Always open for good sex(love cock)&(like pussy)
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I'm:Armandy(Mandy) Alcurrie, 24
From:London, United Kingdom
Languages:English, Spanish, French
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Kids:No, but may be want some
Education:Current grad school student
Star sign:Aquarius
Drugs:Recreational drugs regularly
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Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Hazel
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Armandyiam a She-Male(Hermaphrodite)I'm a girl looking for sex,fun,and sex.I love sex,to have a nice cock inside me(yummy)I also love to fuck and eat pussy,a nice wet pussy(yummy)nothing like sex!!!Give me sex and I'm happy!!!I love to received,I like to have all my holes fill with cum,I just love cum and a nice big cock inside my ass/pussy and another one inside my mouth.I love being fuck by two or more cocks,so I can get my fill of cum.Is any body interested in being my lover(You must love sex like I do)well? I am here horny waiting for you!!!Check my vidos at http://www.youtube.com/user/MyArmandy
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3 days ago
Hi,Darling I just want to let you know that I' am flying really high today,and that I just had three cocks inside all my holes,I' am dripping cumm from every hole,and my main hole(ass)is so happy because for the first time at after two hours with three cocks inside, it came(I never had come just by being fuck,of course it's only something like the real cumm)So my ass it's really happy with all the cumm inside and so.so wet,you would not believe it,it's just like a real pussy!!!So this girl is really happy today,I think that I' am not going to fuck for a long while,at least until tonight!!!
4 days ago
My beautiful darlings,I just finish taking two nice,big cocks & my ass is dripping cumm(Oh it feels so good)now I' am just doing some nice Colombian blow(the best)to get me to fly even more and to get me even more horny for later tonight!I love it when I feel the cumm inside my ass,it makes me so horny that my mouth is watering of just thinking about more cocks!Oh,darlings how I love a nice big juicy cock inside me,going all the way in and coming out,the best feeling in this life,being fuck for hours,being taking by two or three cocks at the same time!Oh,please give me a cock now,I' am so high and so,so,so horny!!!This girl needs to get fuck again.and again now!!!
7 days ago
Hi,my Darlings I' am back from London and here in my favorite place,South Beach!Well before I forget even though is the middle of January(How times flies when one is having fun)I wish all of you a wonderful and great 2015,that you all get all the ass that you want and more!!!I have being fucking all day,well being taking,because even though I have a cock,I like being fuck and cumm all over and inside my tight holes! love being taken while watching porn,it makes me so horny,and of course my blow makes it even more so!!!(Did I tell you that I love to use the blow to make me so much horny and ready to take all the cocks that I find!!!)of course I did darlings.Well I'll be getting high and getting fuck all weekend long,until next Wednesday,then I have to travel again,but I'll be back for more Sun and Cock,lots of Cocks!!!
7 days ago
you and I have it.
19 days ago
Thanks for accept my invite.
21 days ago
thank you for add me :-)
25 days ago
Hi thanks for accepting us nice profile xxxx
27 days ago
ohhhh sexy will deine schwanz lecken bis du mich anspritzt freu mich dich zu sehn mein skype paulfiala1
ohhhh sexy want your cock until you lick me anspritzt'm looking forward to see you my skype paulfiala1
28 days ago
Hi Darlings,I have being fuck all morning long!I have to take a break because my pussy and ass are sore!but I feel so.so good!!!I' am flying really out of this world!nothing like some Colombian blow!I have to take a break,even know.I' am still so horny,but my holes are dripping Cumm(just the way I like it yea,yea!!!)but this girl is tired,well not really,this guy just came inside my room,and wow,he must be at least 10". I have to have him inside my ass,wet as it is,he is going to make it all the way inside!This girl is so high and so horny,as the song sais,this girl just want to have fun!!!And a big cock inside!!!Oh darlings,I' am really flying today!!!And so0 horny.I'll be fucking,well getting fuck! all day and night long.Want some honey?
