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Hi world! well about myself: i'm black who love different races, body types, and like to make sexual stories. of course i'm trying something new since my xbox 360 is broken... my xbox 360 webcam! but this doesn't mean i'm going to do cam to cam! at least not right now... trust me everyone, i'll let you know when i have the chance...

Also since i have a webcam, this means i'm doing tributes and that means i need photos to tribute to, so if you have a picture of yourself don't be afraid to ask me besides even if i don't use it (which is highly unlikely), be proud of what you have and what you are.

let me give you a short list of what i love:

BBW's (love them)
Shemales (lots of reasons)
Shy People (especially chicks... usually very good in bed)
Goth (dark and like to get naughty; vampires of sex as i like to call them)
Spanking (love giving it, never took it but might give it a try)
Dom/sub (don't know why, it just revs my engine)
Edgeing (helps you out in bed and masturbation; also makes you have BIG loads)
Hentai(anime porn) (love anime and love porn... need i say more?)
Kigurumi (it's hard to explain what it is but it i love it)
Big tits (love to play, suck, massage & more)
Big ass (love to grab, spank, & more)
Pircings (girls only)
Squirting (what man doesn't like that?)
and lastly of what i can think of Cumshots (always has liked that for a long time)

So go ahead and look around my profile. go see some of my friends and comments are welcome.

(Update on Tributes) Some Rules & how to help me out...

Okay, now that i've been arond the block a few times let me tell you my rules and such...

1: Have a good size picture!

Now if it's a good shot of the person in the picture, or the pic is REALLY hot and sexy, i will make an acceptably on it. otherwise, i might not be going to pick you/you will be at the bottom of my list... It's hard to aim a gun with only 3 shots and a half second to change your target... Also if you have a specific picture you want me to do, that makes it easier for me! now i might ask you to choose 1 to 3, maybe 4 so i can pic out of 'em to do. I would probably only do that if there's lots of choices or i can't choose one...

2: Make your page OPEN/AVAILABLE to me!

I know that some people are shy of asking... (which are usually great & interesting people by the way...) But at least give me a way to see them! if you don't want it public, it's okay. Just send me a message and i'll answer. I also have an email address that you can send it to also, which i will ONLY send in message for now... when i have a email for it

3: Give me some time!

Look, i like to give you the best cumshots i can. I mean, It's something from me to you! Which means i have to take retakes, so i can be at least get close to the pros. Some people just cum on people and be like "ok here's your tribute!" Nope, not me! i make sure it is worth it! Also i do it in my free time! there are things that are mandatory to do in this world, like eat, sleep, and making sure you have what you need.

I don't get comments and responses like this from just giving a reg. tribute vid... :

"awesome n__n " - Hailey_gurl (retired )

"Oooh! that cum looked good all over my ass and back. Thankyou very much hun, loved it. x=^.^= kit x" - KitsuneTV

"wow!! thank you!! that is so sexy and amazing!! great to see your hot cum on a picture of my boobs!! thank you!! soooooo hot!! ;) x " - curvyboobies

"Fantastic. Great load of cum dumped all over her. I love it and don't worry about your voice - no one likes their own voice.

I showed her today. She was embarrassed but afterwards we had hot dirty sex. Thanks again." - drippingopensluthole (before and after he showed his wife)

"Very nice... love the cumshot ;) Nothing wrong with that voice at all!" - cd_christi

"Hey great vid! nice load, i would love it if u would tribute my gf, she sometimes tells me how she would like to try sucking black cock. " - Hotbox33

"ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh..so pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " - sexy_legs

"It's hot baby. thank you!" - sexformoney

You see, these are watchers and request people on my work. You want a masterpiece? Give me some time to cum and paint one for ya...

4. Strike a pose if you going for a full body picture!

one of the thing i see in pictures now (except for porn stars) is that yall don't have a pose or a facial expression! it does give more attraction to the picture and to you... so try it sometime!

5. Present your parts!

Pussy picture? puts your legs up in the air and/or spread your pussy!

Ass picture? Stick it out a lot or a little. and if you like, spread em! and if you got a thick ass, just close your legs and lay on something or stand and take a picture.

Titty picture? hold them up in your hands or make sure they are facing the camera! oh and if you flat chested, it's nice to show your face in the photo with it.

Your face? i already said facial extressions, but just in case, pucker those lips or bite the bottom one, look in the camera sexy like, or try pleasing your self while taking a picture. it might look funny to some but it's real and it does hep a lot. also with make up, if you look better with it, do it. if it doesen't then don't. personally i don't care on how you look, but you gotta give me something to work with.

And please, i beg of you, try to be proud. ok? if no one says this to you yet then let me say it: You ARE beautiful! you are unique and don't change how you are unless you really want to!

And those are my rules and how to help me out on my tributes. Go ahead and request and comment if you like!

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1 month ago
Thanks for invite, nice cum tribute collection.
I'm open for tributes, see my profile, we can talk about this, kisses.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite!
3 months ago
Thanks for your comments...Kisses
7 months ago
thanks for the add
11 months ago
Thanks for the invite! Love the cum pics ... of course!
11 months ago
Thanks for your invite
11 months ago
thx for the invite
11 months ago
many thanks for your invitation
1 year ago
Hello! Thx for invite :)
1 year ago
Thanks for the lovely compliments ;) I appreciate it!
1 year ago
For a good start in 2014 xxx


xx Zyggy xx
1 year ago
Thanks for your nice comments !
Kisses xoxo
1 year ago
thanks for the nice comment x
1 year ago
Thank you for your invite however I am going to decline.
1 year ago
thanks for the invite darling - please tribute one of my pics for me xxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
1 year ago
My new album for my friends only,


Wet kisses xoxo
1 year ago
great profil with hot pics and vids
1 year ago
Your criteria are very thorough. That's excellent. One should never get less that what one needs and wants.
1 year ago
Many thanks for your nice comment on the story :)
1 year ago
would love a load of your cum on one of my photos.....mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite.
1 year ago
thanks for the invite and hot comments xx
1 year ago
oh yes.....mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh
2 years ago
Hi, thanks for the invite, very nice profile :)

Wet wet kisses...xxx
2 years ago
Thanks for your hot & lovely comments :)
Wet wet kisses...xxx
2 years ago
Hello. Thanks for the invite.
2 years ago
thanx for the invite! hot!
2 years ago
So pleased,you were really hot today...

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