model...and I return!

EDIT: LOL! An hour after I post this blog, xHamster finally approves all my things. I'm back yall and so tired but damnit persistence pays off!

Hello lovelies...
I am currently awaiting doing sexy shows on xHamster until my documents are reviewed which were submitted Jan. 25th so that viewers will be able to tip now and possibly get private shows on the site. I will be doing tipping for prizes, rewards and awesome requests for the generous folk out there!

I am not particularly interested in the cam competition as I know that it's a bit harsh at times and I'm kind of in my own nic... Continue»
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What is Squirting?

After listening to a very misinformed explanation about what female ejaculation was by another female, I feel somewhat obligated to cancel out the misinformation and offer a better and more educated answer on what happens when a woman "squirts".

Squirting or female ejaculation happens during an intense orgasm and releases clear fluid from the vagina by stimulating the "G-spot". (I won't go into HOW to make a woman squirt, maybe another time, but for now this is simply what it is). When rubbing the G-Spot either by fingers, toys, or even rubbing it with the penis, a build up of fluid consist... Continue»
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Domination...a brief point to make

I've been into the BDSM lifestyle, or at least have wanted to, since 2004. I only really hopped into it in 2006 doing some online role playing and Domination and then was an online Mistress in 2007. Upon my arrival in Atlanta, I joined the fetish community and was even asked to be a Pro-Domme at one of the nation's largest Dungeons.

My Dominating side is made of several of my personality traits and my love for controlling a sexual scenario. Add some creative Sadism in the mix and you've got a kinky little party. I love have a man worship and obey me and I can be unruly at times. However, ne... Continue»
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My Cam Room Rules--A MUST READ!

This is definitely something I have needed to write for a while and seeing how many others, including viewers, are also writing about it I think it's time I also stepped up and put in my two cents as well as my feelings about etiquette in cam rooms.

For a bit of history, I have been a cam girl since the summer of 2010. I started off getting paid for this and never have I done free shows until now. I cam on several large, well known sites but thought that, for a change of pace, I'd try on here. So...this is not new for me at all and I'm used to getting paid for it. All things considering, I ... Continue»
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Wanna support your favorite lovely kinkster?!
Of course you do!

I am now camming on the "Live Cams" section of the site at least once a day for an extended period of time. I'm getting used to it however letting people know about me has been difficult with some pre-established regulars.

Since this is FREE camming I am the director but will take some requests.
I also TEASE. I don't get on cam and just start showing my anatomy. I get you hard and edge you as a Dominating Mistress does. I make you wait to cum until you have to beg for it.

I have a PLETHORA of toys from pumps to vibes t... Continue»
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[Story] A Way to Keep Warm

A Way to Keep Warm
by Lola Bohemia

Chilly December winds blow over the partitions in the loft. It's difficult warming the place even when bundled up. Almost like the cold is penetrating you, getting inside you and your every vein is almost frozen.

I had gone to bed earlier than my husband craving the enveloping blankets that would hold me warmly. Even though I was cold I still wore silk to bed letting it rub up against my goosepimpled skin hoping the sensation would be distracting. It turned out to be, but not at that moment.

I remember being groggy and suddenly waking up feeling hot... Continue»
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Asshole Report - Meet kamerunininkas

Congrats kamerunininkas as you are the first person I've had to block on this site for asshole shitty behavior. Hopefully with this post I can warn other women that you are a complete cock WHO CAN'T READ.

Dingleberry kamerunininkas contacted me asking for a Mistress. For anyone well versed in BDSM and the leather lifestyle knows that I am not your Mistress until you prove it. I also require those I take under my wing to have at least 2 regular paid sessions with me before consideration. I post this on my profile. It's known. Dude didn't read.

I told him what was on my page and he came ba... Continue»
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CAMSHOWS ONLY $2/MIN! Also, Camgirl review of Lola


You know you want it and you know it's fucking worth it!
Cam shows with Ms. Lola are only $2/min until 2012!

My holiday gift to you! This is $1.50 off seeing me on a camsite.

Recently I was reviewed on and to my surprise they had me pinned down (description wise only boys) pretty fucking well. Here's a read from the site:

Busty Cam Humiliatrix Enjoys Domination And Exhibitionism
Lola Bohemia promises voluptuous decadence, and a whole lot of fetish roleplay sex games too. It’s always nice to
... Continue»
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New Member Site coming out 2012!

Curvaceous Kinkster Multi-girl site Early 2012!
Hi there,
So, the few of you that read my blog here know that I am a Fetish model, Dominatrix, and camgirl. Well, I may finally have my own content site and have other girls joining me on this venture.

Expect clips, videos, picture sets, and live streaming cam shows of the kinky women of the fetish world. This is not your normal porn site. We will feature fetish material as well as the exclusivity to chat with top BDSM women from one of the largest kink communities in the country, Atlanta, GA.

Running the site will be yours truly ... Continue»
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Apparently men cannot read

So...I JUST posted on here that I am not looking to cyber or chat with men on here unless they want to purchase a cam show.

You guys are still sending me messages thinking all I do is sit around and freely masturbate in front of my cam. No. I don't.

I am on here to speak with my fan base and to provide some free content.

I would love to have a show with you.
I have Yahoo and Skype.
You have to be willing to purchase a show.
You can even do this by purchasing sex toys on my edenfantasys wish list.

I am a Dominatrix and Strict Mistress with a penchant for fetish. I love it when ... Continue»
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Hello Men of xhamster,

I really hope you read this before sending me another invite to chat with you, if not, I will gladly direct you to it.

I am a Professional Dominatrix and CamGirl. I make a living doing webcam chat shows with my fans and clients who I adore. I joined this site only about a week ago and have attracted a lot of attention and I am very excited to share myself with you guys with the time I have.

If you want to chat with me on Yahoo or Skype, please note, YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE A WEBCAM SHOW AT $2.50 per minute. I also do online Domination sessions and am a member of... Continue»
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