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You're the Worst (2014 - )

4 months ago
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would love to know the name of that movie!
28 days ago
what is the name of this girl?
1 month ago
to Ricardo_machoalfa: btw, what do you call a spaniard trying to talk with an arab's dick in his mouth? That's right - a portuguese!
to Ricardo_machoalfa: lol moron. Richest and most flexible in Europe for sure. And it has ITS OWN alphabet, unlike you gypsies.
what movie is this?
3 months ago
I can appreciate this being dubbed over in Russian, but I would have liked to hear the original version in English as I don't speak Russian, whoever took the time to translate this did a good job!!!
3 months ago
to Ricardo_machoalfa: I'm not even English, but I'm pretty sure that you meant "dumb".