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Becoming More of a Sissy

As the time passes, I find myself becoming more and more of a sissy. I now have my upper body completely shaved, along with my cock and balls. I am now wearing panties 24/7 and love the feel.

Still have to be very careful around the wife, but so far so good. et me know if any of you are in the situation of wanting to be a sissy, but the wife is not aware or would freak out if she knew.
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Ball Weights

Recently started to wear ball weights. Love the feel of the constant tugging between my legs. The only problem is after wearing them for a couple days and when I take them off, my balls are tight up in hiding! Anyone got any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Really looking to have low hangers! Thanks in advance for your help.
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[Story] First Time CD In Public

Just got back from a Adult Bookstore with an arcade. Prior to going I had decided to dress in garter belt and hose, short mini skirt, bra and panties, with a see thru top. Put my sweat pants and t-shirt on over it all. Walked out of the hotel and into the car. Drove into the parking lot there were only a few cars there. Went in and proceeded to the arcade. Found a booth went in and locked the door. Put the card into the machine and found a hot she-male video. Took my sweats and t-shirt off leaving me in my outfit.

I must say that my heart was pounding and could feel my head throbbing.... Continue»
Posted by Bobcat_139 2 years ago  |  15