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Alex Three: Popped

Notes for the beginning:

Weird, the original post doesn't seem to be showing up.... So here is a
repost! (Possibly because there seems to be 2 systems here, Blogs and Stories?
I think I posted the last one under STORIES not Blogs....)

I think the overall story would be called 'The Introduction Of
Alex', and I dont know why I started each two chapters under the Alex Number
header ....

So heres chapter 5 and 6....

Alex Three: Popped.
By Alex Shouse.

I'd been caught in a compromising position while House Sitting for a
friend. Now I was trap... Continue»
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[Story] Alex Two: The Next Time.

Part Two of ??? (there is another series I'll start too, Hopefully its not too
repetitive and my fetishes aren't showing too strongly. heh. That is sort of a
prequel to this, I guess. I had forgotten about it till just now when I found it in a
misnamed folder.)

Alex Two: The Next Time.
By Alex Shouse.

Chapter Three - Hard Work.

I had stayed there for awhile long after he had left. Long enough for my own cum to start drying
where it had spattered. The inside of my mouth felt thick and coated, with a slight acidic aftertaste,
And my jaw was a little stiff from the ... Continue»
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[Story] Alex One: House Sitting For A Friend

Sorry, this is a little rough. I've tried expanding the original
version but ... i dunno. Anyways this should be a continuing series
of some sort. (I might post the original old version too...)

Alex One: House Sitting for a Friend.
By Alex Shouse.

My friend Karen had worked her way through a somewhat bitter
separation and had decided to cash in some vacation time from work
to take a little trip to 'get it all out of my head' as she said.
so she had asked me to House Sit while she was away for 2 weeks.
obviously not having anything else to do, and not particula... Continue»
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