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The trip to Europe

1 year ago
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12 months ago
to Dazarrro: most excellent love that movie
to map79: Read the description ;)
The tt0356150 is an IMDB link, go forth and look
to HOMERJ500: With the blonde? I'd be down for that, gimme a day or two then it should be ready :)
What movie is this?
1 year ago
to Dazarrro: welll i thank you it got me to watch the movie again. mabey girl next door next
to HOMERJ500: Is it iconic to the movie? Yes, sure. Does it contain naked boobs? No. That's why it's not in this cut.
When editing I adhere to the philosophy of movie editing: "Guideline number 6: The final editing guideline is: If in doubt, leave It out." It's funny, for the longest time I had a clip of Fioana bouncing around in semi good slow motion, but I was in doubt if it contributed anything so at the last minute I cut it out.
Thank you for watching and the comment. Appreciate the feedback :)
you skipped the matt damon song
1 year ago