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Welcome to a Public Testing of a New xHamster!

xHamster Is Revealing a Public Testing of Our New Web Design for a Limited Number of Users!

Today, you`ll have a chance to become one of the lucky few to experience the updated web design of xHamster.
Right on, we finally open the public testing for a limited number of registered users! As this is a BETA-version of the website, we are launching it for public testing to registered users only, before it is perfected for general use.

NB! When switching to the BETA-version you will still have the option to go back to the old one.

We`ll be supporting both website versions for a while to make sure your requests are satisfied and any potential bugs fixed. Your feedback is of HIGH priority for us, so please don`t forget to comment on it here and under the blog post!

We`ve been working on the redesign for a while to set ourselves apart from the rest of the market, and the feedback from users has proved xHamster to be of high ranking performance.
xHamster is a huge social community of individuals and friends. Powered by people of different backgrounds and beliefs, everyone is unique here but we have come together to fuse ideas of what our outcome of the website will be.
We have placed great importance in trying to include ALL the feedback gathered and improve the website based on the latest trends, yet, saving the core of what xHamster is – “Just porn no bullshit”!

Please, meet our new xHamster, based entirely on your feedback! (don’t forget to log in first)

We re-wrote all the site sections to improve the consistent website functionality. xHamster has become yet more high-powered and easier to explore. We created more space for navigation for users to surf through the webpages at ease.
The website turned to be vast, both on wide and small screens - our video thumbnails became bigger, followed by the increased number of videos per page and overall improved quality.
My News section is easily accessible from the Menu now. You still get all the content updates featuring your friends and people you are subscribed to. Your personal updates have been moved to Notifications section, including friends’ requests, comments and gifts.

We made a revolution in the Messages interface totally changing their outlook. The new interface has moved contact names to the left, so that you could have a space for dialogues.
One screen contains the list of latest conversations and your open current chat. You can easily switch between conversations and check new messages now.
We also added “Search by messages” by usernames – yeah, we know, you`ve been waiting for this feature for too long!

With the new website version you`ll have a new HTML5 player at your disposal. Extremely fast and responsive, it can adjust the video quality per your specific need, followed by the autoplay and large mode feature – watching the videos has never been funnier!

We have improved the navigation and now the Profile looks more like a social network, i.e. you can see your rank, motto and badges!
You will have a fast access to all the important sections as well as the “About me” editor.

We re-styled each element for the new xHamster version and made the site navigation easier with loads of needed functions at hand.
No worries, we didn`t forget about our dearest friends and partners. Reviewers, Producers, Partners & Upload sections have been also improved.
All in all, there are a LOT of new features and positive changes introduced, and yet more to come!

Posted by xHamster 3 months ago
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3 hours ago
great job love all about it
5 hours ago
Don't like it, vids don't work and it's very messy!.....OLD ONE BACK PLEASE!
6 hours ago
The design is super, the whole fluid. Night mode is really useful. It lacks a few things ... I want to be able to send short videos in the mail. Having the ability to be in invisible / offline mode, sometimes have just wanted to take a turn and not chat. It would also be nice to push the customization of the profile, a wallpaper or a cover image or even the color simply. Good work !
10 hours ago
where is the "random" tool ?
22 hours ago
Cant view any videos?? Why?? Can anyone help?
1 day ago
Just had a browse around the new beta xhamster. I like it. Its crisper, cleaner and although still familiar in a lot of respects easy to navigate. Look forward to trying some of the new features. Hope there is enough positive comments from subscribers so you adopt the new version. Thank you
1 day ago
PS  I almost forgot:  As I remarked during an earlier survey of desired changes, it would be great if there was a way to authenticate real amateur and homemade postings, separate from those that claim to be amateur and homemade but are actually taken from commercial clips.  By now there's a 'bot for everything, there must be one for classifying postings, too.
1 day ago
Spectacular redesign success!  On all counts!   The only mod I'd recommend would be to make the page numbers at the bottom of each page a tad smaller, so that instead of only five page numbers showing, one can specify more (up to ten would be fine by me).  That way the user can move through the history of postings faster if so desired.  Otherwise, this is amazing, including the many new features that allow for greater customization and communication.  Bravo, xHamster!
1 day ago
Can't wait for this! Two things: Please add mobile messaging. And a way to search for other users with similar interests.
1 day ago
Yes, please fix the video previews. Thanks !
1 day ago
New Layout, and alot of videos still don't work... first, fix your videos' preview problems!
2 days ago
Videos won't load
2 days ago
Hello, good job! but, first:when I try new line, that's post.
I think no thanks for return key for go post.
second :round avatar is existing avatars kill
if you can consideration of two cases, thanks a lot
2 days ago
I like the look of the new one, looks more clear
2 days ago
the old one is much better
2 days ago
The old layout is better.
It is better when the thumbnails show in full,
and not just a cropped square with the title on the picture.

The "Back to the gallery" feature is nice,
The "Red heart" that shows that it is already a favorite, is nice.
2 days ago
Prefer the old style, but could we favourite categories so it's easier to find what we like.?
2 days ago
like all site it would be great if males would be males for example dont use a female photos and create a female profile saying you are a woman if someone wants to meet you already deceive them NOT NICE PUNKS!!
2 days ago
i will say it again delete All dead inactive profile less so you all dont tell people  about millions of millions person using the site when half them are dead online and who to tell maybe in real life 
2 days ago
The comment section too far from the video  and photos. I think its better you guys try 5 star rating along with about views for videos ad photos determine the popularity of item in discussion. just like a real election each person should only vote once or twice.... cant have 1 person click 300 times for the same video and when you check the view rate it was only 305 person that watch the video !!!
2 days ago
First impression of the new design is great.
2 days ago
seem to be having real issues with this,, can't see profiles,, or vids,, or accept friend requests,, can't even watch my own vids
2 days ago
Ok, so is there a new feature in the works to stop processing photos with very harsh filters and just copy the ones I upload?

I mean, it can't be _that_ hard, to not do anything to the pictures and just copy them verbatim....
2 days ago
keep the old layout
2 days ago
keep the old one, its a lot better.
3 days ago
love the new layout, cleaner background, the white is actually easier on my eyes. also like the bigger thumbnails for the vid. Gives better idea of what vid we will be watching.
3 days ago
keep it the old one
3 days ago
sorry guys.. I just don't like it........./... its just lade out too wide an eye sore.. I like the old way better.. keep it the old one please.....
3 days ago
This can sound like a silly lol question but why don't you have a pooping category/tag on the site?
3 days ago
New Feature: Many times I see incorrect tags like this one: Insane anal plug fucking TheButthole. The auto-tags are "Men" and "HD Gay". But the channel is Amateur and Femdom videos. Can you let the community suggest tags or down-vote existing tags make searching more accurate?