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On the home stretch for fisting wife's pussy!

I just thought that I would share our progress and hope that we can get some positive feedback to help us on our fisting quest.

We have taken some pretty big strides towards our fisting goals lately and get so excited every time I think about it, now that she seems to be as keen as me to take my fist!
Our last effort saw her take me to my last knuckle on my thumb,which when you look at it ,is SO fucking close! She's balking at this last push and I'm not forcing myself in without her approval. But I'd love to hear back from any experienced fisters on here, should I go for that last clear... Continue»
Posted by Downunder68 4 days ago

[Story] Pumped Friday Afternoon Delight

She arrived home from work at the end of the working week at about 5.30, with that weekend freedom mindset. She knew that I had already beaten her home and started to hunt around the house looking for me.

Meanwhile, I had gotten home at around 2 that afternoon and planned a kinky little start to our weekend. First on my list was to get my cock inside of a tube and pump the fuck out of it and get it huge for my Lovely's pleasure. I pumped to xhamster for a solid 2 1/2 hours and had pretty much filled that tube with my swollen cock meat.
I kept the pump on and got out our wrist cuffs and b... Continue»
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Highway Handjob

I'd like to share with you all a story of what my lovely wife did for me last night.

We were driving back from a night out at the coast last night after having dinner with some friends. As it was, it was my turn to be the designated driver so no drinks for me :(
On the plus side of this was that my wife had quite a few, which in turn is good for me, as she can get a bit horny & flirty :)
She couldn't stop thanking me for driving and letting her have a drink as she had a great time and at one stage she leaned over and kissed my neck & sucked my earlobe. So my cock & I have an idea...'Well ... Continue»
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Pumping with viagra

Hey there Hamsters,

I just thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone has tried....

Has anyone done penis pumping while on a viagra?
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[Story] #9 on my Fantasy Bucket List for my wife

As I explained on my list, #9 is to wake my wife with a facial spray of cum one day. She was a bit hesitant with the facial thing first thing in morning, so she suggested we start with a cum shower on her tits maybe to start with.

So the scene was set, recently she had a big night out with the girls and was due for a bit of a sl**p in ....perfect for my little scheme! I got up around 7 a.m and let her sl**p awhile. I was so fucking horny from the moment I woke up, I couldn`t wait! But wait I did for another hour and a balls told me it was time.

I eventually snuck back into ... Continue»
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[Story] Taxi-Ride Handjob Tease

I have been meaning to share with you all a tale about the most amazing, erotic taxi ride that I had the pleasure of sharing with my wife on the way home from a big night in the city.

A typical ride home from the city takes about 30 minutes, so on this particular night yours truly gets about 10 minutes down the road and needs to have a toilet stop! While I`m relieving myself, a devilishly dirty thought came into my head....I thought I`d get my cock out in the back of the taxi when I got back to see what sort of reaction I`d get from my Lovely :)

As I slid back into the taxi,right b... Continue»
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[Story] Message for my MILF wife

Letter of intent for my Lovely

Tonight my dear your are to carry out my intentions and wishes decribed in this letter.
You are follow and act out every detail of it's contents.

1. You WILL shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You WILL freshly shave your legs and ALL pubic WILL be smooth to touch all over. And knowing how much you 'love' cum in your hair, I would suggest that you slick back your hair. I expect your lips to be matching your new glossy red heels.

2. You WILL proceed to use your biggest dildo for at least 1hr
... Continue»
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Fantasy Bucket List

This year marks my wife`s and I 20th anniversery, so I thought I`d take this opportunity to write out a wishlist for my wife to read and hope after reading this she will then write one down for me.

Over the years we have tried and had many different and wonderful experiences with our sexlives, so this list may contain some things we`ve already tried ( but I may want to expand on).Some may be more easily attained than others.

This one would be one of the harder to attain fantasies i mentioned, but most desired at this stage.
Many years ago I treated her to a MM... Continue»
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[Story] Pumped Pussy Birthday Surprise!

I couldn't wait to share with you all about the delisious surprise my beautiful,sexy wife had in store for my birthday last week.

I had been working the late shift at work all week, meaning an arrival time at home at around midnight. My long boring night at work on this particular night was about to be delightfully...interupted. I got an unexpected buzz on my mobile phone at about 10.30. It was a text message from my wife, well actually from her pussy. She is usually SO paranoid about sending photos of herself on her phone, so i was very surprised to find myself staring (in dis-belief) at h... Continue»
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[Story] Good morning Release!

As per usual i've woken up dreaming all things xHamster! As I roll over with my raging hardon expecting to find my wife (who loves sex in the mornings), gone. She must've snuck downstairs for early breakfast leaving me hanging. Expecting her to return at some stage, I grab my phone and check out a couple of pages on xhamster- to keep my cock on the job,to ready and waiting for her return. I put on a leather cock strap which wraps around my cock & balls that pulls everything really tight! As I read through a couple of stories I find myself getting, with help from my strap, even harder than when... Continue»
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Hey Hamsters!

I was just wondering if anyone out there could give me any feedback or tips or any special techniques on squirting. Can anyone do it, or are some ladies just more prone to it than others? I would love to be able to do it for my beautiful wife, but we just don`t know much about it as yet. If anyone in the xHamster f****y could help us we`d be etternally grateful. :)
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