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The moment comes...and WOW!

I never dreamed things would progress this way! Less than three months ago I was a normal, kind of boring housewife. I say boring, because I really had no thoughts or dreams that didn't concern both my husband and myself. Though we'd been drifting apart over the last few years, I hadn't realized just how much. Or how far my life would veer from its safe, rather mundane course, until I met...okay, I might as well name him: Javon...and boy, have things ever changed!

As of last week, Javon and I had 'done it' about a dozen times since that first tender moment in my garage. I craved him... Continue»
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[Story] The New Boss in Charge

Jeff loved working in the furniture stores Inventory department, He started when he was 16 but his manager of 4 years left and the new manager was a black ex-marine and never took slacking but he also changed alot of the rules.
Amy was the H.R. manager, A quite petite blonde in her mid 20s, who had recently gotten married, which Jeff hated since he had a crush on since his orientation to the company.
He and another lady spent 2 8 hour days with Amy, and he felt he got to know her but she was 21 and he was only 16 she never would had gave him the chance and he was left to fantasize and mastu... Continue»
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[Story] The New Boss in Charge PT 2

Jeff had followed Amy as she entered into Mr. Johnson office since he had heard her f***ed to gag on his cock the previous day about the same time... closing time

(please read PT 1 "The New Boss in Charge" to understand the rest of this story)

Jeff was in a hiding place and could not only hear well, but see thru a small hole he created during the day. he could here Amy once again argue with Leroy Johnston he new Boss... a large black ex marine male.

Amy: "I should have to do this, I was very un-comfortable with my husband last night after I sucked your cock and... Continue»
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[Story] The New Boss in Charge: Conclusion

This is the Final of The 3 Part story... PT 3 (Please read PT 1 and PT 2 of The New Boss in charge to understand this story)
This is about a point of view from a white guy named Jeff...the Inventory clerk of a company who recently got a New boss.. Who a black ex-Marine.
Amy is a mid 20s blonde petite white girl.

Jeff had made it past the door of Mr. Johnstons office, but not without LeRoy noticing he was still there. But LeRoy remained quite, yet looked to make sure Jeff was not hanging around milking overtime on the companies clock, which Jeff was not, and in the clear...... Continue»
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[Story] No stopping the African from Impregnating her

She was just a small white girl only a few days past her 18th Birthday.
her 1st trip to the new college she was about to attend, she was introduced to a older senior upperclassmen, he was large and shaped well, what many would call a black bull!
He was the one to show her the new gym, and he did it during the slowest time, too early in the year for most to show up, yet late afternoon when most have gone.
he took her right there in the shower room,
she kneeled down and began to suck on his cock, as it grew large in her mouth, much larger then she had intended, when it went in it was too... Continue»
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[Story] I was f***e to at work

I’d know Cliff for 3 years and even though we were pretty good friends. I’d never really considered him to be someone to fool around with. We’d talked a lot and sometimes we got a little dirty, and he and the other cooks send me all kinds of raunchy jokes and texts. But other than that we really never did anything.
I’ve messed around on my husband a few times over the years with other men but nobody ever found out about them.
I for some reason started having very erotic and wet dreams about Cliff last August. Vivid and so real that when I woke up after the... Continue»
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