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Poolside fuck

5 years ago
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One of my favorite bbws.
2 months ago
Damn this scene was way hotter than I originally thought it would be!!

11 minutes of mature bbw ass fucking, sign me up for a round with her.
2 months ago
So fucking horny!
6 months ago
Once! And one more!
6 months ago
1 year ago
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
i need to get a pool
5 years ago
A sexy obese woman. I especially love the soft sagging flesh of her inner thighs.
5 years ago
Very good anal scene !
Nice !!!
5 years ago
Fine anal
5 years ago
very hot meow
5 years ago
great vid
5 years ago
Gotta love thick babes, all that meaty flesh on her is appetizing mouth watering, yummy, thanks for sharing;-)~~~~~ LOL
5 years ago
Very nica anal action
5 years ago
Let me begin by telling you about myself, my name is
Ralph, I'm twenty-three and married to Kelly :) whom is
a very wonderful, attractive blonde of twenty-one-
years. We've been married for only a year.

Until about six months ago we'd had what I'd
considered the perfect marriage. While cuddling and
talking after sex one evening she asked, "if there was
any truth to the myth that black men were well
endowed." I was shocked she'd even thought about such
things, much less ask about them. At six inches myself
I'd previously thought I was more than man enough for
her. Kelly noticing my shocked expression told me she
had merely been curious since her friend Denise had
mentioned it. Although she kissed me to allay my fears,
the seed of doubt was sown and that night I dreamed
about her doing it with some big Black guy before
leaving me. Kelly didn't mention it again.

I thought nothing of it when several weeks later she
told me that she was going out with her friend Denise.
I went to bed at 11pm and found that I couldn't sleep
because Kelly was still not home. Even though I didn't
expect her to obey a curfew I was hoping she wasn't in
a ditch somewhere or something bad had happened to her.
Watching the hands of the clock slowly tick by I was
extremely restless.

Finally around 3am I heard the front door open. I was
going to call out when I thought I heard Kelly
whispering to someone. Thinking it was her friend
Denise I remained in bed. I heard the door close
shortly afterward and Kelly began to climb the steps to
our room. Not wanting her to think I didn't trust her I
pretended to be asleep as she quietly entered the room.

Covertly I watched as she undressed and was shocked to
see that she didn't have any underwear on, wondering
how she could have gone out like that. She threw
everything into the clothes hamper before climbing into
bed beside me. I considered asking her about the
underwear but didn't. Several minutes later she was

Once I was sure she was sound asleep I slowly edged my
hand between her exposed legs. With her back towards me
her pussy was fully exposed to my fingers. I slowly
rubbed her pussy lips before slowly slipping a finger
into her. She was incredibly wet! I wondered what had
got her so hot, then a thought raced through my head-
had she been unfaithful? She certainly felt much wetter
than usual. I couldn't believe my precious loving wife
might have cheated on me, but nonetheless I had to be

Slowly I removed my fingers and slipped quietly from
the bed. Reaching the dresser I looked inside and
retrieved my flashlight. God I felt stupid, I just knew
I was making too much out of this. I returned to the
bed and slowly crawled beneath the covers so that the
light from the flashlight wouldn't illuminate the room.
Getting my head close to my wife's pussy, I smelt it.
The unmistakable smell of another man's come. The
flashlight confirmed my worst fears.

My wife's once tight little pussy gaped open, distended
into an ugly mass of wrinkled cunt flesh. I could see
another man's sperm surrounding her cunt and trickling
from within her womb. Her pubic hairs were matted with
a strange man's load and for a moment I felt as if I'd
retch. Being close to her pungent smelling trashy cunt
many thoughts whirled through my mind. I wondered if
she'd leave me. I wondered how we'd ever get through
this. I decided to wait until morning and see what
Kelly told me about her night out. I didn't sleep at
all that night.

The next morning Kelly made no mention of her night
out, so I prompted her by asking what she had done. She
said, "Denise and she had just gone to the movies
before going back to Denise's and then they'd merely
talked 'girl talk' until the wee hours, forgetting the
time." I didn't know how to tell her that I knew that
to be a lie so I just left it alone and went to work.

At work my suspicions worked relentlessly upon my mind
until finally I decided Kelly had to be confronted with
what I knew. Leaving work early (around 1pm) I headed
home. As I approached our house, I noticed an
unfamiliar car parked in the driveway that didn't
appear to belong to anyone we knew, I wondered whether
it could be the unknown man's car. Curious I parked
around the block and walked back to our house.

As I entered our home I felt as if were a burglar, I
couldn't believe I was sneaking into my own home. I
listened but couldn't hear anything. Looking slowly
about the first floor I didn't see anyone. I was
beginning to think I was being foolish when I heard a
recognizable groan from the upstairs, which I'd heard
before, it was Kelly's. Shaking as I quietly climbed
the stairs toward the master bedroom. Reaching the top,
I peered around the corner into our bedroom. What I saw
there shocked me.

