1st gangbang experience was fun. 4 women(mature 40+) &6 guys
(4 months ago)
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Um, inexperienced but not shy I must say. Well my name is Carrington and I am 24 years old. I have a few ideas that I have written down that I would like to try out but sadly it is difficult find willing feels that say they are kinky and adventurous but when push comes to shove they chicken out.

I personally believe the more adventurous women are the ones in their late 30's to 50's.(Had some non-sexual intimate encounters at the bus station for some reason) Many I have encountered in my age group say they are but in-actuality they are just bull shitting to big their sex appeal up more, it's sad and frustrating.

I have had sex in the past but I want to cut loose, I find myself restraining myself too much as I have a longish fuse before I start getting into it.

But once I started getting into it I get more aggressive to a degree and wanna go in hard but the few ladies I have been with instantly kill my mood and I now find myself automatically restraining myself because I know that they will just force me out if I get too into it and they say too (when in in fact it has been over 10 minutes. I have timed it a few times to see if I am too quick, they just loose themselves once I enter.)

So what I'm saying is that I find the idea of a Sexual Master giving me some formal/practical training and very big turn on.
I also have some ideas of my own that I would like to do, they will be a longish read as I have collected them over the past few week and complied then into some lovely scenarios.

I do have the sexual bug but no one truly willing to infest. Cheesy I know.

Thank you all for reading and happy Fapping!
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2 months ago
Best to have a good day.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite... Kisses... :) :)
4 months ago
Turkish girls. Not seen any of that sort. Do tell the attraction to them, I like all women of creeds.
4 months ago
am starting to have this idea as well and they start to turn me on so much , but i liked the Turkish women's hijab style so sexy
4 months ago
I like the idea of getting a hijabi sucking me off and doing her with it on or cultural clothes on.
4 months ago
25 to 40
4 months ago
What age groups have you noticed being the most sexual open?
4 months ago
here they seems quite and conservative but they freaks in bed , i like the women's in turkey though very hot and sexy
4 months ago
What are some of the ladies like in your country when it comes to sexuality?
4 months ago
ohhhhhhh like in turkey there is gay clubs and transgender clubs where you can go to dark rooms and have sex i see now :)
ugghhhhh i hate such bitches , hahahahaha she test her own medicine glad this guy shut her up by shooting his load into her eyes :P
4 months ago
There are a number of sex clubs (legal sex houses, non-brothels) in my city and much of the UK. It was the gang bang night there at the club. At least 2 gang bangs every hour or so followed by some 1-2-1 action. It was good. There was one women who was a but of a cunt, demanding cum and telling guys were shit for not cumming. She was not that good at getting most of the guys off though but one guy who did made sure to aim a full load in her eyes. Funny times.
4 months ago
hahahahaha man sound awesome and true fun times sex with matures and you get to chill and laugh on what happen in the end sound a great experience, but how you get to know them and be a part in the gang bang action ? it's really interested me :)
4 months ago
It was pretty good man. 6 men including me. 4 women. The youngest was 43 I think and the oldest was 50+. I got in on the action late so I got on my back on the large bed and was underneath the 50 y.o. getting fucked in the mouth by one guy and fucked from behind. I was under there getting some nipple action and fingering her clit. I got the old lick here and there.

During the break session got, the 44 y.o. to tug on my dick as she was on top of me and her dangling her nipples just above my mouth and tipping them in my mouth. Teasing really.

Later in the night I had the 50+ y.o. come on to me as I was sitting in the lounge and were talking and touched some bit there.

Funniest scene was when the owner came into the room and saw his wife (open relationship) getting fucked both from behind, me underneath and in the mouth. Telling her to take that cock out of her mouth the dirty whore so he could have a chat with her. Them having a lover's tiff as she was getting fucked. The guys found it odd but funny.
4 months ago
man lucky you ;)
i always wanted to take apart in a gang bang and gosh with mature women's as well ;)
would love to hear more about it
6 months ago
Good intro
Straight to the point
Good luck buddy
6 months ago
nice to hear that ;) awesome (thumbs up)
no i haven't got any action lately ,kinda frustrating but glad to hear you did keep it up ;)
6 months ago
Yeah got some. Was good all of it. You gotten any action lately?
7 months ago
you getting any of that Ethiopian pussy fun ;) ?
1 year ago
You want me to go on a tour bus? Lol I I can't wait for new years... gonna be so fucking messy hah xx
1 year ago
Leeds hun xxx
1 year ago
I am up north visiting my brother atm. It's freezing here. Worse then down south was xx
1 year ago
Who the hell downloads porn these days lol xx
1 year ago
Thank u kindly for the comment xxx
1 year ago
I don't read the books sadly and it didn't work out in the end. Lack of trust mostly xx
1 year ago
I'm only on season 2 :( wouldn't know xxxx
1 year ago
Umm maybe, I'm waiting for the 4th series to conclude then I will give it a watch of The Living Dead. Not sure about the other two though.
1 year ago
It isn't for everyone ^,^ but what is for everyone is true blood, breaking bad and the walking dead.. the 3 most epic programmes hands down xxx
1 year ago
I could never get into Family Guy. Tried but always failed, like Friends. God that bored me to hell especially when I had to do a paper on it for Media Studies in college.
1 year ago
Family guy Xxx
1 year ago
I have a couple people in contact but nothing set in stone... been a tad busy recently but I am sure il get on it soon ty for asking xx

Yeh america ruins a lot of things lol not sure if they understand what they are doi g half the time haha xx

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