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Tiffani-Amber Thiessen - The Stranger Beside Me

1 year ago

1995. American. Babes. Big Boobs. Bra. Brunettes. Caucasian. Celebrities. Cleavage. Kissing. Lingerie. Non-nude. Sexy. Skinny. Softcore.

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None of her scenes shows her fine tits!
25 days ago
It thrills me to think about young Tiffani doing a love-making scene for a movie where her partner in the scene actually gets to touch her in a genuinely intimate way in the course of filming a scene.  Perhaps if it were a scenario where she was in her late teens or early twenties, and not in a relationship with a partner, and the rehearsals for the love-making scene continued over a significant portion of time, allowing for Tiffani to really get her juices flowing.  Perhaps, Tiffany even makes a conscious decision that she would like to be genuinely sexually aroused for the filming of the scene to help with the authenticity of the passion being shown on screen.  I am almost certain this never would have happened in real life, but I like to think of one of Tiffani's love-scene partners gently running his fingertips over the entrance to the vagina but doing it under the bed covers so no one on the camera crew is aware that he is physically touching her that way but his fingers are wet. His fingers are wet and he feels the fullness at the top of Tiffani's vagina which tells him that her clitoris is erect beneath its hood,  and using his fingertips for 25 to 30 seconds he  secretly stimulates her, and it's their own little secret, and it is EXACTLY the type of forbidden erotic contact that Tiffani has always fantasized about since her teens.
3 months ago