Chat FIRST, friends LATER! No favourites visible = NO chat!
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If you have similar tastes here to myself (please see my favourites!) and if you want to swap thoughts with me about our shared viewing interests, please feel free to message me here, no matter where you are in the world, no matter whether you're a woman, a man or a couple.

However, if your own profile is either hidden or says nothing really meaningful and/or if you've no favourite videos set to be showing, please don't waste your time (and mine!) inviting me to chat etc. I'm not interested in any "blind dates", thank you - nor any other kind of date for that matter!

In fact I'm a very happily married woman and I'm not looking for any kind of partner here. Nor am I here to indulge in any kind of "fantasy" or "role-play" with anybody, sexual or otherwise. Also most of the "theatrical", "staged" porn here is of no interest to me whatsoever, neither to watch nor to discuss with those people that do enjoy it. Videos showing genuine sexuality is all I'm interested in watching here, not fake "scenarios" like most "porn" consists of. Similarly with any chat I might indulge in here - I'm not interested in porn or discussing it, I'm only interested in videos and pictures featuring genuine sexuality - NOT porn! The two are worlds apart!

Similarly, I don't cam, I don't "flirt", I don't "cyber" (whatever that is!), I don't meet with anybody, I only chat here at Hamster, and I'm also not the least bit interested in "collecting" friends here just for the sake of it. So please don't invite me if you are one of those "serial friend-collectors" that seem to haunt this place - and especially don't invite me if we haven't ever chatted with each other before! (I also don't accept invites just to be able to see your favourites - if you want to keep them secret, that's fine by me, but don't expect me to be interested in chatting with you!)

Finally, guys, please don't just show me a picture of your cock (or somebody else's!) and then simply expect me to be so impressed that I can't resist wanting to chat with you or be your friend! I'm not that desperate and, let's face it, a disembodied cock isn't really something that's going to impress anybody with their brain plugged in, is it? Certainly no woman of any age, least of all an "old bird" of my particular vintage and good fortune - believe me!
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22 hours ago
You, my dear, are a connoisseur of cum...
1 day ago
Hi hello from America great postings lovely girls Have a good weekend
6 days ago
Excellent choices of favorites!
21 days ago
we love your beautiful and exiting gallery, great compliments, sexy greetings from Carmen !
25 days ago
Hi still about
1 month ago
I LOVE your vids! Happy new year!
1 month ago
Happy New Year. I hope you got me a nice present.
1 month ago
What a wonderful selection!!!
All the very best for the N'er Year.
1 month ago
Best wishes for 2015 ENTHUSIASTIC
1 month ago
Nice collection!
1 month ago
Hi Optanda - just wanted to thank you for assembling such a wonderful collection of real people enjoying sex. Like yourself, I'm really not a fan of fake or staged porn, so stumbling across your profile is like a treasure trove!

ps V jealous that you have friends privileges to see that mutual masturbations set. :)
1 month ago
Are you going to model the sexy lingerie you got for Christmas?
1 month ago
Hello there, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, filled with gifts :P and I hope you're well! If you're not busy and able to reply back, it would be lovely to hear from you sometime, when you are free, take care :)
1 month ago
happy christmas ;)
1 month ago
....and allegedly coming from somewhere called Nazareth, where archaeology has since shown there was apparently no human settlement at all earlier than around the 2nd or 3rd century AD!

Merry Christmas to you too!
1 month ago
...the only time of year we embrace an underage, unmarried pregnant Jewish girl who is shacked up with her fiancé, the father of her child Heaven only knows... Merry Christmas!
1 month ago
I absolutely love your favorites as they mirror mine to a T. nice to come across a like minded soul :)
1 month ago
Quality favz
1 month ago
Yes, it's very original isn't it - don't know if you've noticed but lots of other people on here have copied it from me!! (hehe)
1 month ago
Hello Optanda,

you collected a lot of good vids in your fav's. You got similar taste as me.
1 month ago
I love your avatar
1 month ago
Sorry, Gramps - no you can't! (hehe) xxx
1 month ago
NO ROLE PLAYING! Does that mean I can't adopt you as my daughter?
1 month ago
love your choice in women and vids....... are any of you?
1 month ago
Someone might think you liked masturbation videos. Let me ask you a personal question. How many times a day do you masturbate?
2 months ago
Always your delicious comments! Thanks! :)
2 months ago
Now that would be telling.......!
2 months ago
Is 64 your age or chest measurement?
2 months ago
Good morning optanda, I trust you are well ? , I'm just enjoying the delights of 'flashers I like' once more , there are some seriously sexy ladies on show in that gallery ...best wishes HM.
2 months ago
I wondered what that was protruding from my head - thanks for clearing that up for me, "waywardfriend"! (hehe)
2 months ago
Great favourite collection. I think you can find mine very interesting too. Kindly ask you to add me as friend, because I want to check your collection with more time! Thnkx!

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