1 month ago
Hi Darlings,I' am still here at South Beach,I' am staying until January because there are so many cocks to be try and feel inside my holes,well I have being having a wonderful time,getting fuck the way I like every day and night of course,you all know that this girl is a whore for big cock,I just can't live without cock and to make me even more horny I have all the blow that I need!So far these are my best holidays ever!I never had so much cock and blow as this year!!!I' am going for my personal record of being taken every which way more times than ever!!!This girl is very happy because I have all that I need(Cock & Blow to make me super horny)so,I'll be getting fuck all the holidays long,and that is all I want for Christmas and New Year!!!A lot of BIG COCKS!!! Well,I hope that you all have a beautiful holiday and get all the fucking that you wish for!!!As always my ass is open and wet for all of my friends? See you around if you are down here at the beach.Wishing you great holidays and I'll tell you more later,because now I have a couple of cocks waiting,hard and ready,as I' am(of course,this girl is always ready)
1 month ago
beautiful xx
1 month ago
Thank you
1 month ago
thank you for accepting
1 month ago
thank you for you add
1 month ago
Well,I hope that everyone is doing fine with a cock at hand!!!I was going to go back to my country(U K - London,beautiful city,but it could never be South Beach)so I' am still here because as you all know I love COCK!I think that I' am going to stay until 2015,because here I find the best cocks and the best blow,and this girl love to be taken and love to fly high!!!Tonight I' am flying and so far and still early I had four beautiful cocks,so I' am flying and I' am cumming,and as you can tell this girl it's really happy and horny,so horny that I' am going to be fucking and flying all night,I' am so wet,and I feel so good!!!right now I have a cock(big)inside my ass as I write this,oh baby nothing like cock and nothing like blow to make this girl so horny!!!Would you like to fuck me?I always need doing!!!
1 month ago
Thanks very much for adding me as a friend, it is very kind of you and I am extremely grateful. It’s great being on this site with so many friendly and sexy people. Love and kisses, Jezzie xx
1 month ago
You are Gorgeous!
1 month ago
I had a wonderful morning!!!I started the morning with some blow!and that always make me horny and wet in all my tigh holes!and when I get horny I need cocks,thats the reason that I like South Beach,there are always cocks around!To make the story short,I found a couple of nice cocks,one large the other one not so much,but when this girl needs doing,I take anything because I'll go crazy without a cock inside me!!!I get so horny all the time,but when I use the aphrodisiac(coke=blow)I go ctrazy for cock,and my holes get so,so wet that I have to use a dildo to cumm,and then I go out and find a cock or cocks(better)and get really fuck the way I like to get taken!!!I love the feel of a cock or cocks inside me,I love the feel of the cumm inside me!!!This girl feels empty without a cock inside,I'am such a whore that way,but what can I say ,I just love COCK!!!
1 month ago
Thank you! :D
1 month ago
1 month ago
I had a wonderful weekend here at the beach,I have being fuck every whichway,I had so many cocks that I have being fying all weekend!The best cock I found while taking the sun at the sand by the beach,I talk to this guy(Robert)and he told me that he had a big surprise for me if I take him to my room,which I did.WOW was he right!He had a nice,big 14 inch COCK,which I really,really loved!he took me in my favorite hole(my ass)and for the first time since I was a virging,I bled like the first time!no wonder I' am so,so,so happy,a really happy bleeding girl,that's me today!Afterwards we took some blow(that got me really horny again)and he took me hard and deeper that the first time,I was in heaven,really flying high!!!Now this girl has to rest for a while,because I' am really sore,talk to you later boys...
1 month ago
You're amazing !!!!
1 month ago
do u wanna be taken by me?
1 month ago
gracias por aceptar la invitacion linda,besos
1 month ago
thanks for the add.
seasonally horny Greetings from Berlin.
1 month ago
I can not belief that it is only Wednesday and I being taken,well fucked by 13 different cocks!No wonder I like South Beach.Today I started early,and this girl loves to being fuck while watching porn!I had my 14th and 15th cock this morning,nice hard,big juicy,cumming cocks!!!I had some blow,well I like to use it,because when I do use it(blow)it makes this girl so horny,but so horny that I turn into a whore,with my holes wide open waiting for a cock to take me,again and again,I' am such a whore that way,but what can I say I love cock,I love being taken,well I like better being fuck!Well as you can tel I' am still flying high and oh so,so,so horny!I am going out to the beach to find a couple of guys,because this girl needs doing!!!talk to you later...
1 month ago
Thanks for the add
2 months ago
Thank you for the add gorgeous
2 months ago
If I was in Miami I'd be straight round x
2 months ago
Hi,I just want to let you know that as I told you I had a great time and I' am really sore,but feeling good and horny again.I was flying high and in heaven last night,because there were six BIG COCKS,not four like I told you yesterday,there was also lot of blow and drinks,all types including cumm of course(I love to suck a big,juicy cock,and the best time is when the guy cumms inside my mouth,yummy I love the taste!!!,I love to take cumm inside all my holes.)So today I' am feeling really sore and still flying high(Blow still around)I'll be getting taken later today by a nice guy I met an hour ago,what can I say I' am a whore,I just love the feeling of a big cock inside my ass,Would you want me to be your whore babe,come on down to South Beach,I'll be here all week,giving thanks for all the big cocks here in the South,and bring some blow,and a big,hard cock for me to play with,this nice girl wants to be fuck?

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