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Straight Guy Gets Sucked

2 years ago

Nervous is the word of the day. Diego let me give him a handjob. But he said he wasn't 'down for any gay '. It took me a little while, but I convinced him that getting a blow job from a guy wasn't gay. I love straight guys. It wasn't long before Diego agreed that if a handjob from a guy wasn't so bad, then 'Neither would a BJ be... I guess'. Music to my ears! Skyler is a bi-sexual cutie from the Rockies; a tall drink of water with a slow hand. A very nice kid touched with just the right amount of shyness. He's a little bit country that really accents Diego's little bit of rock and roll. The boys settle in and Skyler's slow hand gets migrating from Diego's shaky leg and into his button-down fly. Before Diego knew what hit him, Skyler's lips are wrapped around the fully hard spicy Latino cock and going to town! Diego looks so uncomfortable at first, you would think he was going to jump right out of his skin. But as time passes and Skyler's talented tongue works its magic, the straight guy settles in. It's still perplexing that a guy that straight has a hardon through a hand job and a blow job from another guy. Hmmm, makes me wonder what other talents he might possess. Anyways, Skyler really loves to suck dick, he proves it by busting a nut with cock still in his throat. He dumps his load all over his thick light colored pubes, right above his long muscular legs. Then Skyler milks straight boy jizz right out of Diego, into his waiting mouth, where it pools brilliantly between his bottom teeth and pretty lower lip. When it's all over, Diego looks bashfully into my lens like deer in headlights.