The Best Of Vulva Massage

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4 months ago
4 months ago
Cha cha! Ya
7 months ago
Fantastic stuff. And very educational as well.
11 months ago
Must be seen
1 year ago
ANNIE SPRINKLE classic MILF mature vintage
1 year ago
It's good...
2 years ago
what a magnificent sexy video!
2 years ago
Loved it....tender & passionate :)
2 years ago
classic, hot beyond belief, saved
2 years ago
thanks for posting! A wonderful video and I learned a few things. will watch again and again after recovering from the orgasms I had from masturbating myself while watching it the first time.
3 years ago
dramatic at 34 until 35:40...... so deep feelings. feelings to healing?
3 years ago
very interessting. Much new things and toughts. Thank you vor this fine upload.
3 years ago
très intéressant!!!
3 years ago
I love pussy! Kisses, Mar
3 years ago
I love this vid. Very educational and every single woman in it is sexy as hell...........lovely natural bodies and pussies too.....10 out of 10
3 years ago
great video ... schoolstuff
3 years ago
"Anymore of the old lady teaching the hairy girl about the clit?"

"I love Betty Dodson videos."

I actually own a Betty Dodson (sex PhD. D.) 'vagina-Ed' film (with footage shot in '94 , and released in 1996) on DVD. "Celebrating Orgasm: Women's Private Selfloving Sessions". 'Selfloving sessions' thoroughly assisted by Miss (Mistress? ;)) Dodson herself. And as a matter of fact, she got in between some rather nice-looking pussies (between the ages of 20 to 60) for the mid-1990's. She hooked 'em up with them Magic Wands, towels and pillows (to elevate their pancake asses), all of that. Let 'em BLOW off LOTS of lady steam! Betty Dodson definitely loves helping women get themselves off correctly. She is a great woman. Hopefully she's still living.

Even though its originally from the mid-90's, I only copped my DVD in 2006. But I'm glad I still own it. And, yes, I still blow my loads to it from time-to-time. I ain't gon' front. :) The sessions are sexy, all-female sex-ed for its time. Watching Miss Dodson help those more-than-repressed mid-90's soccer moms--and grandmoms--get themselves off hard (all while Betty is rockin' that tight-ass spandex true to the mid-90's times) works for me!
3 years ago
one of my favorite videos
3 years ago
The Best of Vulva Massage:
An Anthology of Erotic Touch (2002) (USA) Unrated

Female Sexuality, Tantra, How-to
Format: DVD
Running Time 4 hours
Language: English
Produced by: Joseph Kramer and EROSpirit Research Institute
Betty Dodson, Joseph Kramer, Annie Sprinkle, Deborah Sundahl, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Suzie Heumann, Deborah Anapol, Jack Painter, Juliet Anderson, Victor Gold, and Jwala. Additional commentary by Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence.

"The Best of Vulva Massage" (2002) is a stimulating compilation of some of the best instructional female genital massage videos available, edited together into one four hour DVD by sex educator Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. Designed for partners and solo exploration of the female vulva, this anthology contains training sessions from eight videos including, ‘Tantric Massage Video’, ‘Female Genital Massage: Fire in the Valley Part 1 and 2’, ‘Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy’, ‘Celebrating Orgasm’, ‘Pelvic-Heart Integration: Part 2’, ‘Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm’, ‘Ageless Desire’, and the ‘Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop’, with sexpert advice from such pioneering sex educators as Annie Sprinkle, Joseph Kramer, Betty Dodson and Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

Segment 1: ‘Tantric Massage Video’ with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. One of the most sensual sections on the DVD, this segment demonstrates a full body, erotic, tantric massage by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, producer of the first erotic massage video in 1984. It has three versions to choose from including original audio with mood music, enlightening director’s commentary by Stubbs, and additional commentary by Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence. Both hot to watch and even hotter to practise with a lover, you can almost feel the power in Stubbs’ “nurturing flowing touch” as he transports tantric energy up and down the body of the woman he is caressing. Stubbs believes that erotic massage should be about pleasure and allowing the body to naturally respond to this “dance with energy”. Very sensual to watch, this segment explains many indispensable erotic massage techniques.

