Wife swap

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Published by Mpetya12
2 years ago
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this is so obviously genuine amatuer, why cant we have more of this on hamster?, I get so pissed off clicking on amatuer or homemade only to  selections full of obvious porn stars, real people , having real sex is more of a turn on than porn stars simulating pleasure, this vid to me was ideal, 2 couples seen before knowing what was coming( no pun intended), stripping off with plenty of foreplay, personally seeing the girl on her back watching a cock slip into her pussy is a great turn on for us, and seeing the sexy smaller one getting that while having both nipples sucked was incredible, as others have said she was the most active and seemed to love it more than the dark haired girl, when my wife and I have swapped like this we have always been treated to a bit of girl on girl before the real action started, which we feel is the only thing missing from this, my wife said she would have loved to have into that nice trimmed pussy herself, surely there must be more of these people somewhere, they said they enjoyed it so  they must have done it again, pls hamster can we have more like this, we have friends who we know have uploaded video's like this to you, so its not as though you dont have them
Out of all the wife swap videos on here, this one is my favorite so far.  Not the best production, but the most realistic.
Homeboy worse a cellphone on his belt to swinger night - what a flex
This is a real amateur wife swap. I loved this. Woman with lighter hair was more active yet it was not completely one sided. Both side took the pleasure. The part where women simultaneously kiss eachother and take cock of other's husband, was the best. We need to see more content like this.
to ilovepreggo84 : If you look closely starting from 18:54 you can see that guy wears a condom. Hence this is not a creampie. That's the only missing thing in this video. Husbands are not bareback while fucking eachother's wives.
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It is fantastic
Będę miał dziewczynie to zabawę znom taki sposób 
I hope to marry girl like that
Do the gentlemen play between each other too? I never last long on this movie LOL