If it takes 3 months 4 u 2 complete a convo, ur 2 busy 4 us.
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Just your average Midwestern horny married couple that enjoys watching porno on their computer. Mostly typical male/female porno but sometimes occasionally watching wild, ones and then fantasizing and fucking each other!!! Hmmm stories? Well we have written stories...we think they are hot! Some real life; others soon to be true! Pictures we have...share them? Hmmm, buy us a drink first, lol. Videos? of us? Yes, we have done some. They are very hot...we watch them and then cannot control ourselves! As you can see by "our favorites", the wife has certain fantasies and ideas which she finds desirable and hot! i.e., she wants to do it! As far as our picture is concerned, no we will not show it...that is until we get to know you first ;) Discretion and honesty is important to us.

Sorry but we have to add some additional items about us or mainly about you. This is a social website; i.e., be social. If you want to add us as one of your friends, be friendly. Not interested in being added so that you can achieve the "most friends" contest. Not interested in you adding us so that you can stalk and gain insight on someone that we have on our friend's list. Not interested if guys add us but then during a conversation about baseball between the men you, unbeknownst to the MR., masturbate. And the Mr. discovers it after he types, "Let's say you have 600 at bats on the season. Out of those 600 at bats you reached base successfully by a base hit 200 times." and you chime in and tell him that you just exploded all over yourself. Not interested in you adding us if English or Italian are not languages you speak; nothing against your language but how are we to communicate? Please don't add us if you are or have been convicted of ANY felony. Please don't add us if your significant other does not know you are on here and you are never going to tell them.

We are a couple. No the Mr. will not tribute you, lol. Yes, we know that you are incredibly sexy and the most desirable woman in the world and everyone else has done it but no the Mr. will not tribute you. No the Mrs. will not sell you her panties; it does not matter how much you are willing to pay for them...correction, she said that if someone is willing to cough up a million dollars for a pair, she will personally bring them over! Send the money first and we will wait for the check to clear, lol! We will be right over!!!!! Will we talk to you?? YES! That is the point about a social network, isn't it?? Will it be sexual? Maybe? Will it always? NO, don't befriend us if that is all you want. Do you have sexual fantasies? Yes, we all do! Would we talk to you about them? YES. Will we share ours? YES. Will it be private and confidential? YES. Are we looking for regular friends, that is, people who come online often and regularly? YES. If you come online every 215 days, don't add us. If you want to exchange Emails and phone numbers, will we? Well, that is a good question. Do we have a life...yes. Do we have family...yes. Do we have a job...yes. Do we want that to blend into what we are all doing on here...NO. Once we trust you...we trust you! You break that trust...we are done! If you are not honest, or lack integrity, or lack respect, or just looking for easy pictures so that you can masturbate to, please don't add us!

Believe it or not, we have met people on here that have done everything we have just listed. We hate to sound abrupt but we have to. Are we snobs...lol NO! Did we honestly say to one person after they revealed a particular sexual fantasy to us..."FUCK, that is hot!!!!!" Yes we did. Did we ridicule...NO! Did we belittle...NO! Did we join in a little...shhhh....YES! Bet you are all wondering what that conversation was about?? We do not kiss and tell, lol!!!!

So please follow the requests above and it will be great for both of us!!! You will not be disappointed with the lack of interest from us and we will not be disappointed with the rolling eyes and thoughts of, "what a weirdo!"
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13 days ago
hi there thanks for the invite
26 days ago
Thank you for the add.
1 month ago
Thx. for the add!!!!!!!
1 month ago
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help guys!! We are really enjoying chatting with you and getting to know you both!
1 month ago
I'm truly flattered by your ad!! Love your profile -- alas, someone else who takes the time to express themselves and in an articulate fashion.
2 months ago
Great profile
2 months ago
Great blog, you have great storys and ideas.Keep up the good work.
2 months ago
I can do everything else but can't check messages or send them
2 months ago
Can't check my messages...
2 months ago
Your "about us" detail is amazing.
2 months ago
thxs xxxxxx
3 months ago
hey how r u sexy pics
5 months ago
are you on?
6 months ago
Thanks for the add. This is one of most well written profiles I've seen...funny, direct and made me smile.
6 months ago
Thanks for the add! Maybe someday we all can have some fun together!
6 months ago
Thank you so much for the invite! Great videos!
7 months ago
I totally agree with you about people conversing with people.
7 months ago
Good morning, what are you upto?
What a small world, I used to live in Villa Park.
It's a shame that you don't allow PMs ._.
7 months ago
i really enjoy your site love to chat more...laurieann n rick
7 months ago
Thanks for the invite
7 months ago
LOL after reading your profile.Such a polite but direct way of laying it on the line.
8 months ago
Thanks for the add...... nice profile, videos and pics....
8 months ago
Thanks for accepting my invite. I really love your page! It's nice to see people can be real here. Can not wait to look through your pics and vids. You are a very lucky Mr with a woman that beautiful but you already know that - enjoy - from Lombard
1 year ago
Nice profile guys! thanks for the add. look forward to chat with you
2 years ago
Wonderful material on you alls page!
3 years ago
nice profile!
3 years ago
Thanks for the invite :) xoxoxo
3 years ago
3 years ago
you are a very beautiful couple...love the page,and thank you very much for the add
3 years ago
thx 4 the add..neighbor