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[Story] Stepdaughter 7

The morning after Nickie caught me fucking her mom in the ass while she begged for it i went in to wake her up for school. Instead of the usual rubbing her back and copping a feel i grabbed a handful of her hair while placing my hand over her mouth. Nickie's muffled grunt as i pulled her to a sitting position was nice to hear. As Nickie's eyes focused on mine i let the hand covering her mouth drop to one of her nipples and as i told her my side of what she had seen i pinched and rolled her nipple until she moaned in pain/pleasure. When i asked if she had any questions, Nickie asked if we ... Continue»
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[Story] Stepdaughter 6

For those of you that have read my previous chapters you know this is a story based on fact and fiction. This chapter is more about Babs and i but Nickie plays a key role. It was the spring of Nickies sophomore year and she had joined the soccer team, with practice every night until 4:30/5:00. I hade woke up about 1:30 mand as Babs was home decided a love session was on the agenda. I woke Babs from her nap on the couch by grabbing a handful of hair and helpping Babs to her feet. Babs liked the ruff awakening and as a good sub quickly reoved her clothes. I grabbed both of her heavy hanging... Continue»
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[Story] Stepdaughter 5

I knew Nickie and i couldnt go back to being the daddy and daughter we had been. For the next few days i fought over the 2 choices i had. The thought process was simple, move forward or stop. If i/we went forward i would bring Nickie into the world of BD/SM, if not then Nickie would just be a teenager that had sucked cock and swallowed cum. Nickie helped make the decision easy one morning. I went in and as Nickie lay there on her back, i slipped my hand under the covers and started to make circles on her tummy. I had reverted to just wakeing her in this way with out exploring her body. It wa... Continue»
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[Story] Stepdaughter 4

For the next week, as the wife slept I went to wake Nickie as usual. As time went by I was pushed to the eadge of my endurance. Finally I made the decision, as Babs had to go into work early. This finally gave me a chance to wake Nickie without her mom around. Just before I stepped through Nickies door I let my boxers drop, and then took a seat at the edge of Nickies bed. I slid my hand under the sheets directly over Nickies bubble butt. My thumb dug between her firm cheeks to press agasinst her tight virgin, puckered asshole. As my thumb pressed tight Nickies eyes flew open as she tried to ro... Continue»
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[Story] Stepdaughter 3

As Nickie lay on my lap i knew she could feel my hard cock digging into her hip. When i paused to let Nickie catch her breath she would rock her hips from side to side as if to say "more please". I could see the tears that streaked her face as i explained that when she was bad i would spank her in this same way. Nickie nodded her head in aknowledgement and said she would try to be a good girl. Once done spanking Nickie i went to my room where Babs was sitting on the bed waiting for me. After closing the door Babs tried to argue that Nickie was to old to be spanked bare assed. Shortly after Bab... Continue»
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[Story] A Day At The Beach

This story is stricly fantasy. As I sat in my lounge chair sipping my drink, she came into view. The waves crashes on the beach and the sun bounced off the water. My sunglasses hid my eyes as I follewed her bikini covered ass to the water. She went in to her waist and then swam out a bit further before returning to the beach. Her blonde hair glistened in the sun and I couldn't judge her age, just young was all I knew. I could feel my pulse quicken as I made the decision to look around for friends, f****y, or anyone watchi... Continue»
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[Story] Father Figure

As I lood down on her dressed for her first communion, I could omly compare her to her Mother. Very pretty and a sense of calm about her, her mom radiated sex, even in church. The slightly bared cleavage that just caught your eye, the extra tritch oh her hips that just begged you to stare. He mom knew her way to fire a man's lust and she also fed the flames with her body, as I know from personal experience. I am the Father at St. John's Catholic Church.Terri has done pennance on her knees and many times at my feet. Terri willingly accepts my Holy Grail in her mouth and swollows the seeds ... Continue»
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