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[Story] Mom plays Nurse Pt 2 (RE-EDIT)

Making sure I was totally soaked all over, mom replaced the hose and left it running then took shower gel from the shelf, again her body nudging into mine.

Squirting gel into her hands she rubbed it into my hair rigorously as I just stood there enjoying every minute of it. Then with my hair still covered in suds she got some more gel and put it in her hands, making it into a lather mom then rubbed it all over my back. After soaping my back she lent down and did the back of my legs, one at a time, thigh to calf and then rubbed suds all over my arse cheeks then with her right hand put it betw... Continue»
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[Story] Mom plays Nurse Pt I (RE-EDIT)

Mom Plays Nurse by BLUEgoblin

Authors note: Due to the story being true, character names have been

After braking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, a teenager has to rely on his mother to help him in everyday things including bathing and going to the toilet, but gets extras in the process.

I always remembered my dad once talking about motorbikes with the f****y in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he'd come off his bike again braking his legs, and how they were death traps.

"bl**dy dangerous if you ask me," d... Continue»
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