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Hey everyone, thanks for checking my profile,
i`m always looking for new people to hookup with, its always fun & happy times in our place ;)

You can check more of my private adventures on my websites http://mytinydick.com & http://lostbetsgames.com
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3 days ago
Categorize your videos properly. Don't put irrelevant videos in the lesbian category.
5 days ago
add me pls
9 days ago
awesome vids cheers
15 days ago
great videos!
20 days ago
Fucking mytinydick. One of the worst companies/uploaders.
23 days ago
Dude, do NOT put shit like this in the lesbians category: http://xhamster.com/movies/4006921/two_girls_see_who_can_keep_their_hand_in_ice_water_longer.html - it doesn't belong there.

Don't be an asshole.
26 days ago
if you want animated gifs from your videos for your profile/site let me know,im great at making them and I do it for free
29 days ago
Happy new year 2015! I wish you many pleasures and love!
1 month ago
nice vids add me
1 month ago
nice vids
1 month ago
Thanks, MyTinyDick! For the video "Two girls with great bodies play strip basketball shoot-off", currently at http://xhamster.com/movies/3701832/two_girls_with_great_bodies_play_strip_basketball_shoot_off.html I WILL subscribe to your site. I gather that this vid is just a shortened teaser. We see more action in the original video? 30minutes? ...in which Amber gets creamed in the end? LOL! Did you use the old special effects trick of a thin tube inserted into his PA piercing, to give the impression he can shoot several ounces at a time?
This video is made very, very INTENSE by those animalistic cries of sexual ecstasy made by innocent looking, braided-pigtails, Miss Amber. Not to mention her sexy, dirty-mouth banter, shapely-toned athletic body and firm A-cup breasts, tipped by perky brown nipples that are pierced and fitted with gold rings. Yow-sah! But otherwise, hardly a mark on her, makin' her look, when clothed, as innocent as a schoolgirl. They could'a started Amber out in a school uniform, IYKWIM. At her boarding school, the girls are forbidden from makeup, tattoos, nail polish, or shaving... but they can't be stopped from body mods that can't be seen. And that would be such mods as genital or nipple piercings... or torn hymens. LOL! Not to forget those loads of semen, hidden away, inside girlish tummies.
Might you consider doing a remake of this delightful three-some, with school uniforms? ...of the authentic, innocent looking style? ...and cover the tattoo with body-makeup? Sometimes, Amber might take the ends of those fascinating nipple length braids, and tie them to her nipple piercings? ...thereby covering her nipples, in a flirtatious act, shall we say, of false modesty?
At eight minutes, doncha' love to see her get "inspected"? ...and then finger-tip massaged, and teased to into arousal. And her sexy banter is so hot. She makes incredibly hot dirty talk for a while, then lapses back into incoherent but rhythmic cries of ecstasy. "I've never done this before!" she protests, at first. But, down on her knees, her skill at deep throating belies that claim of innocence. And then, he stands her up, and standing behind her, wraps her arms behind her back, in a wrestling hold. She immediately coos with animalistic pleasure, as soon as he cooly jacks into her jill, from behind. The changes in her intense cries of pleasure tell everyone when she hits another plateau, in her climb to orgasm. And at 12 minutes, she stops her cries of pleasure just long enough to banter about how all she can think about is how much semen he is going to leave inside her.
A fave fantasy... girls who bet their booty in some kind of athletic contest. And then lose... and havta' go where their taken, by "pervy minded" guys. Often, its guys AND gals, in some kind of ritualistic ceremony, possibly a sorority initiation. HAWT! Often, 'cuz the girls protest their innocence, but show far too much experience. The girls can't hide that they enjoy it, although they protest their innocence... possibly protesting too much?
Whatcha' think, guys?
2 months ago
Don't be an asshole, categorize your videos properly. Reported.
2 months ago
2 months ago
Great profile hot videos
2 months ago
geile seite Greatings from German
2 months ago
Great Page, thanks for sharing
2 months ago
Thanks for adding.
2 months ago
thanks for the adding
2 months ago
Thanks for the add.
2 months ago
Thanks for adding. Great vids.
2 months ago
hallo maus,liebe grüsse in den aus Dortmund!!
3 months ago
Dude, I love your stuff, but you are upsetting people by tagging as lesbian videos that have no lesbian action. Please go edit the files to remove that tag.
3 months ago
Categorize your fucking videos properly.
3 months ago
Hi, MyTiny! I was fascinated by the g-string things in your video, titled "Cute nerds play strip highest card wins".
What is the name of that clip-on G-string thing, that the girls put on, about 10 minutes into the video? I've searched the internet, but cannot find it. Anyone know whatz-its called and where it might be purchased?
4 months ago
Great vids
4 months ago
love the site and your content, would love to be a friend on here as well
4 months ago
awesome page