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Hello folks!

We have just made some more changes which we call improvements. The following sections of xHamster such as Fresh Comments, News Feed, My Subscriptions and Friends News are no longer available but their functions are still here and can be found at the new section called My News. At this new section you can choose what kind of announcements do you wish to see: Comments are for new comments which people left on your profile or posted content; Content is for new movies, pictures, stories and blog entries posted by users you're subscribed to; Statuses are for any changes of statuses; and Friendship is for announcements of new friendships of your friends. Enjoy!


Hey guys. Unfortunately we had several small mistakes for Comments. All of them are fixed now and Comments must work the way they should. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just for your info - if you don't want some of the sections displayed at My News all you need is to click on appropriate checkbox at the top. So you can choose which sections do you want to see there.

Posted by xHamster 4 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
What's up
3 years ago
More one good feature...^^
4 years ago
4 years ago
Why doesn't "Friend's News" work? Really miss it.
4 years ago
4 years ago
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4 years ago
What's happened to the sound.don'thave any now.I use my android phone and there was no problem until your makeover.do I need to download something.help.
4 years ago
my email is hacked and you xhamster have ignored me for 2mos. now

..look xhamster, i have been a member of your site for some time now under the alais of: sweetlilkitten @ link: http://xhamster.com/user/SweetLilKitten#comments_block ...my site has obviously been compromized/hacked and i have written you all several emails..personal and site sent emails asking that you send me the password to my sweetlilkitten site. there is extreamly sensitive information on it and i want access, this is scarey..not being in control of my sexual persona online. please take me seriously...i am fed up, because ive been sending emails for 2mos. now about this. i am a pro web cam model on that site as well, and have aquired a great deal of tips that would be appreciated. i am writing to you one last time before i contact my lawyer about this and take this situtation into my own hands legally; which may i add..will be a waste of both of our time and energy and a great damn hastle, that can easily be avoided. please send your response to my email: stephi.and.chasi@gmail.com, also i request that you send a contact phone number where i and or my lawyer can reach your administration. i've waited long enough for your reply. this is a matter to be taken serious Xhamster. i must say, with all due respect, i do not appreciate the way in which this matter has been handled.- s.c.c ...btw: here is the last confirmation code from my email, in which i never recieved a reply: #157696.
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sweet lil kitten shared this idea · Mar 22, 2013

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sweet lil kitten commented · Just Now · Delete

wtf look at your banner... "...no bullshit" hmm... id say something else. now i have tryed to restore my password over and over with every single email address i have ever used and for whatever B.S reason your site keeps saying...email not registered. hmm..how can that be???????? i think you are scamming me. period.
4 years ago
What's happened to the news feed? Despite several subscriptions, my news feed has been blank for the last 3-4 days?
4 years ago
hi my friends how r u
4 years ago
Thank you for working on and fixing the My News feature (able to see subscriptions again, etc). Finally it is better than it used to be before you had My News.
4 years ago
Please give us back the old news feed option! This new news feed gives barely 10 percent of all my subscriptions' newest videos. I subscribed to these people for a reason, so that I could see when they put new videos. Now I can barely see anybody's. Plus the old news feed was videos only.
4 years ago
Are the 'My News' updates from users you have favourited or from users in your friends list?

I ask as I took someone out of my favourites list as they are now in my friends list and their updates disappeared off My News timeline.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Seroiusly, folks at xhamster!

Xhamster is "one of the 100 top sites of the world" (according to Alexa page rank). You make shitloads of money!

If the one feature that really sets you apart from other porn tubes – the chat that turns xh into a community – has been down for more than 12 hours – do you think you could afford some sort of announcement, apology, or even some IT guys to FIX IT?
4 years ago
lovin the new changes!
4 years ago
lovin the new changes!
4 years ago
the private message is not working for me. i don't know why
4 years ago
I find the news allows me easier access to know what my friends have posted and to comment on them better.
4 years ago
THE NEW UPDATE IS NOT SO GOOD SORRY TO SAY THAT BECAUSE HARD WORK from the team, slow, not so easy, some bugg,
why no come back to the old one more easy at list
yhank you olivier
4 years ago
Why when I want to subscribe to videos, do I subscribe to pics too ?
Is it a bug or a new "feature" ?
4 years ago
Why is xhamster removing all incest movies ?
4 years ago
I begin to getting use to this new improvements !

Not so bad after all :)

But to be honest .. i still miss the old one !

Anyway .. sure .. X Ham knows better :)))
4 years ago
ok i think yall can start calling this an improvement now that tha fresh comments and subscriptions have been fixed. i can honestly say i enjoy tha new top menu. thanks for making xhamster a better place but plzzz try not to mess with it to much. THANKS!
4 years ago
whoever you are mr.xhamster! i´m sure you know me now from facebook!
as long as you make money with stolen clips of me i will use you for my advertising every day!
i´m not one of the cum sluts here!
this is not the right place for my clips!
4 years ago
All i know is since this happenned i dont get comments on my videos anymore :(
4 years ago
Subscriptions are back, that's pretty cool! A big hooray and thanxalot!
4 years ago
i hope that xhamster will realize in the next hours that there are illegal copy´s of my clipstore clips here online! all of me you can see here
naturalborndom.c o m

and don´t forget that it´s not allowed to upload that content on public sites! i show enough for free on dailymotion!
anyway my clips here are top rated and most watched so seems you guy´s like it!
i got no problem with guy´s who watch it! i got a problem with guy´s who upload and share it!
why you guy´s don´t upload the dailymotion clips here? i´m nacked there too! from my channel there -copy´s are allowed cause it´s free there too!
4 years ago
Thank you X Hamster for listening and bringing back subscriptions!