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Apologies & Thanks

First of all, many thanks & an apology to ALL of you who have responded to yesterday’s blog & video. I/we are VERY touched.

But, I also want to say: what a difference a day makes. You see, this morning, everything is just fine & hunk dory. Just fine. The reason?

Well, after I had composed yesterday’s blog (written when I was feeling a little down) we got on with other aspects of our lives: the missus popping over to the ‘big town’ have her hair done & also to meet up with her s****r whilst I did a few chores which included cleaning the bathroom thoroughly in the nud... Continue»
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Wondering Whether to Stop Uploading Our Vids Anymo

In a funny mood today as feel old & a little down. Beginning to think that maybe it’s all down-hill from now on in.

I don’t know.

Anyway, last night I recorded one of the missus’s favourite fantasies to the PC with the idea that I would play it whilst licking her off; & something I was looking forward to doing very much. So, we went to bed & I commenced to massage her with some body cream that was probably past its sell-by date (like me I beginning to suspect). I hasten to add that I filmed it too because I’m still just getting a buzz out of it. Just.

Yeah, as I’ve said I continued t... Continue»
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[Story] A Kiss of the Slipper

I received a phone call yesterday. It was from Susan. Susan is the wife of The Miscreant.

"Hi Susan, nice to hear from you, how's things?"

"Hi Ima, I take it you are okay….. but this isn't a social call. I know that you correct females on a regular basis but I was wondering if you could correct my husband again. Just recently he's slipped into bad habits: he's become lazy, slovenly and started flirting with other women. I work long and hard to keep the home together and he's just….. beginning to take the piss!"

"He's basically a nice bloke but he needs a gentle reminder once in... Continue»
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Transcending the Transcendence - One of My Weird P

I am beyond life


Not dead.

I am beyond death


Not corporeal.

I do not breathe;

I do not hunger;

I do not thirst


I cannot touch


I can see







The Transcendence:

The curved is straight; the straight is curved.

Substance is void; void is substance.

The end is the beginning; the beginning is the end.

Being is life and not-life.

Five dimensions:

Up and Down;

Left and Right;

In and Out;

Relative time


Absolute time.

The dreamed, dreams; the known, knows.

Throug... Continue»
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Last Night's Beating & This Morning'

Well, a rather kinky & horny start to the New Year. Last night at about 10 o’clock (or should that be o’cock) I submitted (okay, requested) to a rather hard beating.

After having stripped off I then lay face up on the bed with the missus rubbing my nipples to get me erect. Having achieved that she then gave me 7 hard lashes across my penis. It was as you would expect quite painful with 2 of the strokes really agonizing. But at the same time it was incredibly exhilarating. Such is the paradox of sadomasochism.

The first stage of my punishment complete ‘we’ then moved into stage 2 - my flo... Continue»
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The Day My Mum Died

It was Tuesday 22nd November 1988, when Mum died - it was also the twenty-fifth anniversary of the day JFK was assassinated though I didn’t realize that till sometime after. I was 31 years of age & a bus driver for the local bus company, The Green & White Bus Company, & on that fateful morning just after 11 o’clock I had driven into Pier Town Bus Station to be greeted by the tall, dark & rather imposing form of Lynch, the duty inspector. My first thoughts were that an irate motorist or passenger had phoned in to complain about me & that the inspector had come out to grill me about whatever it... Continue»
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Video of Me Slippering the Missus OTK in 2012

Back in 2012 I gave the missus a good OTK spanking with a plimsoll. I uploaded the vid to Spanking Tube but then lost the clip after the computer crashed. Here's a link to it - if you're interested.
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I Think You Will Like Our Next Vid...

as this time I made sure the battery was fully charged!

Anyway, this morning we were both feeling rather fruity so I set up the camera & got on with the action: scratching her freckly back really hard with my nails; smacking her bum with my hand & the sandal; tickling her under the arms; squeezing her nipples till she shrieked! Once she was really wet I then handcuffed her to the headboard stretching her sexy arms behind her head. I then put my right hand between her legs, found her clit & commenced to finger & frig her. With my left hand I rubbed & kneaded her left nipple. Once settled & i... Continue»
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You Won't Like Our Next Vid!

Not certain you’ll like our next vid as things didn’t quite work out as intended – does anything?

Anyway, last night the missus fancied a bit of action & I’d said: ‘Shall we film it?’

‘Yeah, go on then,’ she had replied.

So, whilst she’d gone to the bathroom, I’d set up the tripod in the bedroom. I’d then got the camcorder out & positioned it ready. Next, I’d tried to switch it on with no response - the battery was dead & I mustn’t have charged it. Now, I had a spare battery but it’s coming to the end of its life & won’t hold much charge. But seeing as there was no other option I th... Continue»
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You Just Have to Laugh...
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Last Night's Penis Whipping

It looks like it’s going to be a nice day as I peer out of the patio doors. Perhaps I’ll go for a swim later.