There was my little Kelly. Her legs rested on the
shoulders of what must have been the biggest Black man
I'd ever seen and I could see his large Black cock
sawing into her cunt as he mashed her lovely tits under
his monstrous hands. He had the largest cock I've ever
seen. It must have been 3 inches longer than mine and
probably twice as thick. I wouldn't have thought that
he would have been able to get it into my petite wife,
but then I thought about how distended her cunt had
been the previous night and I knew unfortunately that
it was possible.

I was in shock as I watched my wife's cunt lips cling
to this Black guy's thick shaft on every out stroke
only to be smashed back inside her body as he burrowed
him to the balls within her body.

Perhaps I should have raced in there and pulled this
asshole off my wife but I stood there petrified
watching in disbelief. Besides he would have probably
had killed me-he was that big.

I heard him telling my wife that she was a great fuck,
and was more surprised to hear my wife reply telling
him that from now on her cunt belonged to him and he
could have her anytime he desired.

He laughed, and I cringed.

He asked her if she could get pregnant. I hadn't even
considered this possibility. Our lovemaking was timed
to her cycle and I use a condom when it's risky. I
didn't know what this was all about. I strained to hear
Kelly's reply.

"I'm at my most fertile," she moaned.

"Great," he laughed. "I'm gonna plant my baby deep
inside your womb bitch."

"Yes," moaned Kelly as her hips ground up against his
shaft in obvious orgasm.

"You might as well," she added coming down, "you did
last night too so you've probably really fucked me any

They laughed as I felt my knees buckle and had to sit
down to avoid falling. "What about your wimp of a
husband," asked the Black?

"Who cares about him," replied Kelly gearing up for
another orgasm. "He'll either get used to me being your
woman or else he can get the fuck out, either way I'll
keep this house."

The Black man laughed saying, "and if you give it to me
I'll give you all the Black cock you've ever wanted

"Yes," whispered Kelly as she bit her lip in the throes
of yet another orgasm.

"Fuck you're a horny bitch," grunted the Black.

I watched in horror as his toes dug into the mattress
thrusting into her even harder. She began begging him
to cum inside her-begging him to impregnate her. I
could see the sweat falling from his face as his cock
almost fully withdrew from her cunt before savagely
thrusting back inside her. I could hear and see his
balls as they slapped against her ass.

"Here it comes bitch," he suddenly yelled. "Have my
Black bastard slut." He grunted while fully burying
himself within my wife. I watched his balls spasm as
his body shook in release. I pictured his ugly Black
seed erupting into my once tight wife, his sperm
burrowing into her egg-fertilizing her- a privilege
that should have been reserved for me alone. He
continued thrusting into her a dozen more times telling
her "he was packing his seed in deep" before finally
collapsing upon her as he savagely bit her nipples and
gnawed upon her breasts.

My wife was barely able to do anything more than groan
"thank you," in gratitude for the breeding she had just

A moment later he slowly removed his rapidly deflating
cock, which was still which considerable longer than
mine when fully erect. His sperm poured from her gaping
used hole in a torrent as his Black stopper was
removed. Quickly moving to my wife's face he commanded
her to clean him. Without hesitation my wife took his
slime-covered cock deep into her mouth while sucking
him like a true whore.

Slowly rising, I was totally beaten. How could I
compete with this stud? I left the house a beaten man,
the front of my pants soiled with the involuntary proof
of my own sexual release. Although I didn't know what
was going to become of us I knew that things would
never be the same.

Here I was, I'd just seen this bastard-probably the
Blackest man on the face of the earth shoot his scummy
load deep within my fertile wife without any protection
whatsoever. I don't think I'll ever forget my wife's
screams encouraging him to impregnate her-my whole
world was suddenly turned upside down. He lay beside my
wife as her tongue bathed his shrunken but still
enormous Black log I slowly left the house on
incredibly shaking legs. I went straight to a bar where
I polished off many glasses of rum all the time
wondering what I should do.

I ran numerous scenarios through my mind wondering what
I would say if anything to my wife. Finally around ten
I'd had a snout full-calling a taxi, I went home. Upon
my arrival, I was surprised to see the strange car
still parked in my driveway.

I entered through the front door shaking. My wife was
sitting on the sofa with the Black man whom I'd watched
ravish her earlier completely nude. As if in denial I
stood there staring at them as they made no attempt to
hide their nudity.

The Black man smiled before speaking. "Nice home you
got here he said, I'm going to like living in this

"What the fuck are you talking about I screamed,"
barely believing the audacity of this asshole had.

