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One take on Cuckolding

Why this title, why this theme, why from me?

As some will already know, I make no secret of it - I'm happily in an IR-relationship. I have been an "exclusively for Black Men" girl for nearly 4 years now, and love it still like the first day. It's not that I despise or hate white guys, I don't. My Daddy is a white guy, and even though he won't talk to me no more, I don't hate him either. I don't hold a grudge against white men, or my own race for that matter. I don't think some of those disgusting thoughts I see around here of "breeding out my heritage/race", I like being who ... Continue»
Posted by AlyMelny 2 years ago  |  17

Why Guys scare Girls off the xHamster

I think this is one of those things that needs to be said.

Guys on this site, drive Girls off the site. I don't think that Guys do that on purpose, but they do it - not by individual action, but by what they do in mass.

Not even 2 hours after signing up, I was close to tossing it all out, I was stressed out by the Guys, even though hardly anyone had said or done anything bad. It was just the sheer quantity.

I appreciate the interest and getting all the attention and all, but it just got way to much.

While I had just signed up, and was still filling in the profile info, writi... Continue»
Posted by AlyMelny 2 years ago  |  112