Tina Russell the Sexualist (1973)

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Tina Russell demonstrates how to suck and fuck in this classic porn. The Sexualist (1973).

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Runtime: 10:38
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1 year ago
Good vintage!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Holy shit, Williamsport is only about 30 minutes away from me!
3 years ago
4 years ago
6 years ago
Tina Russell, was a knockout! Thanks, for clips and info. Much appreciated! Sexy, slim, Brunette, & Redhead, females sucking, and fucking, Black studs, & K9s, & SWALLOWING their cum's the best. Hopefully AMATEUR porn producers, and directors, see this message? Porn girls? Bottle blonds, and their over sized saline/silicone tits look terrible! Women with tattoos looks terrible also. And remember to remove your footwear in bed. (that's common-sense) Thank-You.
6 years ago
Tina Russell
Date of Birth 23 September 1948, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Death 18 May 1981, Vista, California, USA (cancer)
Birth Name Linda Marie Mintzer
Tina Russell was born Linda Marie Mintzer on Sept. 23, 1948, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to John H. and Margaret Ditzler Mintzer. She grew up in Williamsport and graduated from high school there in 1966. Her senior photo shows a mature brunette with a "Laura Petrie" hairstyle, looking more like a future nurse than a porn star. She became one of the best known adult film actresses of the "Golden Age" of porn, admired for her fresh looks and evident enthusiasm for her on-screen liaisons. The Williamsport city directories of 1968- 1970 show Russell living at home and listed as a student, but she moved to New York City to attend New York University shortly thereafter. Along with her husband Jason Russell (born John Sanderson) - several years her elder - she began modeling in sexually oriented photographs and performed in so-called "live sex shows" (the "sex" at the period was usually pantomimed). After appearing in 16mm "stag" loops, Russell began to take small roles in feature films during early 1970s. Russell only really acquired star status, however, after the publication of her 1973 memoir, Porno Star, in which she described - in often glowing terms - her life in the New York adult film industry. She and Jason separated shortly thereafter and Tina's star sank as quickly as it had risen. Rumors of alcohol abuse haunt her later years. On May 18, 1981, Tina Russell died of stomach cancer at the Tri-City hospital in Vista, CA after having visited her brother in San Diego. She is buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Montoursville, PA, where her father is also buried.
6 years ago
She was beautiful
6 years ago
Excellent. The music is perfect.
6 years ago
That would be fun to fuck in a rocking chair!
6 years ago
Brilliant grainy and garish vid
6 years ago
loved tina when i was a kid! tks
6 years ago
Tina Russell was one of the greatest Porn Stars of all-time.
6 years ago
cool video i would have rather heard tina's moans and groans than the ridiculous soundtrack. and the other guy hanging around should have been told to beat it.
7 years ago
She's so sexy, gives good head too!!
7 years ago
I just love Tina's long hair!
7 years ago
7 years ago
Wasn't overly impressed with the whole film but this is one of the better scenes. tks
7 years ago
Beautiful pussy. Great cum shot. Thanks for posting this.
7 years ago
Great one....thanks for posting
7 years ago
Tina Russell was a porn pioneer...R.I.P.
7 years ago
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7 years ago
Excellent. Great post.
7 years ago
tina russell - rassig und geil
7 years ago
the full movie is here for info
7 years ago
The old stuff was the BEST in my opinion!
7 years ago
Ooh - that's really old stuff, but good and hot.

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