What White Wives Want

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By day, she takes care of her and keeps the house in order. By night, she sluts for big black cock however she can get it... with her pathetic, defeated husband watching from the sideline.

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3 years ago
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Agreed totally
2 days ago
What Latina wives want too
5 days ago
9 days ago
God damn that is a huge fucking cock
16 days ago
fuck my wife
18 days ago
This hung black daddy is SO hot! His sexual intensity is really captivating. I'm a bi/gay man whose passion is spreading my legs & having black men fuck me, & this daddy exemplifies why black men are SO not!
1 month ago
Como me gustaria ver a mi esposa con un moreno asi.
2 months ago
to BBC4WhitePuss: you know nothing FOAD!
to thickdick24u: What's wrong with you, you old bitch boy? it's porn. If you don't like it, don't watch. You're too emotional and it's clear as day you're very insecure. You're a loser.
to sweetrubywine: Here retard I'll do you a favor;  this is from the CDC (latest figures available from 2017).  Black men(?) are 6.6 X more likely to have Chlamydia that whites. They are 8.8 X more likely to have Gonorrhea. They are 4.5 X more likely to have Syphilis than whites. You probably already know they'll steal your jewelry while you're in the bathroom. You may notice the (?) behind men, my idea of a man is NOT to knock up as many pigs like you as they can and then ignore the little nigglets you've created!   aansestors 
to thickdick24u: You pissed because black men fuck us white women so good
Black dick is what I wanted when I was married And black dick is what I got
2 months ago
2 months ago
to madddog: Maybe he ended up making a Trump instead cause my taxes just went up 
omg shes so dirty
3 months ago
Love it!
4 months ago
to stefhavre43: Stef, you love dark meat; don’t you???
to uller1234: *LOL!*
to thickdick24u: Yes you do!
Ein Traum .
4 months ago
to dhulk: You don't like it but you keep watching the videos white women fuck black men in Nebraska too. They just do it behind your back
Can any one PM me her name or any video links. I would like to see more of her. Thanks in advance.
5 months ago
to thickdick24u: If I hate something, I'm not watching, you hate it so much you love seeing that nigger dick in that white PIG pussy, gotcha U, it's Obvious we got a closet Cuckold, don't worry mate, I'll send you a BIG dick nigger from the UK so you can lick your lips and let your wife enjoy, now stay classy, I know it's hard to do in Redneck country....heehaw
to dhulk: Just to see what white pig is fucking niggers this time! I hate niggers and you're totally wrong; the only dick I'm interested in is my own. I do find the BBC myth amusing though. You can love niggers there in the UK if you want but not here!
to thickdick24u: but u click on it though, the title was very telling, admit it, u like black dick, no one judging u, you need to remember these white chick are tired of pedo, serial killers  and super emotional white guys.
to thickdick24u: Hahaha, you realize we can see your pictures, right? Your dick is one third of the guy in this video. Nice try, though...