Segment 2: ‘Female Genital Massage: Fire in the Valley Part 1 and 2’ with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. and Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. These are definitely the hottest segments on the DVD with the most interesting and instructional step-by-step tutelage on Taoist Erotic Massage. This segment features three diverse sexual scenarios including a loving session between a pregnant woman and her male lover, a very passionate session with a lesbian couple and solo session by a woman who performs sensual touch on herself, edited together to compliment each other and show the various potential ways to use the techniques. From Labia Shiatsu and the Tour de France, to Womb Drumming, Twist and Shout, and the Lust Thrust, these techniques are easy to learn and sure to ignite an inferno of passion in yours or your lover’s hot spots. The original version contains excellent commentary by both Kramer and Sprinkle on various topics including the importance of communication, how to connect and create intimacy, as well as the beauty and diversity of the female genitals. It is quite obvious that the women receiving the vulva massage are enjoying it immensely as they moan with abandon, which is very encouraging to a novice just learning the techniques for the first time. Not to mention that watching the video as you learn is an added turn-on.

Segment 3: ‘Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy’ with Suzie Heuman. This segment demonstrates and talks about the most important erogenous zones: the brain and the G-spot; female ejaculation, and the importance of vocalization.

Segment 4: ‘Celebrating Orgasm’ with Betty Dodson, Ph.D. Taken from her sessions as a masturbation coach, this segment shows Betty Dodson teaching a novice how to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of her own genitals through celebratory masturbation.

Segment 5: ‘Pelvic-Heart Integration: Part 2’ with Jack Painter, Ph.D. and Deborah Anapol, Ph.D. Perhaps the most curious of the segments, this short clip shows Jack Painter performing a form of sexual healing through vulva massage on a woman as her two lovers caress her heart and offer verbal encouragement.

Segment 6: ‘Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm’ with Jwala and Victor Gold. This segment contains two parts, an Introduction to Tantra, and Sexual Healing. According to Gold and Jwala, the vulva, like other muscles in the body, can contain built up negative energies. The purpose of sexual healing is to release energy blocks, past trauma and emotions through vulva massage in order to liberate a woman’s sexual pleasure. Jwala and Gold demonstrate various techniques such as eye gazing, spreading energy through the body, breathing, and pelvic undulations, as well as discussing the importance of intimacy and communication.

Segment 7: “Ageless Desire” with Juliet Anderson. This segment shows you are never too old to enjoy sexual pleasure. Anderson, a woman over fifty, celebrates her sexuality and shows the importance of staying vital and sexy as you mature.

Segment 8: ‘Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop’ with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. This segment contains Sprinkle’s famous five minute energy-orgasm which is pretty hot and quite a sight to witness. The added commentary from Annie Sprinkle herself is very enlightening as she talks about how she learned to experience these mind-blowing, body-shaking, earth-quaking big “O’s”.

The DVD also features insightful interviews with Deborah Sundahl on the G-spot and female ejaculation, and Kenneth Ray Stubbs who discusses the evolution of his massage techniques. Also included are resources that list numerous books, videos, and DVDs by the practitioners featured inside, on topics such as tantra, female and male sexuality, masturbation, erotic massage, and much more. In addition, there are previews to several other DVDs teaching erotic genital and anal massage for men, and the URLs of websites where one can find more information.

I spent many wonderful hours trying the various techniques presented in this DVD on my lover Becca, and having vulva massage performed on myself as well by my partner Steve. It taught me much more about my body and how to ignite those erotic zones such as the G-spot, an area which I had not explored before in that much detail. I was amazed at how it allowed me to be more responsive, to liberate myself from my inhibitions and to loose myself to the pleasure and sexual awakening of my own desires. I found that it enhanced both my relationships by creating a greater intimacy and engendered an exceptional awareness of my body during solo play. Tantra has always intrigued me, and I have been wanted to explore these sexual techniques for some time. This DVD was the inspiration I needed to get started in exploring new ways to celebrate sexual desire.

This exceptional DVD is a must have for anyone interested in: expanding their sexual repertoire with new, exciting love-making skills; creating more intimacy in their sexual relationships; exploring and awaking the female sexual body to breathtaking levels pleasure and ecstasy; and the therapeutic power of massage. This is absolutely the most comprehensive video on vulva massage available and a great introduction into the art of erotic touch, with excellent wisdom from sexual pioneers, and wonderful onscreen performances showing explicit detail. As sizzling as it is practical.
4 years ago
In its day (about 25 years ago), a video of this type was pretty ground-breaking. Today it's more of a historical curiosity - just goes to show how things have changed, in appearances and presentation at least!
4 years ago
I love Betty Dodson videos. My ex wife used to have her.
4 years ago
I have not watched the video yet, however those are some NASTY looking pussies in the introduction.
4 years ago
Anymore of the old lady teaching the hairy girl about the clit?
4 years ago
if there is no desire to have an organism trying to give one is almost a waste of time
4 years ago
i like the old women at 51:31

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