He merely smiled while telling my wife to spread her
hole. Without looking at me she looked toward him and
placed her leg over his. Her cunt gaped wide and as I
watched the Black reached down and slipped two fingers
into her slick cunt. She gasped and closed her eyes,
leaning against him, her hand running through his chest

"Is this my home bitch?" he asked her.

"Yes," she purred.

It was fuckin' incredible, this asshole had taken
everything I cared about and now he wanted my home.

"No fuckin' way asshole," I yelled moving drunkenly
toward him. Given his size I was never an actually
threat but in my drunken stupor I was little more than
a nuisance. I never even saw his huge Black fist
colliding with my head and sending me crashing to the

Realizing I couldn't compete with this man. I shuffled
back across the room upon my hunches crying. Laughing
at my feeble attack, after cleaning my wife's juices
from his fingers he reinserted then into her and began
finger fucking her.

"It's gonna be fun white boy," he said looking directly
into my eyes. "I'll have your wife and you'll serve us
both. You won't be getting your white boy pencil dick
near my whore's cunt anymore."

I didn't respond. I had no idea what he was talking

"Get on the floor bitch," commanded the Black removing
his fingers from her cunt. Spread your cunt and prepare
to receive my Black cock. Without looking at me she
immediately moved to the floor and spread her legs wide
before him. "Open it up," he ordered. I watched as my
wife reached between her legs pulling her labia apart.
Her hole was open to his gaze.

"You can watch your wife fuck a real man now," he

Through tears filled eyes I continued watching as he
moved between her legs telling her to guide him into
her-which she did. Once coupled he fucked her like a
dog. I could see his powerful hips as he ravished my
wife. Kelly moaned through almost continuous orgasms,
telling him to "fuck her hard, to give her his baby."

He laughed while telling me that "she was probably
already carrying his bastard son." Thank god it didn't
take long, within 5 minutes he was announcing "he was
gonna fill her white trash cunt with his seed." I
continued watching as his ass cheeks trembled as he
fully bottomed out erupting within my wife's cunt
thrusting again and again emptying his balls into her
receptive hole as my wife gentled squeezed his balls to
coax every last bit of his seed from him. Finally he
withdrew his slimy cock, it was covered their juices,
his seed clung to his shaft like honey.

"Get over here and suck me clean," he demanded.

I told him to "fuck off," which just seemed to piss him
off. In two strides he reached me slapping me so hard
across the face I thought I'd pass out. Grabbing my
hair he forced my head down upon his organ fucking my
mouth. It was the lowest I've ever been as I sucked his
cock clean, giving into my fear.

He told me, "I was a good cock cleaner."

Content that he was clean he dragged me by the hair
over to where my wife's gaping hole. His sperm slowly
drained from its distended center.

"He's a good cock sucker," he laughed to my wife. I
felt destroyed when she laughed replying "it was all I
was good for."

"Lick you wife's cunt clean white boy," he ordered,
"suck my sperm from her boy." He thrust my head down
between her legs. The smell was overpowering. I knew
resistance was useless so I began to bathe her well-
fucked hole with my tongue.

"Don't be trying to play with her clit boy," he
ordered, "your only job is to clean my sperm up."

My wife further added to my humiliation by ordering
"Lick my cunt clean of my man's sperm." In defeat my
tongue snaked into her cunt returning with a dollop of
his seed upon it. I had no choice but to eat it.

"From now on whitey," laughed the Black, "I'll be
living here with my woman. If you're lucky I may allow
you to suck me clean or clean my scum out of my white
whore, if you're very-very good."

My wife agreed with him saying "You'd better get used
to the idea that my only function in the house was to
serve as a wash-cloth."

From that night I've slept at the foot of their bed,
waiting for upon my master and his whore/my wife. Even
though I have always heard him fucking her or her
sucking him but I was not permitted to leave the floor
at night unless ordered to clean one of them up.

With the realization that I'm good for nothing more
than servicing them I've come to accept my
submissiveness. My wife/his whore is now six months
pregnant with his Black bastard and "her man" tells me
that "if I continue to be a good white boy slave he'll
start fucking my ass when she gets to big to take him
violently. I'm being very good."

Almost everyone in the neighborhood is aware of this
strange relationship. They've seen me following a
respectful three steps behind them as they walk
together and on a few occasions he has even taken me
out with a dog collar and leash making sure to order me
about and when people stare he always makes sure to
tell them that although the beautiful white woman with
him is my wife she's his slut taking great pains to pat
her bulging belly while telling them she's carrying his
Black bastard. He now owns the house, and I've
transferred my car over to him. There's no money left
in my account but that's okay because he tells me I'm
not man enough to handle finances. I can't compete with
5 years ago
pretty hot..whats her name?
5 years ago
love this woman, what a body and soo sexy
5 years ago