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I have always been an extremely sexual person. I am a male, now in my early 60s, still physically very active, and considered attractive. To this day, I would say that I masturbate at least once a day. I usually do it while looking at erotic material--movies, stories, and pictures. I always use a lotion to lubricate my cock (Swiss Formula is the best), and rub my slippery shaft up and down with my hand. Sometimes I will use my pillow and rub it lightly against my dick. Although I have never had anal sex--I do enjoy stimulation of the anus area and prostate. (I also love to lick a female's clean anus--I love the female ass--and have seen only a few movies where a woman actually does this to a man--but when she does it, it invariably renders the men helpless because the pleasure is so intense.) When I am especially horny, I will rub my greased ass into the side of the post of the bed and rub my cock at the same time. I have even thought about buying a dildo for prostrate stimulation. But let me start at the beginning.

I suppose I had my first sexual experience at the age of five when I climbed up a pole on the school play ground and discovered the intense pleasure of rubbing my groin against the steel bar. I can remember so looking forward to going to the playground to climb up the pole--it was my pleasure pole, my totem pole. I can also remember in the first grade having intense sexual fantasies about my teacher, Ms. Peck (that was really her name). The fantasies never really involved much more than wanting to take my clothes off in front of my teacher and having her do the same. I had the drive, but still didn't even know that the male had an orgasm.

I can also remember around that time a girl in my class who always swung on the playground equipment so that her panties showed. This turned me on to no end. I even got up the nerve to ask her to be my boyfriend, and, to my surprise, she said yes. I think she knew that I liked to look up her dress.

I also had a male friend around that time. His name was Stuart. I can remember that Stuart and I enjoyed taking off all of our clothes together and dancing around in front of each other. We even touched each other's dicks. I am not gay--and neither am I homophobic. It was just two boys expressing their nascent sexuality.

Life is much different now and young people are exposed to so much more at an earlier age. Some of it is good, and some bad. My exposure to the realities of sex was definitely limited. But the drive was always there. I can remember in junior high school rubbing my knee into the butts of girls that sat in front of me. I was fairly popular and none of them ever objected. I became so brazen one day that on the way out of Spanish class I actually started to rub Maria Elana's ass. She never turned around and never said anything, but I know she felt the presence of my hand on her ass.

It was not until my first year in high school that I truly discovered the wonders of self-stimulation. I attended an all-male boarding school. At that time, the most risqué magazine any of us could read was Playboy. I remember early one Saturday morning looking at the pictures of a Playboy magazine while naked in bed. I started rubbing my cock. I had never felt pleasure that intense--it became so intense I felt like I was going to pee--and then all of this white liquid started flowing out of my cock--not flowing but actually spurting on me, the bed, and even the floor next to my bed. I had discovered ejaculation. Incredibly, only seconds after I came, a classmate, Peter, came barging in my room, and I only had seconds to cover up. Somehow I always think he knew what I was doing. I didn't care.

My high school was located in the country. I can remember going out into the orange groves and taking off all my clothes and masturbating myself. And, of course, I had many more sessions with the Playboy magazines and nudist magazines that I began to subscribe to (I always found those to be the most erotic because the people were all natural, not models).

I was a fairly shy--although popular, good looking, and athletic kid. In college I finally discovered women and had a series of relationships. One of my girlfriends, Janice Carter (who reminds me of the woman on the cover of my Ebony Exhibitionist collection), was, in retrospect, a very sexually open person. I can remember that she liked to watch me masturbate and that I would watch her. I had heard, before I dated her, that some of the men had watched her changing her clothes in front of her open dorm window on a regular basis. I can remember once that she purposely asked me to make love to her in front of an open window. I had met a true exhibitionist but didn't even know it. I was an exhibitionist in the making. Sometimes I wish that I could meet Janey again to find out what sexual exploits she has had after all these years.

In my late 20s, I finally married. I am now single, after 20 years of marriage. I regret that, but it just didn't work out. My wife and I never played around on each other, but we did fantasize a lot. Part of our fantasies involved exhibitionism and masturbation. My wife very much enjoyed exposing herself, and I enjoyed exposing her. We often would take rides around the city naked. I can remember one time that she actually got out of the car and walked into our apartment completely nude. There were people not far from us in the parking lot, and even though it was night time, we could have been easily busted. I would often ask her to take off her clothes in front of an open picture window and move around in a sexual manner while I sat and masturbated for her. I am certain that our next door neighbors must have seen us, but they never let in on it.

I can also remember putting on a masturbation show for one of my next door neighbors. Her name is Bridget. She would sometimes reciprocate by taking off all her clothes and standing at the window. My other neighbors, Patricia and Fran, were gay. Pat, however, always changed her clothes with the windows open. On some occasions I would masturbate in my room with the windows open so that she could see me. Pat and Fran never reciprocated, but I know they saw me because one day I ran into them at the local gas station and Fran said, "how are you doing, sex machine." We all laughed.

I often would walk around the house naked at nighttime with the windows open. My wife, when she really wanted to get me in the mood, would take off all her clothes and start cleaning up the house naked at night time--and of course, linger in front of the windows for all to see. Pretty soon, all my clothes would come off and I would be masturbating to her naked display.

I can also remember one time that I lived on a street where another man liked to masturbate on his bed with the windows open. I must confess that I enjoyed watching him--it was not a matter of being sexually attracted to him--it had more to do with the fact that he was expressing himself sexually. That's what I found sexy.

Currently I am single and do not have a woman friend. I still, however, am actively sexual through masturbation. I absolutely adore masturbating and try to do it whenever in the mood, which is quite often. I would enjoy corresponding with women, men, and couples who may have found some of my experiences stimulating. I would even enjoy meeting exhibitionistic women and couples. Please write me at dors511@hotmail.com if you would like to correspond.
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