That said, yesterday evening I had my penis whipped – we’re trying to make Wednesday my regular willy whipping day. Anyway, before my ‘punishment’ I was quite scared - but scared in an exhilarating way, like going on a roller coaster - & a little aroused too! Anyway, I stripped off & lay down on the bed – the camera was already set up - & waited for the missus to finish flossing & cleaning her teeth in the bathroom. After about 5 minutes she was done & walked back into the bedroom w... Continue»
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Kinky & Weird Old Fucker Brags About His Sex L

The missus has left for work, I’ve had my bowl of porridge & a cup of coffee, & I’m now in the lounge sitting on the expensive sofa (we’re still paying for it) with the foot-rest extended with the pc on my lap top. I am also only wearing a dressing gown. I reckon it’s going to be a lazy day today - & why not?

Yeah, anyway, had a busy day yesterday what with sorting out a load of junk resulting in the place now beginning to look a little tidier as underneath I’m a little OCD. Well, I would be fully OCD if I also didn’t suffer from Energy & Enthusiasm Deficit Syndrome – or ‘laziness’ as the m... Continue»
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In the Swimming Pool

After I’d got changed I’d walked out onto the pool side & then proceeded to descend the steps into the water. As I had done so a female voice had called out my name – it was Charlotte. Now, Charlotte was probably late forties to early fifties, dark haired, tanned, slim, blue-eyed & fairly pretty - & if I hadn’t been happily married & she had been single then I would have definitely made a play for her.

However she was married & to whom she was married - Jack - is kind of the topic of this blog because it rather brings back unhappy memories for me. Now, I have to tell you that whenev... Continue»
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On My Way to the Swimming Pool

It was a nice sunny day & I was walking along to the swimming pool. When I had got to the pa****t of the railway tunnel where the road goes across I had seen him a little way in front of me – him being, Del. I’d noticed that he’d now got a stick & wasn’t walking as quite steadily & as positively since I’d last seen him about a year ago.

I wasn’t sure whether to catch him up or not & say hello because underneath I didn’t know whether I liked him. Or probably it was more accurate to say that I didn’t trust him. At that point I recalled the sorry story his ex-girlfriend, Annie, had tol... Continue»
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The Warm Rain

I had been in the country on a sunny day & the sky was blue & cloudless. I was strolling leisurely without a care in the world across a field of golden corn. I had felt serene & happy – nothing was in my mind to perturb me.

And then the voice spoke to me: ‘You must hurry to the village because it is going to rain & there is no shelter here.’

I had looked around but I had been unable to see anyone.

I had thought: But there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it isn’t going to rain.

The voice had spoken again: ‘There is going to be a terrible deluge & many will perish. Make your way to the vil... Continue»
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[Story] 'Slave Wife Gets the Cane'

We are both naked & on the covers of the bed next to each other. I have my left arm under her head & I am gripping the wrist of her left hand with mine such that she is powerless to resist what I am doing to her. The thing is though is that she wants to be powerless as it arouses her - arouses her intensely.

I stretch out my right hand & grip her erect nipple between my fore-finger & thumb. I squeeze hard & she gasps out & recoils. I then move my hand to her left nipple, grip it & squeeze even harder. She lets out a little yelp. I smile – evilly.

I then allow my right hand to trav... Continue»
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Dreams & Nightmares

It takes me a second or two to shake off the fog of sl**p & realise that the phone is ringing – impatient & persistent. I roll over & stretch out my arm to pick up the receiver before putting it to my ear:

‘Place your bets down on this evening’s football, great odds, free bets…’

What the fuck!

I look at the clock – it’s three in the morning.

Fucking hell! What are these cunts doing phoning me at three in the morning?!

‘What the bl**dy hell do you think you’re doing phoning me at fucking three o’clock in the morning-’

I suddenly realise that the voice is a record... Continue»
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The Wardrobe, the Spider & a Fuck!

Looking out of the patio doors (sounds like we’re one of those ghastly aspirational middle-class suburban couples with a flash house - but we ain’t) & sat on the fancy oat coloured sofa (still to be paid for) with the leg rest up I reckon it’s going to be a nice day weather-wise.

We’re both on the 3-seater sofa (still to be fucking paid for) drinking coffee (Waitrose Gold Blend) with our computers on our laps – I’m day off & the missus is still on holiday - & we’re both pretty relaxed. We’re both pretty relaxed (or ‘chilled’ if you’re a young person) because it hasn’t been much more than a... Continue»
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Fucking Claudia?

Actually, that wasn't a bad fuck.

& then to my horror realise that I have just shagged Claudia.

I glance up at Claudia & she looks like a cat that has just got the cream. She is combing her long & curly raven coloured hair & as I do the guilt slams into me.

'You'd better wash your dick before you go back home to your wife,' she advises me smugly.

What have I done? I'll never get away with this & why the fuck have I done this. God, I feel like shit.

I take another look at Claudia & she kind of seems different to how I remember her: she's taller & her face is slimmer... Continue»
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